Mini Projector, Vamvo YG300 Pro Portable Projector Full HD 1080p Supported, Phone Projector Compatible with Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop/ PS3/ PS4/ TV Stick for Home Theatre


  • YG300 Pro Upgrade: Vamvo movie projector upgrads in 2023 to the resolution of native 800* 480, supports 1080p full HD, with aspect ratio 16:9. Featuring 2000 Lux brightness and contract ratio 2000:1, Vamvo projector L2600 can display within 25-152inch, with the projection distance within 0.6-4m. Better performance in dark room.
  • Small & Lightweight: Featuring a unique and cute design, the size of the Vamvo mini projector is 14.2*9.4*5.2cm, only weighs 0.347 kg. It is small and lightweight. You can pack it in your packet and no pressure to carry it out.
  • Portable & USB Charging Port: Vamvo portable projector is USB powered by multiple devices, such as USB changer, mobile power and laptop. Very convenient to carry and no worry about power-off. (Both power bank and power cable need to support 5V/2A or above. We recommend 5V/2.5A or above)
  • Multiple Ports: Vamvo small projector supports HDMI/ USB/ Audio Out 3.5mm, compatible with fire stick, PS4, USB flash drive, smart phone, Tablets and laptop(need an HDMI adapter/cable to connect smart devices to the projector.), meets your multiple requirements.
  • Lifetime Professional Support: If you have any question about the product, or if you meet any problem when using the product, please feel free to contact us. We will offer you a satisfactory and professional reply at any time.
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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Kindle Customer rodsster

    I bought this as a cheap way of viewing holiday videos. I found that it does it need a decent portable screen to get the best out of the image quality, but fabric screens are cheap, and coupled to the low cost, well worth it. I also obtained a cheap projector stand. I was surprised at firstly the simplicity of the connections. Video, or images on a USB stick are easily found, and play without much fuss. Focussing is simple, with a large handle to help move the lens elements. Sound is surprising from such a small box ( really small, with all its connectors, power supply, lighting elelment, USB connector etc, it weighs next to nothing, and is about the size of a small tissue box.) I suggest being carefully not to smudge the lens is a good idea, as well as watching out for the heat from the projector. The instructions were the only real issue, but they worked. Take note of not looking directly in to the lens while on, and when turning it off, do NOT immediately unplug it from the power source, or remove connections- the instructions indicate caution for 30 seconds, and I for one, believe them. Wait a minute or two.
    I can’t say whether support will be good if it all goes wrong, or that replacement parts are easy to get, and apply.
    To sum up this is a quality item which punches well above its cost.

  2. 04

    by Mika

    I got this projector to use in my home, just to watch movies in the bedroom. I already have a large one for the larger halls, but it’s a little too big to store in my little office cupboard. The projector is a neat size, you can see in my photo where I am carrying it. I have out my hand over it as a size comparison. I tried to use the projector for my phone and jt worked perfectly (with the HDMI to USBc connector).

    I was really pleased, because I had almost been afraid to try it. The instructions are really simple, just plug it on and go.
    I was surprised, considering the size of the projector that the picture was decent quality. I played YouTube videos on it and it looked great. There’s great sound too, but I personally prefer to use my Bluetooth speakers for a home cinema effect.

    There’s a lever on the side to adjust the focus, couldn’t be simpler too.

    I wish brightness could be adjusted cus it can get a little dark even when the original picture is bright and well lit, but all I’m all I am pleased with my new projector, I’m glad I bought it.

  3. 04

    by James Kelly

    The media could not be loaded.

     Before we get into it, I want to advise that my rating is based on the quality of the projector at this price point as there is obviously more advanced and expensive projectors on the market but my review is based on a holistic viewpoint.

    Ok with that out the way, my partner and I tend to chill in our kitchen and tend to use YouTube for cocktail ideas or recipes so instead of always burying ourselves into our phones we thought it would be cool to have a smart TV in the kitchen but then that idea was a little pricey and maybe a little much for just cocktail videos, then eureka! What about a projector?

    I have no previous hands on experience with projectors so when comparing them on amazon the Vamvo YG300 Pro Video Projector immediately stood out due to the design and excellent price point and I was intrigued by a review which stated they used their Now TV stick in theirs as I have a Google Chromecast which I assumed would work in a similar manner so concluded this would be a great entry level purchase and the decision was made.

    Straight out the box it was easy to use, very simple and intuitive, small user friendly menu to select language and input source, I immediately tried out my desired setup and input my Chromecast into the HDMI and USB connectors and to my excitement there it was, the Chromecast ambient screensaver projected on my wall. I used my phone to stream a YT cocktail video to my CC and within seconds it was projected onto my wall, the image was a little blurry at first but the projector has a simple focus switch next to the lens and it was quick and simple to make the image clear and sharp.

    The inbuilt speaker system does the job however as you would imagine at this price point the sound isn’t top quality but it certainly isn’t terrible but if you are planning on making this purchase to have movie nights (I for one are missing that cinema experience) then I would suggest you plug your preferred speaker into the projector using the aux input.

    This was my setup, in my kitchen we have a Bose Soundtouch 10 which we plugged into the aux and the sound was spot on however I have bought a new Bluetooth speaker for under £15 which I intend on using as a dedicated projector speaker.

    As you will see from the video, we projected our videos onto our kitchen blinds however a sheet or lovely big plain wall would work the same if not better. We also adjusted the aspect ratio to fit our blinds better but if you have a bigger surface you won’t need to adjust too much apart from the sharpness.

    This won’t replace a 4k TV so don’t expect certain HD videos or games to look as good as they would on your TV but it works wonderfully if you are streaming something which isn’t filmed in HD such as the 1978 TV show Vega$ or having a retro music video party in your kitchen.

    So to summarise, if you are looking for a user friendly entry level projector which is fun and won’t break the bank but produces the goods then I would highly recommend investing in the Vamvo YG300 Pro Video Projector

  4. 04

    by Mika

    I bought this really as a bit of an experiment. I often watch sport/streaming services on my tablet in my bedroom and thought I would try this out to get a bigger screen. Well I love it! I’ve been connecting to my tablet and projecting onto my ceiling for watching in bed or onto a blank white wall. The picture quality is fine for my purposes, if you are looking for super super sharp picture then you are probably looking above this price point. I often watch with subtitles and have no problem reading these on the projected image. The sound is also fine but obviously can be improved with all sorts of different devices and the projector has plenty of connection options for this.

    The devise itself is compact and sturdy. Its about the size of a long book. So very easy to move around the house or even take elsewhere. I had everything set up in minutes (note batteries not included for the remote). There is a very slight hum when the devise is in use but I never notice this when I’m watching anything.

    Overall, was really impressed with the quality of this product and at this price I could not be happier with my purchase! Highly recommended

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Mini Projector, Vamvo YG300 Pro Portable Projector Full HD 1080p Supported, Phone Projector Compatible with Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop/ PS3/ PS4/ TV Stick for Home Theatre