Nokia C21 Plus Smartphone with 6.5″ HD+ Display, Toughened Glass, 2-Day Battery Life, 13MP Dual-Camera with HDR, Panorama & Beautification, Clean OS, 2 Years Security Updates,…


  • Rigorously tested to be sleek and strong. With 8.5mm thinness, designed to fit better in your hand
  • Battery life that lasts days, giving you the freedom to recharge less and connect more
  • Features a dazzling 6.5 HD display
  • 13MP dual-camera, with panorama and beautification modes
  • Clean OS with minimal preloads giving you more space. 2 years of quarterly security updates, and fingerprint and AI face unlock
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Michael Oxley

    Such a disappointing phone. I really didn’t like it from the beginning. I do not use alot of data, but this phone was very slow responsively. My previous mobile was a Nokia as well and I was happy with it, so I tried another. I left the old phone usable via wifi for a few weeks after getting this one, and when my old phone would announce an email, it was another 10 minutes before this new C21 would announce it. This was the same for texts and any other notifications. Loading screens, downloads, everything was just slow. It just seemed to be slow to respond for no real reason. I felt guilty replacing a mobile after such a short time, but I just never really liked it and it’s problems gave me no reason to keep it. I’ll be looking to donate it to a shelter or some organisation that may find it useful.

    I decided this may have been a ‘get what you pay for’ situation and went with a more expensive Google phone replacement and have so far been happy with it.

  2. 08

    by Peter B.

    I’ve had this for a few weeks now. I’m hard on phones and typically buy one each year. I usually pay £200+ but when I saw this, I thought maybe I didn’t need the extra features and was prepared to take a chance and save some cash.

    Firstly, the volume is poor. Battery life is ok and the lack of fast charging is an irritation. The fingerprint reader on the back is a joke. Wtf use is it on the back? The screen is ok but off but not recommended if you’re any kind of gamer as it’s quite poor off angle. The process of navigating around is proving difficult to handle as I’m used to the latest versions of Android. Lastly, I’d gotten used to using my phone to pay for stuff and I don’t think this one does that.

    That said, it’s exceeded expectations. I suspected that I really don’t need the extra features and I’ve proves that to myself. I see the ads on TV for the latest phones on contract and think it’s just crazy! I paid around £80 for this Amazon Warehouse Nokia phone. For the money, it’s an outrageous bargain. I also bought a case with a glass screen protector for £7! Again, incredible value. If it lasts a year I’ll be happy.

  3. 08

    by Private

    Bought this as a second phone to use on a second network. It seems well built, has a very good battery life and a big screen. However the permanent on screen back, home-screen and active app buttons available on my other Android phone a missing which makes it a little difficult to navigate. The finger print recognition button is also unhelpfully on the back of the phone which is very awkward. OK for back-up phone but would be annoying to use frequently.

  4. 08

    by Digger

    We’re bought this as our daughter first phone. We wanted to have something on android, simple to use but could do all the functions she would need. It was very easy to set up, she’s been able to add cases she likes, it’s easy for her to use and she likes it! The large screen is great for when she’s watching videos or playing a game and it also means it’s bigger so harder to lose!

  5. 08

    by Chris

    I’m not a phone person, so even though its supposed to be a budget phone its by far the best I’ve used and my first 4G. My previous KXD A1, 3G going down to 2G soon was fine for basics. I have a need going forward for Zoom which this covers nicely and is just generally a pleasure to use. If you play a lot of games with decent graphics, you will not like it. If your old fashioned but want to stay functional in the modern world; you could do worse.

  6. 08

    by Marcus McConnell

    It was good for a temporary phone when my main phone was sent off for repair. Battery lasted for a few days on the same charge. Little on the slow side as it took longer to do everything compared to my regular phone. None the less it did the job while I didn’t have a phone.

    Gutted when it died as the screen broke immediately when I dropped it on the concrete so get it a screen protector if you can.

    Don’t try to open the phone to play with anything inside as you never know when it’s going to set itself on fire! I learned it the hard way. Gutted now that it’s died.

  7. 08

    by Sabrina

    My first smartphone. My basic needs were a phone to make calls, send texts and take good photographs. Easy to use, very clear calls and excellent photographs. Nokia quality product for under £80.

  8. 08

    by Sabrina

    Well tis is a great phone nice an liye and has lods of apps preinstalled like Facebook lite YouTube an many more its also has no nfc so u cant do contactless payment it was £100 something pound but worked aut as €135.70 but it was worth every penny i wasn’t sure to buy another ohone of amazon but in uyears iv never had any issues with wat i bought of tem i bought a beeweener phone and tat was a waste came brokin screen wen i got it fixed it still didn’t work hust says phone is starting so stay away from there they aren’t worth it as for this the nockia never hhad a bad issue in all the years they were out i use to always have nockia but then i changed 2years ago to a Samsung galaxy A22 and although tat was a good phone i needed a new 1 a my screen protector boke an damaged my screen well still getting use to it as it only came today but im 1 happy customer thanks amazon and seller an again definitely recommend this as it literally has everything tat u need on a fone i will update some more wen i have had more ti.e to mess around with it thanks again sabrina

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Nokia C21 Plus Smartphone with 6.5" HD+ Display, Toughened Glass, 2-Day Battery Life, 13MP Dual-Camera with HDR, Panorama & Beautification, Clean OS, 2 Years Security Updates,...