Hisense 55 Inch QLED Smart TV 55E7KQTUK – Quantum Dot Colour, 60Hz VRR, Dolby Vision, Bluetooth&HDMI, Share to TV, VIDAA, and Youtube, Freeview Play, Netflix and Disney+ (2023…


  • [Quantum Dot Colour] Quantum Dot TVs boast one of the most efficient technologies for bright, precise color. By using quantum dots to emit extremely precise wavelengths of light, Quantum Dot Color creates the possibility of witnessing billions of new shades at incredibly impressive levels of brightness. This all results in a significant color volume for an array of colors that borders on the impossible.
  • [Direct Full Array] Hisense TVs backed by a Direct Full Array boast a tight grid of individual LEDs that cover the entire back panel. These LEDs allow for precise control of brightness and contrast, resulting in crisp, vivid colors, and deep hypnotizing blacks from edge to edge.
  • [Dolby Vision] Never worry about subpar video quality or compatibility again. Simply choose and play whatever content you want, knowing you’re experiencing it in ideal detail, enhanced colors, and deeper blacks, thanks to the Dolby Vision.
  • [Dolby Atmos] Deliver the ultimate immersive listening experience allowing you to feel and hear the sounds from all directions. By precisely placing the sounds and moving them around all around you, you can enjoy immersive, natural and true to life sound. It’s so realistic you’ll feel every moment as if you are actually there.
  • [Share to TV] The Share-to-TV function lets you bypass this issue with ease and grace. Share content from your other devices directly to your screen. Use “Screen Sharing” to mirror your device on your TV, or the “Content Sharing” option, which lets you continue to use your device while only sharing specific media on the big screen for everyone to enjoy.
  • [VIDAA Smart TV] Today’s TVs need to be easy to use, quick to reach, and smarter than they’ve ever been before. With easy and instant access to over 150 broadcast, cable, satellite, DTV, and streaming platforms all in one space, the VIDAA TV allows you to seamlessly navigate your favorite content smoother and faster than ever before in one simple package.
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7.4 x 123.2 x 71.1 cm, 10 Grams

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11 May 2023



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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Michael Carey

    Bought this as a replacement for my old plasma in our kitchen. Primarily bought because of the QLED technology and full array back-light. The picture is really good for such a budget TV, there are some processing issues and when you try Smart Scene, the colours keep varying as the TV struggles to process pictures. I turned off the Smart Scene. There are masses of picture enhancements including Gamma adjustment which improve the pictures.

    The sound is the worse I have heard on any TV I have ever bought and that includes small 19″ TVs. Nothing in the menus can adjust the sound to make it sound good. I would suggest a sound bar or AV amplifier is needed.

    Overall, with a sound bar or AV, the price of this is ridiculously cheap. In comparison to my £1400 main Samsung TV, it looks great but not quite up to the Samsungs quality of picture, understandably. Even so, we’ll worth the money.

  2. 05

    by Gary Burns

    In the market for a new TV, It took me much research to settle on a brand. I wanted an OLED, but they were way too expensive. I settled on an affordable QLED (Q-Led not to be confused with O-Led)
    I went with Hisense despite them not being one of the big league players, LG, Samsung or Sony.

    For disclosure, I chose the 43 inch tv. This is the less expensive 2022 model. It cost me £279.99 at the time I bought it.

    I am upgrading from a Sony Bravia TV which after 6 years developed Ghosting and became unwatchable.

    Hisense E7HQ

    .Colours pop. This Hisense, being a QLED, the colours clearly pop out compared to my last TV. My picture mode is set to “Dynamic” with brightness at 40 and the backlight turned off. This prevents the colours looking washed out in my experience.

    .Gaming: At first I was worried when I read this tv had a 20 millisecond response time but I had nothing to worry about. Input lag is not noticable for me. Gameplay is responsive just like it was on my last TV. When I tap the trigger, my gun fires instantly. 60Htz is the maximum this TV can perform at and that is great for gaming as it is. Keep in mind this TV does not support HDMI 2.1.

    .LED indicator light on the remote control. It doesn’t feel cheap.

    .Very simple to install stands

    .Smart interface so much faster to navigate compared to my last tv. I only use Youtube and Amazon Prime so I can’t comment on other apps. I updated it to the latest firmware when I was prompted upon start up.

    .Some good “Quality of Life” features like the Mute icon flashing to let me know it’s still muted.

    .Build: A well constructed unit. The plastic back is nothing to write home about but it gets the job done. TV is more on the lighter side. Stands keep it secure.

    .The Viewing Angle: Viewing the screen from a bad angle other than center will wash out the colours and they will appear overly bright. Keep this in mind if you sit on the end of a couch.

    .The remote control interface and the TV itself has a lot of Bloatware apps you very likely won’t use.

    .Sound: The sound is very much worse than my previous TV. I never knew the true definition of “Tinny” until I encountered this one. It really is poor quality sound, and I can tell costs were cut to impliment it. It’s servicable for listening to voices, but a sound bar will definitely come in handy if you listen to a lot of music. I almost knocked a star off for this but I will keep it at 5 stars for being such a low price.

    .After switching off at the mains, the TV can take a good 10 to 15 seconds to come back on. (But it comes on rather quick while in standby.)


    After a week of use since writing this review, I am very satisfied for what I payed for, and it is my hope this TV will last a good long while. Thank you for reading. I hope this could be of help.

  3. 05


    This is the second time I’ve bought this brand of TV the other being an older 58″ 4K which is a great TV…now this TV is better and at this price I don’t think I could do better.I was a bit of an LG Fanboy once but there just not competitive they can’t do an oled at this price is oled better than qled I don’t know because I’m not paying an extra 200-£300 pounds to find out.this hiense was a breeze to set-up with a nice feel remote with lots of dedicated buttons , Netflix,Prime video and lots more the smart TV is packed with apps and a very easy operating system not far removed from a fire-stick if you don’t have a fire stick you don’t need 1 this TV is packed with features ..The picture quality is better than any other TV I have ever purchased and sound quality on the TV is good…tho Ive now paired with my soundbar ..in short for the price 55″ hiense qled I’m really delighted with my purchase..I won’t pay the prices Sony and LG are asking when hiense is producing quality like this.The TVs appearance is very minimalist with a very thin bezel..very very happy

  4. 05

    by Gary

    I ordered this 43 Qled tv. Then I got worried!
    I read a review about it. The person said that picture quality is not very good, and the sound is completely rubbish. And they said, you have to buy a soundbar its that bad.
    They couldn’t be far from the truth. I think it’s actually Exellent value for money tv. Picture quality is very good, once it was adjusted on the settings, although the side viewing angle isn’t that good. This doesn’t make any difference, just up very close to the TV i noticed. The sound is very clear and once adjusted on the settings, is as good as it needs to be, it has good levels and an equaliser to adjust. If you want nightclub bass, then you would have to go with a soundbar, but enough bass for everything normal use. I’m happy with my TV, overall opinion is, Exellent value for the money, but higher quality feel and look about it.

  5. 05

    by Michael Carey

    Great picture, even better when watching through my 4k Apple TV with Dolby Vision setting. Amazing image for the price range really smart looking design as well – built in Smart functions are useable a little slow/delayed response times – personally prefer using Apple TV interface

    Only really negative is the sound quality would advise getting a sound bar, as it works perfectly with my Sony sound bar but speakers are acceptable as is

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Hisense 55 Inch QLED Smart TV 55E7KQTUK - Quantum Dot Colour, 60Hz VRR, Dolby Vision, Bluetooth&HDMI, Share to TV, VIDAA, and Youtube, Freeview Play, Netflix and Disney+ (2023...


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