Nespresso Essenza XN110840 Mini Coffee Machine by Krups, Piano Black


  • Compact and easy to use Ultra-light and ultra-compact Essenza Mini machine combines a pure sleek compact design (8.4cm W x 20.4cm H x 33cm L) with the simplicity of use to make a perfect espresso. The machine is easy to place and move around any kitchen or home
  • Handy interface 2 programmable coffee selections with automatic flow-stop for Espresso and Lungo preparations
  • High–tech 19-bar high-pressure pump and fast heat-up system (in only a few seconds). Easy insertion, automatic piercing and brewing of coffee capsules
  • Energy saving An eco mode after 2 minutes and an automatic off mode after 9 minutes of inactivity, consuming less energy
  • Check the capsule bin is clear and no blockages , insert a standard capsule from the starter pack
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by David W

    Great little machine. Makes good coffee
    Replaces an older Krups Pixie that was beyond economic repair.
    It is quieter in use than the other machine..
    The water holder is 1 litre which is enough for 2 Lungis.
    A mug can be placed underneath if you take off the grid and two pushes of the lungi button the mug is filled with coffee.
    Recommend the Krups Essenza.
    If you have not owned a coffee machine before this is a good starter coffee maker.

  2. 06

    by linda jayne wood

    I’m so pleased with my Krupa Nespresso pod machine. It’s nice and compact and so easy to use .Just fill the water put in a pod and press the button . Love it

  3. 06

    by Tonyman

    This was bought to replace and far more expensive Nespresso machine which (after several years) had stopped reliably puncturing pods. It is incredibly compact and quiet with absolutely no difference in the quality of coffee produced. If you just want a machine that makes espresso coffee with ease, the buy this. Don’t waste your money on more expensive machines unless you’re desperate for a very large water tank or a built-in milk frother. I use this to make espresso and americano coffees and am very happy with the results.

  4. 06

    by Rob R.

    I’ve been using it pretty much every day between mid April and the end of June, and it’s a fantastic little device. It’s about the size of a large book (Secret History of Twin Peaks, and about twice as thick), so it can sit out of the way in my office.

    The arm on the top feels very sturdy (I think it’s metal rather than plastic). The capsules are a bit weird, for the first couple of months, I was trying to get the capsule to line up vertically with the part that engages and covers it as you close the arm, which was very fiddly. I was taking the drip tray out and trying to push it into perfect 90 degree alignment from above and below it.

    I’ve since found you can drop most capsules in then slowly close the arm and it will pull the capsule into alignment. At first it looks like the capsule is pointing up slightly and it’s going to get squished, but do it gently and the capsule gets pulled down so it’s in the same vertical alignment as the machine (90 degrees to the surface it’s on)

    I was using knock off plastic ones, which you can’t recycle, but you can get aluminium ones at a pretty reasonable price too, a bit better for the environment since you can get recycling backs from Nespresso and return the used capsules free of charge, which is a great idea!

    Great for quick espressos/lungos. There’s a button for each. An espresso cup is fine, but if you want a lungo, just make sure you’ve got a cup that has a 110ml capacity (150ml is fine hand just leaves a little gap). If you’re not sure what cup size you’ve got, a good trick is to fill the cup with water, then pour the water into a measuring beaker). Lungos are basically “stretched” espressos (I.e. a slightly watered down espresso), but you can get lungo capsules which have more coffee in the apparently. I like them when I’m approaching the lethal does of caffeine, or start to be able to see through time!

    It takes about 20-30 seconds to warm up from could (press any button to wake it up, the your preferred cup size). It’s not hugely noisy, about on par with a 1st generation Tasimo, May be a bit quieter, but it only runs for a couple of seconds to produce the coffee.

    It’s already had more use in 3 months than my Tassimo had in 10 years (220 pods already!). If you like shorter, stronger coffees, with a lot of varieties, this is a great option. Just please get the aluminium pods and recycle!

  5. 06

    by David Hulme

    The machine is very neat and has a small footprint. It is very easy to operate and produces delicious Nespresso coffee.
    However, my machine exhibits an intermittent fault. And yes I have reported it to Nespresso but they want me to call them when it happens so that one of their customer care operators (who know nothing about the machines other than what they have on their cribsheet next to them),Come get me to do some basic Fault finding whilst I’m on the phone.
    Having done this for other machines that have had similar problems in the past, I always end up sending the machine back to be fixed. The last machine that I sent back was not fixed and I had to send it back again, and it came back with the same problem!
    Hence, I bought a simple machine to avoid faults from a complicated mechanism.
    The fault is; whenever I switch on the machine and press one of the brewing buttons, the lights flash whilst it warms up. However, instead of stopping flashing and being ready to brew, the lights blink quickly and the only way to stop them blinking is to switch off the machine out the power socket.
    Sometimes this happens for or five times, before eventually starting to work.
    This should not happen, even on a basic machine.
    This is not in keeping with Nespresso’s quality image!
    Good luck to anyone who buys a machine.

  6. 06

    by Mrs McC

    I bought this along with the reusable capsules –
    It’s compact, great for my small kitchen, easy to use, clean and makes good coffee. It comes with a selection of Nespresso pods for you to try. I like the master origin Ethiopian but it’s a matter of personal preference. I was concerned about waste, hence buying reusable pods but you can request a recycle bag and drop the used pods off at a collection point.

    Using the machine is easy, drop the pods in, press the button and go. As I said, it’s compact so large families would need to keep filling the water tank. I live on my own so 1 fill a day is sufficient.

    I spent a long time sourcing a coffee I really like and settled on a subscription to Clumsy Goat. The trick to using the reusable pods is a VERY fine grind, pack it into the pod, but not so tight the water can’t get through. You can choose between the 2 settings, lungo or expresso, depending on how you like your coffee. I use 2 pods for a small mug, 1 pod goes through lungo and 1 expresso, this makes the perfect cup for me (I drink it black).

    A great machine, I’m happy with my purchase.

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Nespresso Essenza XN110840 Mini Coffee Machine by Krups, Piano Black


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