JBL GO 3 – Wireless Bluetooth portable speaker with integrated loop for travel with USB C charging cable, in white

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  • The JBL Go 3 is a portable wireless speaker for the pool, park or on-the-go listening thanks to its durable, waterproof construction and compact design
  • This mini Bluetooth speaker boasts JBL Pro Sound, packing a loud punch and impressive bass, enabling you to carry the party in the palm of your hand
  • This bold and stylish mobile speaker comes in a waterproof and dustproof design, complete with an integrated loop that makes travelling with tunes easy and fun, no matter where you are
  • With up to 5 hours playtime on a single charge and Bluetooth 5.1 to ensure connectivity with your mobile devices, the JBL Go 3 is a speaker for music lovers on-the-go
  • Items delivered: 1 x JBL Go 3 portable speaker in white made with dust and waterproof materials, complete with 1 x type-C cable, 1 x Quick Start Guide and 1 x safety sheet
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Eloise Haynes

    Easy to transport and set up. Fairly loud at top volume, although the sound suffers a bit. However, generally good sound and satisfactory performance. Looks nice.

  2. 08

    by Carm

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     Within 10 seconds of playing the first song on this JBL speaker I was instantly blown away at how much bass and how loud something so small could get.
    The video I included is only at 50% volume and after trying it at 100% volume there is no distortion whatsoever and the bass is honestly insane. As you can see at even 50% when laid flat it vibrates and actually moves, some people class this as a downside but I see it as a positive because it shows off just how much bass this little speaker produces.
    I don’t see many people playing it at 100% though because it is super loud, for sure your neighbours will hate you. For me 50/60 is more than loud enough and almost bordering on too loud at 4/5 feet away. if you’re listening to a podcast you can drop it down to about 30/40% volume. The mids are the key note but it definitely separates the highs and lows much better than my previous shower speaker, and even things like my Echo devices.

    I really like the look of it and the blue colour blends in perfectly with my bathroom paint. Being so small it’s also super easy to put anywhere, on any shelf, on the edge of the bath, or on a window ledge. Honestly the only negative I can possibly think of is the little loop isn’t really usable on many hooks or areas and it would look slightly nicer without it.

    Battery life will vary but if you look into certain reviews you’ll see that JBL has actually under marked their battery life. They state 5 hours but I’ve personally experienced 7+ hours out the box and I’ve read people saying they got 9/10 hours or even more, this is huge because for once a product is over delivering on their specs.

    Overall a truly amazing speaker for the money and if you’re thinking about buying one for the shower like I did, I would highly recommend it because listening to your songs or even a podcast is perfect on this little gem.

  3. 08

    by TCF Reviews

    Great product. I was expecting it to be a small sounding speaker but wow JBL have done well with this, for such a tiny device it has a decent bass sound, much better than I was expecting. The vocals and instrumental sounds sound brilliant. It’s like JBLs signature sound, but for every device and not just the most biggest ones they sell. I rarely turn it up louder than around 65% volume and this is plenty enough for loud music. I have never had any distortion or muddy sounds and sounds of high quality even at louder volumes. It is so easy to use as well, you hold the power button, pair it with phone or device, press play and it works perfect. Then next time you use it, it auto connects to your phone and you don’t have to worry about pairing it. After pairing it agger the first time it only takes around 2 seconds. It has simple buttons on the top, a plus, minus and play button, but these also work for skip and previous track. Pause, play, volume up and down.

    It is supposed to be waterproof to an extent too but I haven’t wanted to try this yet. But probably will get wet sooner or later, however it has had sand on and in it so that has good sand protection if you’re taking it to the beach.

    The battery lasts forever! It says 5 hours, but mine is still playing after using it pretty much every day for an hour or so each day for the last 8 days. So I’m at 8hours battery with around 55% volume average.

    Overall, I highly recommend this product as it is a rugged little speaker with great battery and sound.

    The only downside is that this speaker does not have a chip inside which can tell the battery percentage left. So when you connect it to your phone or device it won’t tell you how much battery is left, but the speaker itself will flash red when the battery is low.

  4. 08

    by Nazerine Cunningham

    My old car has no bluetooth connections and so I needed something to play podcasts I’d downloaded to my phone through a decent speaker and without risking my phone flying around the car. This little speaker has surprisingly great sound and fits nicely in the armrest in the door of my car, so I can use the volume controls and pause without being distracted from driving by having to look away from the road. The charge lasts for plenty of journeys too. Really good sound and a great solution for my needs.

  5. 08

    by Eloise Haynes

    It’s really easy to setup and connect to this speaker, music also sounds great. I didn’t expect music to sound so clear on this little speaker but it sounds just as good as the bigger speakers. The bass is also incredible and the speaker is durable and easy to pack or carry around with you. I usually use it when showering and haven’t had any issues with the shower steam or damp effecting the speaker.

  6. 08

    by D A Davidson

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     I love JBL speakers. Good quality, good sound. I bought one for myself but then I bought another for my son also as he kept “borrowing” it all the time. Long lasting battery. Connects to bluetooth. Type C charger (can charge it with any type C charger). Not heavy.

  7. 08

    by TCF Reviews

    Purchased for my daughter who loves it!!
    It’s loud for its size ( a bit too loud for me lol) it fits in her pocket, it’s waterproof and the battery don’t die. Plug and play easy connectivity an excellent buy. My daughter is so pleased

  8. 08

    by Nazerine Cunningham

    Best speaker for the size and price, its got a good quality feel about it , also has a real quality sound for a speaker that will fit in to your pocket definitely a 5 star product .

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JBL GO 3 - Wireless Bluetooth portable speaker with integrated loop for travel with USB C charging cable, in white

£28.50£34.30 (-17%)

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