Hoover Air Purifier 500 – HEPA Air Purifier with Diffuser, Removes 99.97% of Allergy Particles, Pollen, with Fast-Acting H-TRIFILTER Filtration System, Bluetooth Connectivity


  • H-TRIFILTER SYSTEM This smart air purifier is equipped with Hoover’s H-TRIFILTER filtration system, which applies three layers of filtration to capture and remove particles sized down to 0.1 microns
  • FAST-ACTING This allergens and hayfever air purifier is able to cleanse the air in your home in just 10 minutes, acting quickly to remove contaminants from the air you and your family breathe
  • ROOM DIFFUSER The Hoover 500 wifi air purifier is fitted with a room diffuser, allowing you to fragrance your home with H-ESSENCE essential oils, or diffuse H-BIOTICS probiotics for sanitary surfaces
  • NEUTRALISES POLLEN This air purifier’s triple-layered filter feeds into a unique treatment system that captures and neutralises pollen particles, rendering them harmless to allergy sufferers
  • SLEEP MODE quiet yet efficient continuous air cleaning while you sleep, with up to 10 air refreshments a night
  • Note When registering the device to the APP the consumer has to log the serial no of the unit. If you make an error in the process of registering the device you cannot register again with the same serial no.you need to contact the customer service helpline and Hoover will reset the system so you can register the device again.
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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Mr. K

    My initial impression of the device itself was that it is massive. It looks like a giant battery. It’s definitely well built. Quality of materials used is absolutely high. Nothing to pick on really. It comes with a big cylinder HEPA filter, 50 ml Detox Ritual 100% natural essential oil and H-Biotics – bio-hygienizing blend based on probiotics. The first setup with the h-On app was a little bit difficult. I was unable to pair the H-purifier with my wifi network over the Bluetooth, however after switching to wifi pairing mode it was straight forward. The app gives you remote control of all functions and stats, air quality and pollution. The app has already been upgraded a few times bringing some improvements. You can control all Hoover family devices through the app. The advanced multi sensor is very sensitive and can sense even dirty smelly socks or even a fart. It adjusts fan speed to provide best performance and cleanest room air in possible quickest time. The led halo ring on top of the purifier informs us about the actual air condition. I’ve been using it in our saloon/day room and bedroom for sleeping. Day use is absolutely perfect. You can enjoy clean air. It is hard to say how clean the air is with the H-purifier on as non of our family suffers with an allergy but it seems to do the job well. There’s a built-in sleep mode that reduces led brightness and cleans the air while you sleep. The only issue for me is constantly spinning the fan with the lowest setting which can be a problem for some people to fall asleep as even if it is quiet it is noticeable. While a day mode stops the fan when air reaches best quality after filtering. But that might be fixed with software upgrades in the future. There is also a filter condition/cleaning indicator through the h-On app as well as on the main control display informing when to clean the filter or replace it. I’m not sure how long the filter can last, that depends probably on many factors, like where you live, if you smoke or not and so. Summarizing H-purifier 500 from Hoover is absolutely a beast. It’s big, it’s powerful, it’s advanced, but most of all it’s purifying room air efficiently and quickly. It would require a long term usage to say more about durability and filter lifespan but after about a month of use I see no issue whatsoever. I would recommend it to everyone looking for the most advanced and powerful air purifier on the market.

  2. 03

    by Mr. K

    I’ve been curious as to how effective an air purifier would be in the summer for my hay fever, so I decided to give the H-Purifier 300 a try. Whilst I’ll have to wait a couple more months to see that, I already am glad I have the device.

    The Good: The LED ring makes it easy to see the quality of air in your home. Green is good, amber for moderate, red for bad. All things considered, it’s pretty quiet. It’s completely silent in auto mode when the ring is green – mainly because it has nothing to do other than monitor the air so the fan inside is off. Even when it kicks on for moderate air you can happily keep it only a few feet away and participate in zoom calls etc. It has built-in handles on the side for easy carrying and is surprisingly light. Setup and connection to WiFi was easy (not sure why so many have difficulties here. Perhaps I got lucky).

    The Bad: Overall, the app is terrible. Often it doesn’t register clicks. At times it just plain fails to load certain pages. The air quality graph never populates so I don’t have any info over the time spent using the device. It asks me to complete my pollen profile, and after spending far too long randomly clicking every part of the pop-up and it not moving to the next page, it randomly did one day. I completed the setup but the next day the pop-up appeared again asking me to again complete my pollen profile. Cue clicking circle of horror again. Sleep mode is louder than automatic mode with clean air. As I mentioned previously, when the ring is green the fan turns off rendering the device completely noiseless. In sleep mode the fan stays on at a low level, even with a clean air room. This means it’s slightly audible at all times – especially in the dead of night. Really, this mode should follow the auto mode in that it should turn the fan off when the air is clear but limit it to the slow sleep mode speed if it detects particulates to clean. The reason one can’t just leave it in auto instead is that your bedroom is lit-up with the LED ring, leaving you to use sleep mode for a dark room.

    Overall I’m happy I have the device but not sure I could recommend for the full £350 – perhaps wait until it’s on offer.

  3. 03

    by William T West

    I bought the Hoover Air Purifier 300 model. As an air purifier it works fine, the unit is reasonably large for the price and the air quality monitor works as expected. On auto mode it will monitor the quality of the air and increase the fan speed when it detects poor air quality.

    The big problem, as others have pointed out, is the smart features do not work. The hOn app fundamentally refuses to complete the pairing process. The unit can connect to the WiFi, and will appear on the network as ‘Espressif’, but the app will not acknowledge the device and will fail at the final stage. I tried every suggestion in the reviews; disabling 5 GHz and only using 2.4 GHz WiFi, disabling Bluetooth or WiFi midway through the process, connecting to a Wifi Hotspot. I tried older versions of the Android app and i even tried connecting it via a VPN in case the ISP was blocking the communication, none of which worked. I suspect this is a known fault on some units and hence why they are being sold relatively cheap.

    Even without the smart features, it’s a reasonably good air purifier for the price, however i can only give it one star as regardless of the price it doesn’t function as advertised. I have requested a replacement unit in the hope i receive one without the fault, although judging by the number of similar reviews i don’t have much hope.

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Hoover Air Purifier 500 - HEPA Air Purifier with Diffuser, Removes 99.97% of Allergy Particles, Pollen, with Fast-Acting H-TRIFILTER Filtration System, Bluetooth Connectivity


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