Hisense RB390N4WBE 60cm Freestanding 60/40 Fridge Freezer – 304 litre capacity – Total No Frost – Non-plumbed Water Dispenser – Black – F Rated, H186 x W59.5 x D59.0

£350.60£374.90 (-6%)

  • 304 litre capacity – holds 16 bags of food shopping
  • Clever tech stops ice build-ups in the fridge & freezer
  • Holiday setting helps save energy when you’re away
  • Water dispenser – no plumbing required
  • Dimensions (cm) – H186 x W59.5 x D59.0
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Additional information





Product Dimensions

‎59 x 59.5 x 186 cm, 63 Kilograms


‎304 litres

Annual Energy Consumption

‎243 Kilowatt Hours Per Year

Capacity cooling

‎97 litres

Freezer Capacity

‎207 Litres

Star Classification for Freezers

‎Refrigerator: 2 C to 8 C

Installation Type


Part Number


Form Factor

‎Freestanding Refrigerators

Special Features

‎Water Dispenser, Total No Frost, Electronic Temperature control, Micro vent technology, Easy Glide Drawers




‎220 Volts (AC)

Number of Drawers


Defrost System

‎Frost Free

Door Orientation


Shelf Type


Number of Shelves



‎Energy Rating

Material Type

‎metal, plastic

Included Components

‎Hisense RB390N4WBE 60/40 Frost Free Fridge Freezer – Black – E Rated

Batteries included


Batteries Required


Item Weight

‎63 kg

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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Bernernan

    I was very happy with the fridge/freezer but the first delivery had to be declined because Amazon misinformed me on the phone that I would be getting the “unboxing, install and removal of the old one” even though I hadn’t been charged the 35 pound fee for that package. I had called to double-check. The delivery was about 3 days early and I had no warning and the guys were about to dump it on my doorstep and walk away!! I finally got it sorted out and the guys came with a new one about 5 days later but didn’t know how to reverse the door which it said would be done if asked for. It took another week for the company to send another two guys to come do the job but when I looked at it they had put a piece of white tape over the holes at the front where the door hinge had been before the reversal. I was shocked they weren’t even going to tell me but I opened the door to check everything was working. Also, I realized there was a plastic cover missing on the top of the fridge too after they had left. It took another 4-5 days for them to send someone else out and they had a terrible time trying to dig out the damaged plastic screw without scratching anything. The previous guys had scratched the front a bit underneath the tape and at the side. These two guys were amazing and very careful but one had asked me right away if I had tweezers…I couldn’t imagine how they might work so they spent about 20 minutes trying other methods without causing any damage. The original plastic screw was broken inside the hole. Finally, the first guy remarked it was a shame I didn’t have tweezers and they were annoyed they didn’t have some in their toolbox. I ran and got mine and left them to it and in three minutes they had the old screw out and the new ones in place! I pointed out the scratches and said I knew they hadn’t done it so they told me to call Amazon again. I took pictures and sent them to Amazon and they called back to say the fridge/freezer was no longer in stock so I could wait until it was or they could offer me a 75 pound discount to live with the scratches. I had to have the fridge/freezer and had waited already over three weeks from when I originally ordered it. I took the 75 pounds. The customer service girl was great and because the second fridge was no longer purchased in the Amazon 2-day sale it cost more but she refunded my original amount on a gift card and gave me a refund of the difference after I paid the difference. It was complicated but worked out in the end. The fridge/freezer looks nice and it looks like it has a water dispenser plumbed in but it’s actually just a tank inside you fill with water and it chills it. It can then be dispensed from the dispenser on the front door to save taking up space with water bottles inside. It has a wine rack which is a bit of a waste of space but I place milk cartons in the curved wine bottle slots. And my bread etc… It’s taller than my original fridge/freezer but the only downside is it seems the same size but it is much more shallow inside than my old one. It’s fine for one person but I’m not even sure I’d be able to fit a pizza box in the freezer drawers. The drawers are solid plastic so they are not as efficient as the wire basket ones in my old freezer compartment. It also seems like there are fewer drawers and certainly, the lack of depth makes a huge difference to what they can hold. The top shelf is open which is great for ice cream or frozen fruit for my smoothies and easy to place something you want to grab… The plastic drawers steam up when you open the door but my old one had white plastic fronts on the wire drawers so I don’t know if that’s normal or not. There is also no guide on the door or drawers to suggest the most efficient arrangement of your frozen items. My old one did. They don’t have any suggestions in the handbook either. Only the middle drawer shows pictures of everything so that seems pointless.
    I had more compartments and drawers in the fridge part of my old one but this is fine. The light is nice and bright inside. It is frost-free and so far not a bit of frost. I don’t expect any because I never had any problems with my old frost-free fridge/freezer. Overall it is a great buy and a good price. It’s band F but that’s to be expected at the price. Good buy but short on interior depth.

  2. 04

    by Bernernan

    If i could give more than 5 stars i would! The design is cleverly thought out, with masses of fridge space, especially the way the water container doesn’t detract from door space, as you easily fill it through a small funnel which has a lid. Being 60/40 i expected freezer space to be compromised but it isn’t. The top drawer slides out and is lidless, giving quick and easy access. The 2nd drawer is really spacious and the bottom one i’d say is normal size. This fridge freezer runs quietly and looks very high-end in black, matching my other appliances. The interior is well lit and not cheap plastic. The temp control is simple to use.
    It’s tall too, making sensible use of the space it occupies. Being totally frost free is a real bonus & there’s not a sign of ice anywhere. My dog and i both drink bottled water (both got IBS) & we both are loving the chilled water from the door outlet; my dog now refuses room temperature water! This is honestly the best appliance i’ve ever bought; so worth its cost. Totally recommend.

  3. 04

    by John Paul

    Happy with product for the price, not happy with amazon’s delivery.
    It was due to be delivered within 5 days but it never made the freight warehouse so found on the day it wasn’t arriving. Had to wait an extra week for delivery.
    Now its arrived its very good, bought as a black Friday deal for approx 40%saving. Looks very smart in situ, lots of capacity. Operates almost silently. Drinks dispenser is good although fiddly to take out for cleaning. Only downside is the glass shelves, they are simply slid into position with nothing to retain them in situ. If you have a heavier item in there and don’t lift it off the shelf fully before removal it pulls the glass shelf forward with it. I’ve watched both my wife and eldest child do this several times which so dar hasn’t caused a disaster……imagine an unset jelly falling from one shelf to a lower!
    Apart from that, very good.
    Even has wheels on back edge ro help slide into tight spaces in kitchen!

  4. 04

    by Mrs. Lamont

    The appliance itself seems very good although a little smaller than I thought. Good value, smart looking, quiet and very effective.
    Amazon, however made a complete mess of it and provided very poor service. I booked and paid for install and take away the old one. When the item was unpacked, it was damaged so I refused to accept it and sent it back,
    I heard nothing from Amazon for a couple of day’s so phoned them – they passed me on to someone else and the phone went dead. A couple more day’s still no contract so I phoned again – was passed-on to someone else who said there was no replacement option and I would have to re-order. I pointed out that the price had now gone up by £60, she said that she would bring this up at the next team meeting ! No further contact. I phoned again on the 8th. Nov. and spoke to someone called Yusri, he immediately sorted it and ordered a replacement at the original price to be delivered on the 11th. – why could not the others have done this ?
    The fridge/freezer arrived as promised (to my surprise) it was undamaged, but the delivery men had not been booked to do the unpack install etc., although I had paid for it. Not too much of a problem only took 10, mins to do, but I had to pay a local company to collect the old one. On the phone again and luckily got through to a person who knew what they were doing and was given an immediate refund. The phone connections are universally terrible Amazon.
    What should have been a straightforward transaction turned into a marathon, I would probably recommend buying from a local company or depot to avoid all this.

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Hisense RB390N4WBE 60cm Freestanding 60/40 Fridge Freezer - 304 litre capacity - Total No Frost - Non-plumbed Water Dispenser - Black - F Rated, H186 x W59.5 x D59.0

£350.60£374.90 (-6%)

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