Lindy NC-60 Wired Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Headphones, 40mm Drivers, 72hrs Battery, Reduces 85% of Ambient Noise, Comfortable, Light, Carrycase, 1.5m Audio Cable, 3.5mm…


  • Active Noise Cancellation technology delivers up to 85% reduction of ambient noise, allowing you to enjoy your music without distraction whether in the home or office, and while travelling
  • 40mm high output drivers with neodymium magnets provide a stunning sound signature with smooth, solid bass and clear, sparkling treble
  • A convenient adjustable headband and soft cushioned earpads for long, comfortable listening sessions whether on the move or at home. Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kH
  • Save space with rotatable earpieces for safe storage in the supplied, durable vinyl carry case, designed to keep the NC-60’s out of sight and safe from harm. In addition to the flexible 1.5m audio cable with 3.5mm jack, adapters for connecting to dual plug in-flight entertainment systems and hi-fi are also included
  • Have complete piece of mind when travelling and transporting these headphones with Lindy’s 2 year warranty
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Additional information

Product Dimensions

‎19.6 x 4.5 x 16 cm, 200 Grams


‎2 AAA batteries required. (included)

Item model number




Compatible Devices

‎iPhone, Ipods, iPads, tablets, MP3 players, smartphones, laptops, desktop PCs, iMacs, Macbooks, in-flight entertainment systems, portable DVD players, Hi-Fi, TV, music equipment, radios


‎3.5mm Jack

Material Type

‎Faux Leather



Battery Type


Charging Time

‎72 Hours

Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎200 g

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Can’t fault these headphones! Bought to use on the planes whilst I circumnavigated the globe seeing family. The original battery’s have literally lasted this whole time travelling and they are still going strong. Whilst I can’t compare the noise cancelling with more expensive brands, it was very good on the planes! Highly recommended

  2. 08

    by Peter M.

    Like: the volume control on the ear piece, the snug fit around my ears, the noise reduction even before switching on the NC, Sound is clear without NC.
    Not liking: sometimes my upper ear lobes hurt after wearing for a while, when the NC is switched on the sound loses all the bottom end and becomes more ‘Treble-ly’, the bright blue light which illuminates the whole room when switching on NC in the dark.
    All the dislikes I can live with or find a work around for. These headphone are SUPERB for the price. I debated for a long time whether to get these or not… Im very happy with them. I also have a pair of Sennheiser HDs and I prefer my Lindy for light listening…

  3. 08

    by Nick Sutton

    What a fab pair of noise cancelling headphones for £40 !

    The noise cancelling is amazing. I have just finished a 16 hour flight. A toddler 3 rows ahead was SCREAMING for hours. No pair of noise cancelling headphones could completely eradicate this, but it certainly saved me a lot of aggitation.

    I love the touches, the hard case, the plane adapter, the 3.5 to quarter inch jack adapter. The batteries lasted my 16 hour flight and seem to have more to go.

    I have a pair of £100+ Sony studio monitor headphones, and these sound almost as good. Not joking here. The only thing is, without the noise cancelling switched on they sound like garbage. Either they intentionally do it to make you think “wow” when you switch the feature on, or the circuitry just can’t process the sound properly without it on. The batteries seem to last forever and there’s no reason not to use the noise cancelling for every day use.

    One of the best features and least mentioned is the volume control on the headphones. This means you can set the output on your player to almost max, and just adjust the knob on the ear cup. When you turn it right down to off, the noise cancelling is still 100% active, and it provides relief to the aircraft engines and other droning noises.

    I’d recommend these to anyone. I couldn’t justify spending hundreds on B – I really feel these are the sensible person’s choice for a like-for-like.

  4. 08

    by George S

    I have some old Bose QC15 wired noise cancelling headphones which my grandson has been using and which help with ADHD and loud noises. I wanted to get him his own pair of something similar (not bluetooth) and it seems wired NC headphones are a rarity now and these are one of the few that meet the criteria.
    I guess I’m spoilt by the Bose as I found the NC very weak. Headphones themselves are OK and although they do play when the NC is switched off the quality of the audio is significantly and noticeably adversely impacted.

    In my particular case I returned these (seamless process) and then bought secondhand QC15s on ebay for about £30 and then bought some replacement ear cushions on Amazon for £7 and now have a pair of really good BOSE NC that look new for less than £40.

    Hope this helps anyone with similar needs.

  5. 08

    by Colin

    Good noise cancelling, comfy fit, plenty of adjustment, good sound quality, good value

  6. 08

    by Gerard McCaughey

    The noise cancelling is not perfect but its good enough. Its also very comfortable on my head. Not sure I would buy again simply because I think the noise cancelling function could be better on other products.

  7. 08

    by Vamsi Pratapa

    I bought this product to prevent myself getting distracted by sounds in a busy library at uni. At first, it worked great. The sound quality is nothing to rave about and it doesn’t do the best job blocking noise but was definitely worth the £40 I paid for it and used it with and without audio. However, after not using it for 3 weeks while on holiday, I came back to see it deteriorate. First, the audio stopped working and although my laptop and phone could clearly detect that a headphone had been plugged in, no sound was audible. This did not concern me too much as I have one pair of good headphones I use for audio and this was merely for anc. However, over the following week, the headphones became worse at this and started to develop a throbbing sound to the point where I eventually found it uncomfortable.
    While your mileage may vary, I certainly will probably invest in a used, more reliable product instead.

  8. 08

    by Jeff K

    Great value for money. Highly recommended. I use them on long haul flights and they really work and have great sound quality and the volumn control is very convenient. Also, they are not too bulky and come in a great case.

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Lindy NC-60 Wired Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Headphones, 40mm Drivers, 72hrs Battery, Reduces 85% of Ambient Noise, Comfortable, Light, Carrycase, 1.5m Audio Cable, 3.5mm...