Naievear Portable Monitor,11.6 Inch Rotating Laptop Display Secondary Screen External Monitor for Laptop Phones and Gaming (11.6inch)

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  • Portable Monitor: 11.6 inch mobile display.Multifunction external portable fold screen laptop monitor,The screen are equipped with Type-C, HDMI, Work independently, You can adjust the screen brightness, Sound volume, etc. Maximum extending Angle 360 degrees.
  • Mirror Mode: When you connect this portable monitor to the computer, you can choose the mirror mode when you are presenting in a conference or teaching, and our monitor is equivalent to a projector at this time.
  • Monitor Mode: It’s a portable, plug-and-play monitor that turns your laptop into two screens. Each screen can work independently. Quickly build a mobile studio for personal daily work, improve work efficiency by up to 50%
  • Mobile mode: When you connect your mobile phone, you can choose the computer mode, at this time your mobile phone will be transformed into a keyboard and mouse, and the monitor has a computer mode, realizing a simple computer device, which can satisfy your daily work and entertainment.
  • 360 Degree Screen Rotation: This Laptop Screen Extender comes with a self-adhesive 360 degree rotating stand,The stand is removable. Even when you are already fixed on the computer, you can still detach the screen and place it on the table or wherever you want.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Hannah Cowley

    This is such a good idea if you need a second monitor. When I’m on the go, it’s been so frustrating not to have a second screen when doing work, but this is so easy to use and travel with. It means I can be on the sofa and still have two screens – more traditional second monitors would make this difficult. The quality is good enough for my needs.

    It is done by sticking a metal plate on the back of your laptop, which the joint of the second screen slots into. Very clever!

  2. 08

    by Jacqui

    Do not expect watching video on that screen. Acceptable for side excel or word for copy and paste practice.

  3. 08

    by naananna

    This is by far the best designed product I’ve come across in a while.
    In fact that’s the whole reason I’m doing this review. The designers seem to have thought of everything.

    Installing the screen takes a couple of minutes brain power. But the instructions are clear when you read them. And the template, if used as instructed allows the screen to fit perfectly.
    I adore that they have a practice sticker so if you do the installation wrong your efforts aren’t lost. And you can try again.

    They provide 2 different types of cable suitable for most laptops to power the screen.

    The installation is the hardest bit.

    But once installed it twists with ease, automatically rotates the screen view when showing the picture to other people. And there are magnets so you can fold the screen down onto the back of your laptop when closed so you don’t need to fiddle with attaching and unattaching it when you want to use it.

    The designers really do seem to have thought of everything. I’m just a massive fan.
    If you want a touch screen or retinol displays you may need to go into a higher price bracket. But for a simple screen that extends and allows you to work on 2 screens or show your work to others. This is perfect.

  4. 08

    by Luke Cassidy

    Have tried to return item a number of times. No one ever comes to collect the item. This is frustrating as I would like my money back. Will not be purchasing from this company ever again, really disappointed

  5. 08

    by Lauren Mclachlan

    Absolutely love my portable monitor . It makes my working from home so much easier . Being able to slip in and out of the monitors makes my working time so much more efficient. I haven’t stuck it to the laptop just popped it onto a mobile phone stand which works just as well. Compact enough to travel in my laptop bag as well win win
    Great investment

  6. 08

    by Luke Cassidy

    I bought this as I was looking for a second screen for my laptop, while needing it to be able to come with me and too little space to mount/stand a secondary screen, especially since it has to be able to come with me when I’m not home.

    The screen is recommended for 720p display, which is plenty crisp at this size, but mine was able to competently display 1080p if specified to, although it would always reset to 720p when losing power.
    Contrast is a little paler than my main monitor, but would only be an issue if using it anything colour accuracy focussed, so messages, emails and other similar, largely static images have no problems displaying.
    Like mentioned above, there is a strange amount of odd motion blur for anything like videos, but on the size of this display it’s not as noticeable as you’d think unless you perhaps drag items around quicky.

    The mounting is a reasonably large adhesive pad and two (magnetic?) Pads to be attached to the laptop lid, where the screen has a metal tab that slides into the mount.
    (There was a paper guide that worked well for me included, instructions printed directly onto it)
    This is adequate to hold the lightweight screen in place, although will require effectively a perfectly flat lid and a strong enough hinge to support both screens even when typing, as you may notice some slight wobble when using your laptop otherwise.
    (My Lenovo Legion 5 seems to be strong enough, though it does have a relatively firm hinge personally.)

    Overall, as a secondary screen, and for the price point I can overall recommend it, but just don’t expect a high end display out of this.
    Having taken a small gamble on this display (having no reviews when purchased), I was pleasantly surprised overall, and cannot complain for a cheap, Niche use-case Display that does all it needs to.

  7. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    I travel a lot for work and I am so used to the luxury of having a second monitor at my home office, I stumbled upon a recommendation notice on Amazon for this monitor. After searching through other similar products I went back to this one since the value and feedback was good. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of connecting this to my laptop and the easy attachment. I was then surprised by the weight of the item as this was something I thought would add a lot of weight but it was so light. It only added a few mm of additional depth to the laptop but now that I have travelled to 3 different locations as well as on flights it was still very much in working order. The adhesive has been very secure too.

    Almost all the meetings I attended people have also asked about the product stating what a great idea and useful thing it was. Probably one of the best things I have purchased on Amazon for work. I wish it was connected wirelessly or the lead was a bit less obvious but cant ask for too much!

  8. 08

    by Louise SC

    Perfect side screen when I need to be away from the desk. Lightweight and no issues setting up.

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Naievear Portable Monitor,11.6 Inch Rotating Laptop Display Secondary Screen External Monitor for Laptop Phones and Gaming (11.6inch)

£99.10£102.10 (-3%)

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