Nokia G42 5G 6.56” HD+ Smartphone Featuring Triple rear 50MP AI camera, 6GB/128GB Storage, 3-day battery life, Android 13, OZO 3D audio capture, QuickFix repairability and Dual…

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  • 5G connectivity gets you where you want to go, fast. Powered by the Snapdragon 480 Plus.
  • Capture the moment in high quality with the 50 MP AI camera, ready for popping portraits, wonderful vistas, and nights out with your friends.
  • With a whopping 3-day battery life, your Nokia G42 5G will keep going when others run out.
  • With OZO 3D audio capture, your videos sound as good as they look.
  • The Nokia G42 5G is built with QuickFix repairability. With affordable parts from iFixit, you can replace cracked screens, bent charging ports and old batteries, all by yourself.
  • With Android 13 and up to 3 years of monthly security updates, you won’t be worrying about ‘outdated protection’ any time soon.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Satyr

    Good and decently bright screen (for an LCD), decently quick clean interface, “fixable”, 5G, good ergonomics.

    I wanted to like this phone, but…

    What is shockingly disappointing is that for a vanilla Android phone, it’s bloated with apps such as: VPN, Booking, Linked in etc., of which some are removable, but some are not.
    Also during the initial setup, it shows about 16 Google and 6 Nokia apps that are going to be installed no matter what, because, reasons and you can only disable most, but not uninstall!

    Another disappointment, was the lack of signal reception. At the same place that my moto g52 has around 70% signal in 4G the Nokia struggles even with 3G!
    Even switching to 2G and with full signal, voice calls are muffled, tiny sounding and full of interuptions.

    Bettery life is just OK when out and about, since it’s always hunting for signal. Surely not what Nokia is known for and certainly not the “3 day battery life” they claim.

    Camera(s) are only usable in brightly lit conditions, while most of the special modes are rendered redundant, as the results are below par.

    I inevitably compare it with the moto g52, as they both cost roughly the same (to me at least), moto g52 has better screen, sound, reception, cameras, but falls short on software updates and 5G, however, I prefer a mobile phone which is better overall, than a mobile phone which has 5G and updates promises, but fails to deliver as is.
    I hope Nokia fixes the reception, speaker quality (if its not hardware related) and camera issues, with future updates as, in general it’s a decently good phone.

  2. 08

    by Chris G.

    Finally got around to replacing my Nokia 7.2…and the G42 has proved worthy. Decent value for money and lightning fast compared to the 7.2. Battery life much better, although I think 2 days is about as much as you can reasonably expect with usage. My one quibble is that the fingerprint sensor has been moved from the back of phone to be combined with the power button…so you lightly press your thumb against it. Yes it works, but with a little practice.

  3. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    The Nokia G42 is a wonderful. Very sleek looking and good to hold. It takes very good pictures, more realistic SLR type.
    What I did not like is all the pre-installed apps. It does not have stereo sound but it does have an audio jack and dual sim. Everything I want for the price.
    Buy it!

  4. 08

    by mark lockwood

    Great phone and the camera has got better now with this model, we all want more out of a battery but it is a pretty big upgrade on my previous Nokia’s plus no freezing on pages. Absolute bargain for all the above, well pleased.

  5. 08

    by Peter indge

    won,t connect to sky 5g or wifi calling no reason given nokia not helpful if your not happy with it return it was there help

  6. 08

    by David T

    After many years very happy to find a NOKIA phone I like.

    Many aspects of the design seem to be very well thought out. I would summarize as a phone with a good spec, a balanced spec that gives good performance while conserving battery life. After all a faster device you would hardly notice extra speed but bound to use more power.

    Everything seems to just work better, and I love the idea that after a few years I will be able to fix things on the phone. After all my old phone is still working fine its just the battery life is too much degraded.

    I recommend this phone to all those many people who like to have a well designed device that works well and see the value in repairability because they would prefer not to be replacing their phone so often.

    I do not recomend this phone to people who feell they must have the latest greatest fastest etc etc its just not for you you go off and spend many time more on an iPhone 15 you will be happier.

  7. 08

    by Adam

    Decent phone especially for the price. It’s fast and responsive for my needs so I’m very happy.

  8. 08

    by Holte Walker

    I paid £159 for this phone and for that price it’s a steal.
    Good clear display, fast loading of apps and it looks decent as well.
    Easy to use if you’ve had an Android before and the battery life is brilliant.

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Nokia G42 5G 6.56” HD+ Smartphone Featuring Triple rear 50MP AI camera, 6GB/128GB Storage, 3-day battery life, Android 13, OZO 3D audio capture, QuickFix repairability and Dual...

£151.10£171.50 (-12%)

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