LLIVEKIT Air Fryer Mini Oven with Rotisserie 26L Large Family Size Countertop Convection Oven Low Fat Oil-Less Cooking, Timer & Temperature Control, 12 Preset Programs, 1700 Watts

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  • 【Have you ever imagined the combination of air fryer and convection oven?】With 360° hot air circulation and high power of 1700 watts, the air fryer oven can easily make the delicious food as you wish. Also, you can air fry your food crispy on the outside and tender inside with less oil or no oil, which is healthy and keeps the original taste of the food. Overall dimensions: 42 x 40 x 38.2 cm( W x D x H).
  • 【Do you fancy an electric oven for home use with large capacity?】With 3 layers and high capacity of 26 litres, the black convection oven is able to cook for a family reunion or friends gathering, suitable for 8-10 people. And there are markings on the glass door and accessories, it’s easy to cook even for a beginner.
  • 【Are you tired of manually turning the knobs for operation?】 With smart LED touchscreen, you can easily set the timer(0-90mins) and temperature(60-230°C). In addition, the air fryer oven for home use is equipped with an LED light, which allows you to see through the glass door and check your food at anytime
  • 【Here is our multi-functional air fryer oven with rotisserie for your food discovery!】 With 12 preset programs, you can enjoy all kinds of food, such as meats, sea foods, chips, kebabs, cakes, cookies, croissants, vegetables and toasts. Provided with detailed user manual and clear recipe book, it’s no longer tough to cook
  • 【Make sure that you won’t be annoyed by tedious cleaning.】 With the stainless steel inner walls, it’s super easy to clean the mini fan oven. And all the accessories are dishwasher safe, including 1x baking tray, 1x baking rack, 1x rotisserie spit, 1x rotisserie skewer set, 1x mesh tray, 1x crumb tray and 1x rotisserie removable tool
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Product Dimensions

‎40 x 42 x 38.2 cm, 10.75 Kilograms


‎220 Volts

Number of Speeds


Special Features

‎26L XXL Capacity, Smarter LED-Touchscreen, 12 Preset Programs, Detailed Instructions and Exquisite Recipes, 1x baking tray, 1x baking rack, 1x rotisserie spit, 1x rotisserie skewer set, 1x mesh tray, 1x crumb tray and 1x rotisserie removable tool

Item Weight

‎10.8 kg

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1163 Reviews For This Product

  1. 01

    by kathy

    Bit sceptical on purchase after reading some reviews. Arrived well package, no dents or damage and have been totally amazed by results. Bought some none stick trays from Asda on offer for £8 but get the best ones they are usually about £12-15 and are brilliant and easy to ckean that can be used to cook on all 4 levels. Have cooked things like part backed bread, bacon, and many other things. Does a chicken in about 15mins less time than it states on packaging and I’m just using a none stick tray rather than using the rotisserie and the results are perfect, but remember your not preheating.oven so saves in total about 15-20 mins cooking time.
    Can do fish and chips with the mesh tray, dont need rotisserie mesh turner for chips and the results are better than eating out and have been disappointed to pay some pubs prises ever since, just remember to turn once about half way through cooking and everything comes out great, scampi or fish with chips take about 25 mins all on one tray without preheating like with ovens, so saves time and money and are perfect, try Harry Ramptons Fish and Chips from Iceland, unbelievable results with no fat anywhere.
    The food is amazing and you will have to experiment for a bit on how you best like your food but doesn’t take long to learn, maybe invest in a air fryer book for help and ideas, they are usually £10-£15 but well worth a look.
    Cooks so many things and because of its size can do more than say just fries and nuggets that you can only do in the other versions. So I would highly recommend this airfryer for its size with 4 layers, its versatility, convenience but most of all the results. Also I would consider getting an oven lining at the bottom of the oven rather than using the tray provided, this is so much more easy to use and very convenient to clean, and by the way I’m the husband writing the review and it’s brilliant as I do most of the cooking so even I’m impressed

  2. 01

    by HollyL

    I purchased this product because all the other well known brands are silly tiny things.

    I have owned this, my very first air fryer ever, for 2 months now and it works virtually every single day, and I am completely satisfied with all of its functions and its exceptional ease of use. Everything is digital, and despite it having quick easy settings you can manually set temp between 60 Celsius and 230 Celsius and timer from 1 minute to 1.5 hrs yourself which is nice if you need it.
    It cuts cooking time down quite a bit and because it does not require pre heating like an oven, it saves you money on the bills. The majority of the time It works for 12 minutes.

    The drying function is very nice. Try slicing mushrooms to make mushroom crisps. Its great.

    My only gripe with its construction is that when using the rotisserie function with the kebab assembly, it could use a little more room between the highest point of the kebabs and the heat element, for if you aren’t careful and your pieces are too big they will brush against the element whilst cooking.

    It is easy enough to clean.

    The variety of accessories are nice, however, I have made myself a stand with tray (pictured) for the kebab assembly to make putting it together easier as it can be fiddly. Pictured is cubed beef chuck in a yoghurt and spice marinade (before cooking).

    1 fault so far is that the non stick trays no stick surface is already flaked and so on. This is ok since I always line it with wax paper or foil anyway, so that that it is non stick isn’t really necessary to begin with.

    All in all I will buy this again when this one dies, unless a slightly bigger version comes onto the market. This device makes its counterparts look absurd as they are not only smaller but more expensive on average.

  3. 01

    by HollyL

    This is a very efficient large air fryer ,, it is more like a fan oven with 3 usable slots , enough to cook for a family of 4-5 in 25 minutes.
    easy to use with plenty of space
    if food is properly prepared and well planned , you only need 25 minutes ( average ) to completely cook the entire meal. I set everything on 170C and 25mins

    It does Not cook evenly at all. anything on the upper rack ( top rack for quick grilling only )
    will burn even at 170C within minutes.

    So it is very necessary to keep an eye frequently, and play musical chairs by moving things up and down the racks quite a few times

    As with everything oven, it needs a quick wipe/clean after each use before food gets baked into the surfaces and turn the oven into some ghastly contraption fit for the bin in no time.

    The ceiling/top part is etremely awkward to clean , with the heating element just under it.
    Sides and back are easier to clean. So will need patience.

    If you have to open the door and take something out to mix or turn over etc.
    After a while ( not long ) the oven just switches off, Instead of Pausing, losing the original timer and temperature .
    and you have to reset from start. A pain if you didn’t make a note of the time when opening the door
    This is the worst feature causing much inconvenience

    Otherwise it is a very useful appliance for your kitchen.

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LLIVEKIT Air Fryer Mini Oven with Rotisserie 26L Large Family Size Countertop Convection Oven Low Fat Oil-Less Cooking, Timer & Temperature Control, 12 Preset Programs, 1700 Watts

£152.00£180.50 (-16%)

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