Instant Vortex Digital Single Drawer Air Fryer with Easy to Use 4 Smart Programmes – Air Fry, Bake, Roast and Reheat Capacity, Non-Stick and Dishwasher Safe Basket, Black – 5.7…

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  • COOK TWICE AS FAST WITH AN INSTANT AIR FRYER, COOK FROM FRESH OR FROZEN FOR SPEEDY WEEKDAY MEALS – preheating in minutes, cook up to 50% faster using up to 80% less energy than a traditional oven*
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL COMPACT AIR FRYER, 4 WAYS TO COOK, YOU CAN AIR FRY, ROAST, BAKE OR REHEAT – Clear the clutter from your counter and do it all with just one appliance
  • COOKING SPACE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY WITH THE 4L AIR FRYER BASKET – Spacious single air fryer cooking drawer means you can cook a 1.2kg whole chicken or 600g of chips
  • A HEALTHIER WAY TO COOK FOR YOURSELF AND THE FAMILY, USING 95% LESS OIL – all the crunch and tenderness of your favourite fried foods, without the added oil and calories
  • EASY TO USE – Simply choose a function, set the time and temperature and press Start – with the cooking progress indicator letting you know how long until your dish is ready
  • PLENTY OF RECIPE INSPIRATION – Join thousands of Instant users who share tips, support, recipes and the joy of cooking in the Instant Pot UK Facebook community and download the Instant Brands Connect Ap
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by sylvia warren

    Well what can I say. Brilliant little machine. I had been looking at air fryers for some time, but was getting abit frustrated as there were so many to choose from, and seriously didn’t know where to start. Read so many reviews. Added a few to my wish list, so I could have a think about it. So glad I did as waited a few days and one of them came up on offer. This one! Wow 40% off this appliance. It was too good to be true. This made up my mind popped it into the basket and voila it made it to my kitchen. I was wary as to how much I would use it. I didnt want to pay a fortune for one because I was trying to save on my electric so didn’t want to spend loads. So glad I brought this machine. It is brilliant. I was cautious to begin with but im impressed, i haven’t used my oven as much. (which is the whole point right 😊) It heats up so fast and i have cooked all sorts, but I have to admit chips are so good in it. They taste so much better! I have even baked some cakes! If anyone is unsure about these airfyers and which one to buy! So easy to use and clean, instructions easy to understand. You can even download an app for recipes! No brainer! Don’t look any further this is perfect buy!

  2. 08

    by Grandma C

    The air fryer is a good price at £100 to £102 (would not pay more) with a 5.7l basket and a window and light to see what is going on. Having used for several weeks, the cooking is good with chicken taking pre-heat and 8 minutes for a smaller piece, and pre-heat and 12 minutes for a bigger piece at 200C. Two pork chops took pre-heat and 10 mins at 190C. Salmon fillet needed pre-heat and 8 minutes at 190C.

    There is no power button on the unit, so it has to be switched on and off at the mains, as the power cord is short and for me the nearest socket is awkward to reach. This is annoying.

    Getting the basket in and out is a little awkward, as when the device has been cooking, most of it is hot and there is nowhere to hold (aside from the dial to set temperature and time) that gives resistance when pushing the basket in, so the whole device shifts as you seat the basket in.

    I load food and leave in for the pre-heat, as pre-heating and then remove basket and load food means heat escapes. There is cooking info online, but a Quickstart card of temperature and time for food would help.

    Controls are easy to use, the device footprint is effective and the window and light really useful for seeing what is happening without opening the basket and losing heat. I am reasonably happy with it and performs better and faster than the oven. Just not quite at 5 stars.

  3. 08

    by Ian B

    This is my first air fryer. My main criterion was that it should be cheaper on electricity. Also it would need to last 5 years in order to pay for itself if I bought a more expensive one.
    I found this simple to operate and very efficient as well as being good value. There was a nasty smell, which, despite cleaning many times for two weeks, has only just disappeared.
    Also there was an annoying rattle which was caused by the heating element rubbing on itself when vibrated by the fan. I fixed this by gently bending the element away from itself. It should have been fitted with a 2nd metal bracket to avoid this issue.
    The big advantage of this fryer is that the ‘basket’ is big enough to take a full sized ready meal (e.g. roast beef+pots+carrots+peas) so I do not have to use my large oven for those.
    Also, the tray will take my small Pyrex dishes, so I do not have to get the tray dirty at all when cooking raw food, etc. It is much easier to clean a Pyrex dish than the whole tray/basket and trivet.
    I can put chicken breasts in a Pyrex dish and add garlic, butter, olive oil, slices of lemon, paprika, cover with foil and cook until my oven probe reads 60 deg C and then remove foil and add freshly microwaved potatoes/chips on top for final 10 mins at 205 deg C to brown.
    It is about 1/3 cheaper than using my small oven each day so it saves me about £20 a month as I use the oven most days.
    I wouldn’t know if it is better than other air fryers, but I use it every day and it cooks well. Recommended.

  4. 08

    by L.Tyson

    I am so pleased with this air fryer. It looks good and is light to handle. It is so easy to use and I’m delighted with everything cooked in this, so far. I haven’t tried all the options yet. It’s very easy to clean and reaches the cooking temp, very quickly. I wished that I’d bought it earlier. I would definitely recommend.

  5. 08

    by L.Tyson

    I bought this whilst it was at the stupidly amazing price of £60.

    I wanted a cheap one to see if having an air frier was worth the money (as in if I would even use it). It makes the most AMAZING oven chips!! So much nicer than the actual oven that the oven has never seen oven chips since. Homemade chips are good too!

    Cover in a bit of oil, salt, herbs etc, while it heats up, takes only a few minutes. I admit I mainly do chips in there and I throw in the odd meat free burger/sausage/fish fingers and cut up sweet potatoes and in 20 min you know you are in for a good Yorkshire meal. There is enough room for chips for 3 people and room for a few extra pieces. Washing up is nice and easy after also.

    I recently tried cheese on toast in it (after toasting one side of the bread) and that came out rather well. I have also tried roast potatoes and baked potatoes – all came out nice. Roasted carrots in oil and herbs are amazing to.

    Everyone in my household agrees the chips and veg are amazing and I have since been dubbed the Air Fryer Chef and am in charge of its use.

  6. 08

    by SteveSi

    I love it, easy to use, makes fabulous chips and scones, perfect for a quick tea, quiet, easy to wash. I love it

  7. 08

    by Laura Dods

    Extremely durable, well made and very large capacity. Easy to use and easy to clean, great non stick coating, heats up within minutes, great value for money, highly recommend.

  8. 08

    by grandma

    Big time saver, very easy to use. I have not used my cooker since I got it. So much better tasting food. Far easier to clean no dirty saucepans either. The silicone containers I use to cook in and the wire tray are so easy to clean afterwards. There is nothing to find fault with. A full dinner in 20 or 30 minutes. Have cooked a roast dinner in there. Bacon egg and tomato breakfast done in 10 minutes. No excess fat or oil l. Don’t know why I didn’t get one a long timeago

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Instant Vortex Digital Single Drawer Air Fryer with Easy to Use 4 Smart Programmes - Air Fry, Bake, Roast and Reheat Capacity, Non-Stick and Dishwasher Safe Basket, Black - 5.7...

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