Midea MF20EW100WB Freestanding Washing Machine, BLDC Motor, Bright LED Display Lunar Dial, Steam, Allergy Care, Half-Load, Add Garment, Delay Start, Child Lock, App Control,…


  • A Class The Midea MF20EW100WB Freestanding washing machine is upgraded with A Class Energy Rating, that saves you 35 percent electricity than D Class machines.
  • Turbo Wash this 10kg wash machine saves up to 40 percent of wash-time whilst maintaining the same high-level washing performance
  • Reload Function pressing “reload” for 3s allows you to re-open the door mid-cycle, so you can easily add any missing garments
  • Quick Wash Options the full-size 10kg washing machine offers 15min AND 45min quick wash options, allowing you to get clean clothing when you are in a hurry. The quick wash cycles also save time and energy.
  • Steam not only hygiene, but helps to reduce wrinkles during the laundry. You could save more time on ironing with this washing machine.
  • Lunar Dial The moon-inspired design combines LED display and function selection, and offers you seamless operating experience during laundry.
  • Pre-Selection Function you can pre-select when to start your wash cycles giving you ultimate flexibility
  • Smart Control connect your MF200 washer washing machine to your smart phone to easily set up programs, check daily laundry tips, and solve basic errors.
  • Included components: the main unit, user manual, inlet pipe, outlet pipe
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by David Clarke

    Delighted with this machine. Looks lovely and works very well. Quiet operation and lots of choices for setting. Its really easy to use and the clothes come out really clean and moisture free. Best washing machine I have had.

  2. 08

    by sakurabill

    I bought this as my current apartment doesn’t have a washer. I used other Midea products for a couple of years as Midea values the money. Midea doesn’t let me down again this time.

    Great product again would definitely recommend!

    This machine is packed quite well. I got it delivered within 3 days by using Amazon delivery after I placed the order. Delivery was on time, fast and the guy was friendly. I live on the second floor. The delivery guys also took this dryer to my living room purely by hand without an elevator.

    Didn’t bother too much to get it installed as the instructions are quite clear. Assembly was easy enough – just follow the instructions.

    The size is bigger than I thought. It’s a good option for a family of 2 or 3. It looks stylish and runs very quiet even when it’s spinning. It has a really good spin and clothes come out with hardly any water in them and so economical too.

    The button and settings are very easy to use or understand. The machine also has new modes of steam care and allergy care that can deep clean clothes and remove bacteria which is quite useful when washing muddy shoes or sheets. It has a fast cycle that properly washes laundry as well as a variety of different cycles, from towels to delicates. Also, my towels and clothes are now extra fluffy and soft after drying. I am delighted with this machine and would happily recommend it to anyone.

  3. 08

    by GSpix

    Working perfectly fine. No issues

  4. 08

    by L

    Easy to use ,only issue I have is that once set a delayed wash you can’t open the door for extra forgotten items. You have to cancel the setting and start again after adding the extra item which is a bit of a pain as I’ve kids who always find more items in their rooms after I’ve set the machine. But otherwise its near dam perfect hardly any sound when it’s on so perfect for open plan living.

  5. 08

    by David Clarke

    One of the quietest machines I have seen..Has got lots of functions. If one thing they could improve would be the drying of the clothes..My old machine used to give better dried clothes after each cycle compared to this. However, happy with the purchase so far..

  6. 08

    by sakurabill

    Love this washer. It’s quiet, easy to use and looks good. I like that the front door is essentially black rather than clear. I think this looks much better, although my cat not so much as she now can’t watch the clothes tumbling around.

    There’s a variety of wash cycles, although I almost elusively use the quick 15min wash, set to 30 degrees which makes it 28 minutes. Unless your clothes are covered in mud this setting is fine and much faster than some of the others which can be 3 hours or more.

    The dying is also very good. The wash/dry option in 1 hour is basically useless though. It only uses cold water for the wash and the clothes don’t come out dry. I use the time dry option set to 1hr after the above setting for the wash and the clothes are perfectly clean and dry after a total of 1:28.

    I think you should be able to set a wash option and then a dry option. For example: Set quick wash at 30 degrees followed by 1hr dry with no spin. You can’t do that on the machine itself, but there is an app which I’ve not tried yet – so I’m hoping that might be an option there.

    I paid £527 while it was on sale, which I think was very good value. I see now the price has increased to £679 which I still think this is a fair price for what you get.

  7. 08

    by Anu George

    After our 8 year old washing machine decided to give up on us a few weeks before Christmas, we quickly needed a new one to replace it. With the current energy prices hitting us all hard, we wanted something that was both practical and as energy efficient as possible.

    It’s no wonder this Midea washing machine is rated as Amazon’s best seller, because it seems to have and do it all, yet we’d never heard of this brand before.

    It’s not the cheapest at around £400, but it does have a 10Kg load ability, plus so many other functions, all of which can also be done from one’s phone.

    As my wife generally does all the washing & ironing (I have a few health issues), I wanted the new machine to make her life as easy as possible, and it seems to be doing just that. She likes using it, as it does fewer loads, and cleans our clothes etc brilliantly, and the included steam/hygiene/anti-allergy function also helps keep clothes smelling fresh, all while making it easier to iron and using less energy and water than our old machine.

    We’ve had to replace a few other items of late, and have been looking for this brand (Midea), but unable to get them as yet.

    Also, today, our Blomberg dishwasher died after 7 years of sterling service, so we’re looking to get something at least as good to replace it, but sadly no Midea dishwashers on Amazon yet.

    I know it’s still early days with this washing machine, but so far it’s proving to be well worth the money, and long may that continue.

  8. 08

    by jo.

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     Brilliant machine. After our old zanussi broke, I started looking for a new machine. And instead of looking at the usual suspects, I found this make. A quick google to put my partners mind at rest.
    And a few clicks later. Ordered. Certainly not disappointed at all. Such a silent and economical machine. 5 stars

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Midea MF20EW100WB Freestanding Washing Machine, BLDC Motor, Bright LED Display Lunar Dial, Steam, Allergy Care, Half-Load, Add Garment, Delay Start, Child Lock, App Control,...


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