LOVPOI Sat Nav 7 Inch, 2023 UK Ireland Europe Maps(Free Lifetime Updates),Sat Navs For Car Truck Lorry Hgv Motorhome, Features Postcodes, Speed Cam Alerts, Lane Assist


  • 【Dedicated technical support】Pre-Installed the Latest 2023 UK Europe Ireland Maps , The maps are up to date and free lifetime updates.If you have any problems that cannot be solved by the manual, don’t make a conclusion immediately, LOVPOI team in the UK can assist you, just email us.
  • 【Practical touch screen】LOVPOI navigation has a large bright 7″ display, clear and operation very easy to use. The Touch Screen with 800 x 480 resolution is clear and sensitive, easy to read and see, easy to program, you can see the villages and towns in 3D form as you travel.
  • 【Friendly & Intuitive UI】LOVPOI has friendly and easy to use user interface, who as a commercial truck driver, motorhome camping enthusiast, or car traveler, can move from a lorry to a car and just change the profile instead of having more satnavs. Easy to set up and program with height, width and weight which ensures you don’t go down roads that are too narrow or bridges that are too low.
  • 【Main professional function】(1) Support Postcodes, Address, Coordinates & POI, (2) Driver Alerts, Speed Camera, Speed limit, Street name Broadcasting, Lane Guidance & Estimated Arrival Time, (3) Intelligent Route Planning Fast & Economical, (4) Turn-By-Turn Real Voice Broadcast in over 40 Languages (5) Automatic Day & Night Mode Switching, (6) Fast & Accurate GPS Locating.
  • 【FM Amplify volume function(NO radio)】To keep your focus on the road, opt to have the navigating voice loud effortlessly via FM Amplify volume functionality. *Note: after receiving GPS navigation, please use the car charger to fully charge then use.If the satellite signal can not be searched, it may be because of the reason at home, please search the signal outdoors.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    I was used to a Sat Nav called Navpal but damaged it and it wasn’t being sold on Amazon any more. This one uses the same software, so it’s what I’m used to. I’ve gave it four stars rather than five stars for the reasons given below. Here are a few points about it:

    – It worked straight out of the box and the time and date were accurate.

    – To use postcode search, just click the town section after choosing your country. You don’t need to choose the country every time as it remembers it. Make sure you use a space in the postcode search, like you would if you were writing it down. The space button is the one in the middle at the bottom.

    – It remembers many previous addresses, saving time.

    – It offers diversion routes if you’re driving slowly enough or stopped (if you have activated the relevant setting). Useful for when there’s loads of traffic.

    – It has an option for a route progress bar, so you can get an idea at a glance of how far you are from a waypoint or your destination.

    – You can adjust the 3 fields at the bottom right of the screen. Mine has current time, speed limit, and estimated arrival time. This may change slightly if you don’t have a route entered.

    – If you don’t get a GPS signal, simply turn the Sat Nav off, wait a few seconds (3 seconds is usually enough), then turn it on again. Note that the very first time you use it, it make take minutes rather than seconds to find a signal, though mine only took seconds (I switched it off for about 20 seconds). If turning it off and on again doesn’t work, try unplugging it and using it on battery until it finds the signal. If that still doesn’t work, pull over somewhere safe, wait a while, and every so often, switch it off and on again. Even the best Sat Navs can lose signal. But anyway, carry a good road map. Collins seems a pretty good one, it’s very big and has both major road maps (which don’t show names of smaller roads but show names of, for example, major A roads and motorways) and streets maps (which do show names of streets), but the spiral binding cuts off part of the map. Still, it can help you head in the right general direction until you see useful road signs or your Sat Nav works again.

    – I’m not sure how accurate it is, but unlike the NavPal, it had a crash alert on the screen. There was no crash that I could see but there was a recovery vehicle heading in the opposite direction with a car on it, so maybe there had been one. I’m not sure the alert would have given much time to avoid the crash though, but people should be looking at the road, not relying on their GPS like a zombie.

    – It’s nice and big. Don’t put it in a side pocket – that’s how I dropped the NavPal. I can have a quick glance to see what exit to take at a roundabout before I get close to it (unless there are several roundabouts) close to each other.

    – If you go the wrong way, it quickly recalculates. So if you mess up and go the wrong way – whether it’s your own fault or the fault of the Sat Nav – don’t stress, it will get you out of it.

    – You can set it to avoid motorways.

    – You can put things along the route for it to notify you of, such as petrol stations. No idea if it’s always accurate but when I did this, it showed one and was correct.

    – The voice is clear and loud. I presume it can be turned up or down.

    Why four stars and not five stars? See below:

    – It sometimes, like the NavPal, doesn’t realise there’s a roundabout. This is usually only with smaller roundabouts.

    – Like the NavPal, the speed limit bit sometimes makes no sense, especially around speed cameras. Earlier, it showed speed cameras – which is also inaccurate at times, sometimes it says there are cameras when there aren’t, sometimes it doesn’t say there are cameras when there are – and showed a speed limit of 80, which is ridiculous and wrong (and no, it was not set for km). Weirdly, when I went slightly over the actual speed limit, it piped up that I was over the speed limit.

    – Also like the NavPal, it gets the speed limit wrong entirely at times. It often claims 20mph streets are 30mph. But other Sat Navs have similar issues.

    – It gets confused about car parks, but that’s not a big deal since you generally know where to leave a car park.

    So in short, it’s not perfect, but it’s a lot cheaper than many other Sat Navs, and even the more expensive Sat Navs have issues.

    There seems to be a few Sat Navs that use the same software that the NavPal uses (and the LOVPOI seems to use that software), so the following is based on my experience with that one:

    – Look at routes carefully. Like all Sat Navs, it may sometimes try to lead you on a route not suitable for your vehicle, or a route that’s not a road, or a private road. Use your head.

    – If it’s like the NavPal, and you set it to avoid motorways but you’re at a motorway service station (or maybe a hotel on a motorway) at the time, it will tell you basically that your route makes no sense, you click to confirm, and it will lead you along the motorway until it can lead you off it.

    – The lane options may not be very good. It may just say ‘keep right’ when there are several lanes.

  2. 08

    by Mr. A. P. B

    Worked well for a 3 months then screen went black and will not turn on.

  3. 08

    by Rob

    Wow used this sat nav out in the truck with the truck dimensions tapped in absolutely brilliant avoids low bridges weight limits and and the lane assist goes on to full screen approaching your junction on a 7 inch screen even mr magoo or Joe 90 would see it so no missed junctions. All together a fantastic sat nav at a very low price compared to the bigger more expensive brands on the market this Lovpol is excellent value and I would highly recommend this sat nav

  4. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    We are very pleased with our new purchase having now put it through its paces in both our cars and also now our motorhome too. It seems to be a very versatile SatNav with a wide range of options and features, having the capability for trucks and other commercial vehicles, and motorhomes at an affordable price. For us it represented excellent value for money with capabilities well in excess of its more heavily promoted rivals.
    The unit works straight from the box for cars, but there are many tricks in store to enable it to be customised to suit particular needs. The touchscreen is clear and easy to use, and there is a wide range of day and night views, including 3D, as well as vehicle images and ‘points of interest’ settings. In common with most modern units it copes well with destinations entered as full addresses and postcodes, but also with GPS coordinates too. The map presentations are clear and it has an almost uncanny intuitive knack of zooming in for tricky junctions but then panning out again to ‘normal view’ and, for motorway cruising, offering an overview of services etc over a wide area.
    For our motorhome it really came into it’s own with the facility to input, and save, precise vehicle dimensions and weight, and then using these to avoid narrow roads and restricted headroom. It also offers useful ‘route deviation’ options along the way. I should imagine that this together with other options for recording and logging journeys, and other features we haven’t even used yet, make the unit very useful for lorries and trucks as well.
    It arrived very promptly and comes with free lifetime mapping updates, and it is understood, friendly and helpful technical support. All in all highly recommended.

  5. 08

    by Paul Knights

    Dislike battery goes dead very QUICK VOLUME COULD BE BETTER. WHEN I OPEN WINDOWS ON CAR JUST ABOUT HEARING IT ON FULL VOLUME. IT SAYS ITS A 7inch screen it looks smaller than that. But not measured it yet otherwise ok to setup and use.

  6. 08

    by Mark Winfield

    Needed a satnav on the quick and with not much money I chose OVPOI Sat Nav 7 Inch, 2021 because of the price. What a surprise I had once I had read the manual and sorted out the controls. For a satnav it is very inexpensive but does everything, and more, that a satnav of twice the price can do. This little gem (7″ screen) is a bargain, and well worth the money.

  7. 08

    by PJ_

    The product arrived on time and instructions seemed clear and included video tutorial. One of the videos feature searching for a destination by using a UK postcode. Unfortunately the screen options shown in the video did not reflect the screen options available on my satnav. I have sent an e-mail to the support address and have not received a response. As such I have returned it as not fit for purpose in the UK. I have received a full refund and ordered the slightly more expensive NAVPAL which accepts UK postcodes and seems to be working fine.

  8. 08

    by Anthony N Peacock

    Have had sat navs before but this one gave me a headache just some of the basic tasks were a nightmare I even put it in a draw for a while. I have looked on line for some legible instructions but it just goes back to the Amazon web site.
    Today I have used it and started to get to grips with parts of the sat nav. To me there seem to be too many options and not just a “tap” the destination and hopefully away I go.
    And I hope it will not send me around the bend.

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LOVPOI Sat Nav 7 Inch, 2023 UK Ireland Europe Maps(Free Lifetime Updates),Sat Navs For Car Truck Lorry Hgv Motorhome, Features Postcodes, Speed Cam Alerts, Lane Assist