Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable Hand Held Vacuum Cordless Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner Mini Car Hoover


  • Fast Charging Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: Handheld vacuum cleaner can be used continuously for about 10 minutes, the Type-C charging port of the car vacuum cleaner adopts the fastest and most efficient USB charging technology, which saves more time and saves more money than ordinary USB charging.
  • Portable and Flexible: Hand held vacuum cordless weighs about 290g, suitable for home and car cleaning use, keep clean at all times, and you won’t feel fatigue when using the vacuum cleaner for a long time.
  • Superior Suction Car Hoover: Handheld vacuum cleaner delivers a powerful 5000PA of suction power to tackle a variety of daily cleaning tasks with ease. Whether it’s hair, dust, the handheld vacuums quickly removes it.
  • Washable Vacuum Cleaner: Handheld vacuum features a high-density filter that is stronger and more durable than regular filters. Remove the filter from the dust cup of the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, wash it with water, dry it and reuse it.
  • Multifunctional Car Vacuum Cleaner: Handheld vacuum cleaner adopts advanced 3-in-1 technology of suction, blowing and charging to meet your daily needs in all aspects. Equipped with different nozzles for blowing, vacuuming and extracting.
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by millie

    I had fairly low expectations after unpacking this little vacuum as it’s very small and very lightweight. However, it was a very nice surprise once I started using it. It was quite well charged already so I put it straight to work hoovering up cobwebs and dust from areas that are usually quite inaccessible and it did a great job.

    The nozzles are thin enough to fit in all sorts of places. I have found them excellent for getting in all the little spaces in the car, down the side of the seats and so on that my normal vacuum can’t fit into. Being handheld and rechargeable means it’s easy to just whizz out and clear up any little spills or mess without having to get the extension lead and lug the main vacuum out etc.

    The battery life is not amazing but it charges reasonably quickly and gives plenty of time to go round the room or car. It’s easy to empty, as you just unscrew the dust bin and then you can shake out the filter. I really was quite impressed with how much dust it had captured. As with all bagless vacuums you have to take care when emptying to make sure you don’t end up spilling the contents.

    I recently bought a robot hoover and I would say this is a perfect partner, the robot does the main work in the house and this handheld one lets me tidy up the corners that the robot can’t get into. I feel like I’ve revolutionised my housework recently, it’s funny what a sense of satisfaction that gives!

  2. 05

    by The13thMan

    This little handheld cordless vacuum is absolutely amazing. It is easy to hold and has such a strong suction power for small clean ups, it comes with lots of different little attachments to. Battery life gas been amazing.
    I honestly can’t recommend it enough.
    I am gonna give it 10⭐️

  3. 05

    by Chris

    This handheld vacuum comes boxed together with instructions and accessories including USB charging cable, crevice tool and brush. The vacuum has a round power port so you can’t just use your own USB cable, you have to use the one supplied. The connection into the port is fine but the silicone cover on the port takes a bit of effort to keep closed.

    Once charged, the vacuum is operated by pressing a single button, which has a rubber cover for comfort. There are only two settings – on and off. I only use it for short bursts so battery life is excellent.

    Build quality seems pretty good, with a nice retro style. Suction is good enough for my purposes – I mainly use handheld vacuums around the house for cleaning my sofas, skirting boards, window sills and around furniture and my TV tables. The crevice tool with brush is what I find most useful so the rest of the accessories I keep bagged up. The dust cup is small but I don’t fill it quickly so I have no problem with the size. It’s relatively easy to empty and the filter is easily washable. There’s a rubber cap inside to prevent dust getting out.

    Performance is adequate and it’s comfortable to hold so I’m pleased with this handheld vacuum. It’s great for skirtings and window sills.

  4. 05

    by Chris

    To be honest, for the price I thought this was going to be junk, but it does surprisingly well at getting little bits. I’ve used it for sofas, little spills and awkward spots that would be hard to get to otherwise. With the long nozzle it’s good for stuff you’d never think of like crumbs in nooks on the kitchen counters. I have a big stick vacuum but I wouldn’t use it for things like that as it’s too unwieldly.

    The battery seems to last some time. Another plus is the cable is just USB A, but the end into the hoover itself is a cylindrical barrel connector, would be nicer if it were USB-C.

    It has a boggling number of attachments, which took me ages to figure out, and the back can be used to blow (which some of the attachments fit into.) I haven’t found a use for that yet, balloons? The manual is nearly unintelligible but unnecessary.

  5. 05

    by AM Reviews

    – pretty decent for the price
    – good few attachments
    – good enough for regularly cleaning of small bits
    – reasonably good materials for the quality
    – fairly light

    – some people will expect better suction
    – lack of speed settings
    – it’s pretty loud considering
    – charging is a weird set up
    – instructions mention a car cigarette lighter?

    So the biggest con for me personally is that the charging set up is a little weird. The light for charging is in the USB side.. It’s also quite big for just a USB and a light so I’m a little suspicious of plugging this into the computer. I’ve used a socket to charge it just in case. It’s also not USB A to C or anything, it’s a female round plug that goes into the cleaner. It’s more like a connector you’d see that plugs into a laptop.
    That being said it charges alright.

    The suction isn’t that great, but it’s what you should expect from a budget range cleaner. It’s enough for cleaning up a desk regularly or picking up lighter bits. It is dependant on attachments as per usual but it is a dual hoover/blower. It’ll do for a regular desk clean.

    Lack of speed settings is not particularly great but it is budget. If you’re looking for that, you won’t get it here.
    It’s pretty loud compared to another one that’s more expensive.

    The instructions also are a little strange. It mentions car chargers and to buy adapters and what not. So I assume it’s just a general instruction that hasn’t had bits changed or something. They’re about the product, just not in some areas.

    As for the good parts, the main one. Price. It’s pretty decent for just a general clear to have around your desk or maybe in the car to get a regularly hoovering of areas that build up. For that it’s reasonable enough at 13 quid.
    I’d generally suggest regular cleaning with this thing to make it’s job easier. It’ll definitely be sat by my computer to give it a regular quick hoovering.

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Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable Hand Held Vacuum Cordless Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner Mini Car Hoover