Motorolo moto (e13, 6.5 Inch HD+ display, AI-powered Camera System, Dolby Atmos, 5000 mAh Battery, 2/64 GB, Dual SIM), Creamy White

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  • Slim, light, and stylish. Beautifully crafted with a water-repellent design7, and available in colors you’ll love.
  • Dolby Atmos and 6.5″ HD+ screen. Bring movies and music to life with a multidimensional audio-visual experience.
  • Long-lasting 5000mAh battery. Free yourself from the power outlet with a massive battery that keeps you working and playing for longer.
  • Fast, efficient performance. Feel your phone respond instantly with an octa-core processor and the latest Android 13 (Go edition).
  • AI-powered camera system. Take social media-ready snaps with intelligent features that automatically enhance your photos.
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Mr. Gordon Palmer

    I was after a phone with a full version of Android. And indeed the description states the phone has Android 13. However what is not mentioned anywhere is that it is the Go edition. That is misleading. It also means that some features will not be available to me. However, for what it cost it appears to be a decent phone. At least, so far it starts much faster than my previous phone which also was a ‘Go edition’ (which could take up to a minute to start up even from early days).
    AI camera? It shoots when it detects someone smiling. Hardly a new thing.
    I can’t find any way of turning on Dolby Atmos. This may be another restriction of the Go edition (which again was not mentioned)
    If having all the features of Android is important to you (such as NFC and Google pay) then this phone isn’t for you.
    Slightly disappointed I didn’t get what I thought I was. But as I said above its a decent phone and I can’t be bothered preparing it for return.
    Forgot to mention it also doesn’t support Android Auto which is another disappointment for me.

  2. 06

    by Amazon Customer

    Have purchased a number of these for drivers to use in our company. Very impressed with them and the value for money. No problems downloading and installing the apps needed, set up was very easy and you can copy or restore from another phone.
    No Face or fingerprint ID, just a pin number, but that suits as I just wanted something easy to use and easy to manage.
    Battery life seems very good
    Sim tray pulls out and has space for two sims plus what appears to be a memory card slot
    A more than adequate phone for most users. Definitely a good phone for those that just want a good quality and simple smart phone. I also am not so worried if one is broken or lost, at the price of these it is as cheap to buy a new one instead of worrying about repairs.
    Motorola a good brand, nothing backstreet about them.
    I also purchased wallet style cases from Amazon at £5 a time so the phones are protected and drivers can also put their fuel cards in the slots provided in the wallets.
    Nothing not to like.

  3. 06

    by CovertJellyfish

    This phone, for the price is really good. The screen is reasonably large, it has good sound, and it’s reasonably responsive.

    It doesn’t have fingerprint recognition, and doesn’t do well for playing games. But the battery lasts nearly two days with reasonable usage watching videos, browsing, etc.

    It does fall down is some of the colours on the screen when compared to a high end phone, however that’s to be expected given the vast difference in cost.

    The phone was also surprisingly free of bloatware.

    It comes with GPS, Bluetooth, it also has a headphone socket which is a nice touch.

    If you expect this phone to compete with the big high end, high cost, phones you’ll be disappointed. But if you want something that just works and does the minimum this is a good choice.

    I’ve no worries about losing or dropping this phone because, for the price, I could have a new one every year for the next ten years before I got even close to the price of a Samsung s21

  4. 06

    by CGen_70s

    Not had this phone for long, but so far it is a superb phone for the money.
    I have a top-spec mobile phone already, but wanted a cheap phone, with a pay-as-you-go sim card, to use where phone numbers are wanted for online services, such as eBay, Discord, my Bank online account, Steam, etc… the list goes on where it’s getting hard to avoid giving over your phone number, so I went this way, and my personal phone will stay personal.
    The phone itself looks great, runs well, and most apps I use all run well enough.
    Battery life, so far, lasts a couple of days until flat. Takes a few hours to charge – it’s USB C, so you can use modern chargers.
    The latest Android 13 is installed, so you know you are up-to-date with the latest Android OS.
    Overall, really pleased with the phone, so far.

  5. 06

    by Amazon Customer

    I bought this phone as a replacement of a 5 year old Samsung that had started playing up. I don’t need anything fancy, so I thought a cheap one would be ok. I loaded on apps, used only 31% of the storage. When apps wouldn’t load, I reinstalled them, still wouldn’t load so I contacted the Amazon helpline. They asked me to clear the cache, restart the phone which I did. The operator them told me the phone was defective and I was eligible for a refund. (Apparently it’s a 2/64 and I should get a 8/256?) HOWEVER, I need to send the phone back, wait up to 8 days for a refund before I can buy another phone. I need something to communicate on in the meantime as I work in the community, so it looks like I’m stuck with this until I can save up for another phone. A cheap phone is going to cost me loads! I’m really not happy with the refund policy of Amazon. Phone is quite pretty though!

  6. 06

    by caroline shepherd

    Bought for my 10year old for his birthday. Great price so easy to set up and easy to use

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Motorolo moto (e13, 6.5 Inch HD+ display, AI-powered Camera System, Dolby Atmos, 5000 mAh Battery, 2/64 GB, Dual SIM), Creamy White

£65.60£77.10 (-15%)

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