[New Upgraded] ST-01 PRO 200W Hifi Valve Amplifier Mini Audio Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 Tube Amplifier Digital Amplifier with VU Meter, USB DAC COAX/OPT


  • HiFi clear sound with tone control: resonable circuit and concise wiring, adopts vacuum tubes to soften the sound and filter out the digital feelings, sounds warm and sweet without noise. Also with treble and bass knobs to adjust one’s own preferable sound styles, presents HiFi music with rousing highs and deep lows.
  • Strong output power and special AUX output: use TI’s classic power amp IC, each channel can output 100W(4Ω) and easily to drive all 3-8Ω passive speakers, adds 3.5mm AUX output easy to connect another amplifier or active speaker / subwoofer to build multiple channel system and enjoy wonderful home theater experience.
  • With multiple digital audio inputs: Bluetooth 5.0 / USB / Coaxial / Optical / stereo RCA, compatible with most audio device such as phones, computers, tablets, TVs, TV, CD players etc. The perfect combination of DAC and amplifier, very suitale for audiophiles who have various audio devices.
  • Practical functions to simplify use: with full-function remote control, all settings can be achieved from the distance; with input selection and indicators, clearly to show the working status in real time; aluminum alloy case is specially designed, cool and unique to decorate your desktop space.
  • ST-01 PRO is the latest upgraded version of ST-01: 1. Add a M1 button on the remote control of ST-01 and ST-01 PRO, to turn on and off the function that it will auto enter mute mode when there is no signal input for 10S. 2. ST-01 PRO supports U-disk input to play lossless formats music. 3. Add sensitivity adjustment of VU meter on its bottom, easy to set and match better with different input signals.
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‎Douk Audio

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‎1.41 kg

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‎29.1 x 22.7 x 9.1 cm, 1.41 Kilograms

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‎30 Volts

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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by confused

    Decent enough amp and certainly powerful enough for a bedroom and 4Ω minipod speakers. I bought some upgraded tubes which didn’t really improve the sound much more. Disappointed to realise that although its Bluetooth 5.0 and *upgraded* it still only appears to support SBC codec which is the bare minimum standard and has been well exceeded by other formats over the last decade or so.

  2. 04

    by Alexander Alexandrov

    Nice-looking little gadget. I gave it a serious thought before bying. Watched Youtube reviews and read feedback wherever I could find some. Predominantly good reviews, so I gave it a go and ordered one. The verdict – surprisingly good performance! Some details below:

    I own a setup with old-school CD player and amp (both Phillips) and a Dali Oberon 5 speakers. The CD player (CD-373) runs the infamous TDA-1541A DAC. I really enjoy the sound of the system but the amp is old and can’t take anything different than RCA input, so I could only listen to my CDs collection.

    What I needed was and external DAC, which can take various inputs, like the TV signal through toslink, connect to my PC with USB for playing lossless formats, RCA and SP/DIF for good measure, and a quick Bluletooth link for casual Spotify playing from my phone. Then to take it’s output to my traditional AB amp and speakers.

    So I’m not actually using this as an amp, but more like a pre-amp. I can’t speak to its qualities as an amp. I have my doubts it can perform as good a as tratidional AB amp. But some reviews on Youtube verify that it does! I will test it out sometime.

    I needed the DAC to sound as close as possible to the CD player, and to have a remote too. For testing the DAC quality I ran my CD player through the ST-01 with a SP/Dif and at the same time had it also connected to my amp directly. So I can play one song from the same cd medium and just switch the channels on my amp for immediate comparison – on one channel using the TDA1541, and on ther other – the ST-01. Guess what – the quality is pretty close! I would even say on some occasions I like the ST-01 better! So as a result I now use my CD player through the ST-01 because it has remote (both my CD player and amp don’t have remotes and it’s a pain in the …eyes :)).

    Everything else worked as described and I’ve been listening to it for over a month. I’m very happy with the sound of it. I may try to replace the tubes with better ones, but I’m not sure if there will be a huge difference, especially considering that some good tubes seem to cost more than the device 🙂 If anyone has done that, I would love some feedback!

    Anyway, I recommend this amp as a very good and inexepnsive solution for the casual HiFi enthusiast, with amazing connectivity options. You can practically play anything through it and the sound is very good. It also has appealing look and sturdy build.

    I hope that helps someone in their choice.

  3. 04

    by Alex

    Update 7th August 2023: Absolutely zero issues thus far and continues to handle anything I throw at it with ease. I don’t see a reason to upgrade for a little while! Original review below.

    As a relative newcomer to Hifi audio, choosing an amplifier was difficult, but ultimately I decided to spend a bit more than I was expecting and ended up with the Douk Audio ST-01 Pro. This review details the sound quality and how it responds in some different genres of music.

    Paired with a lively pair of Klipsch R-51M speakers, the amplifier is quite literally a perfect match. Despite Klipsch being known for having quite harsh treble, these speakers were tamed thanks in part to the tubes, giving music a rich, warm sound. And contrary to the unverified one star review, they DO work as unplugging one tube will yield no sound output. The tubes essentially act like a filter, before the output is fed into the chip amplifier. The tube lights are purely cosmetic from small LEDs on the circuit board underneath, however.

    The overall build quality is fantastic for a product at this price point: a steel enclosure with firm rotary knobs on the front, solid connections on the rear and a vintage sound meter lets this amplifier look so genuine on my floating shelf.

    The Pro version allows the sensitivity of the sound meter to be adjusted on the underside, but you really have to crank the volume loud for it to really move, even on its most sensitive setting; we’re talking 75 dB kind of loud, which in the bedroom my Hifi setup is in is totally overkill and can be heard throughout the house and likely next-door.

    To clarify a point many will ask, the clicking sound is still present in the Pro version and is designed to disconnect the tubes when no audio is playing after 10 seconds to improve their longevity. If you’re playing audio relatively non-stop however, this shouldn’t be an issue, but it can be turned off nonetheless by pressing M1 on the remote it ships with. Therefore, a word of caution: don’t lose the remote!

    Now onto sound quality and first: treble. Everything is clear and accurate through my Klipsch speakers, though I do prefer a little extra shine on my music and the +-6 dB treble EQ knob works very well here. There isn’t any harshness as a result of the tubes and I can’t perceive any particular peak in the frequency response.

    The mids have no trouble allowing vocals to step forward, too. My previous system struggled with ABBA’s Don’t Shut Me Down as an example, but the amplifier allows crucial elements of music to be positioned where they matter. I thought at this price point I’d be longing for more, but if anything it has exceeded my expectations of articulation in all tracks I’ve heard.

    Bass is slightly harder to review here; I’m limited by the Klipsch’s 62-21k +-3 dB frequency response which isn’t as bad as it sounds, but smaller speakers at higher price points can go much further down as a comparison. The room I’m in is also bordering on a cube shape, which is absolutely horrendous for bass acoustics. Still, I can hear a good bass response sitting/lying on my bed near the wall, and it is glorious. Nothing sounds particularly muddy or lost, though I think turning the bass EQ above 3 o’clock is a big no-no. It drives warmth and punch into the mix whilst not overpowering any particular genre of music.

    I touched on soundstage with ABBA in the mids, and whilst I believe the Klipsch speakers are responsible for the majority of this particular sound quality, the amplifier ensures everything has its place and has even allowed me to hear new things in my favourite tracks I barely knew were there, but I definitely think there’s more depth to be had and spending more is the only way that’s going to happen.

    Stereo imaging is equally impressive: I’m able to easily place instruments and vocals between the speakers and hear my music in a new light; some elements I can’t even trace to the speakers, it’s that good. Again, the speakers can probably claim most of this trait but the amplifier has a job of allowing the speakers to perform in the first instance.

    I’ve listened to a lot of music through these speakers and I’ve been impressed by nearly all of it:

    • Uplifting progressive house is beautiful thanks to the rounded treble and mid response, allowing acappelas, synths and high-hats to shine through.
    • Pop is exciting and fun, especially with songs with orchestral elements. (Sweden’s 2022 Eurovision entry Hold Me Closer by Cornelia Jakobs is an excellent example.) Bass-heavy party tracks are lacking in the low frequency department but I’ve already explained why this is so above.
    • 80s tracks hold up well here too; my mother loves listening to George Michael and the like.
    • Dream pop and shoegaze tracks mean I can enjoy 3-5 electric guitars flowing with the vocals, and they are in the right positions no problem at all. This is a good soundstage test as the vocals aren’t always supposed to be at the front of a song.
    • I’ve yet to try other genres I enjoy such as rock and metal, Eurobeat, phonk, electronic and jazz, but I plan to update this review down the road. Trance is also a big genre for me, but I’d imagine this is covered well by my love for uplifting progressive house.

    My family have listened to their favourite music and have all thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Douk Audio ST-01 Pro, despite the fact they all have hearing difficulties to some degree…

    My plan of attack now is to explore my vinyl collection and begin DJing with house vinyl records (yes, without monitor speakers), and again I will update a few months from now.

    To add, I’m doubting this unit will fail or give me any trouble given the joy it has brought thus far, but given its Chinese origins I can never be sure. I’ll be sure to update this review of the worst happens, however.

    Lastly, I want to note that Bluetooth connectivity has not been an issue at all for me. I have noticed that if Bluetooth is turned off before I switch the amplifier on and then enable Bluetooth on my phone, I have to connect manually. Switch Bluetooth on before the amplifier has power, and Bluetooth connects automatically without hassle. I really like this connection method given I use my old phone for my tunes, but your mileage may vary. Additionally, a Bluetooth connection generates a quiet mid-pitched hum which can be heard during quiet passages of play and between songs. This doesn’t bother me much but it’s something to be mindful of.

    I think it’s safe after reading my review I speak highly of this amplifier. It has unlocked a new world of audio for me and I know this will be engraved as an essential piece of kit I owned in my early days of HiFi audio. I can firmly recommend this to anybody doubting whether those extra few pennies are really worth it over the most popular chip-powered amplifiers, because let me tell you: the ST-01 Pro has been worth every penny so far.

  4. 04

    by Mark Regan

    For years I’ve had an old separates system languishing in the attic, couldn’t bear to get rid of it even though parts no longer worked properly. I bought this amp to, hopefully, resurrect that sound quality I remembered and potentially use the speakers off the old system. It’s amazing. I can’t say more than it has quite literally made me aware of how good music is. That’s a big claim but there is a warmth and clarity to this that I just haven’t heard for a long time, it’s so easy to adjust, with the tone and bass controls to provide a great balance. I can only say that the volume pushed out goes to too loud in a small room easily without distortion. Above all of this you have a massive amount of connection options, it looks great, it’s tiny, the remote works very well and it has a VU meter, how amazing is that?? The speakers make a big difference to the quality of sound but can also show up flaws. I haven’t found any flaws yet. My only issue is that there was a very very slightly bent leg on one of the valves on delivery, it was easily straightened and put in place. This, for me, is an absolute delight and worth every penny.

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[New Upgraded] ST-01 PRO 200W Hifi Valve Amplifier Mini Audio Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 Tube Amplifier Digital Amplifier with VU Meter, USB DAC COAX/OPT


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