Guudsoud Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth, Wireless Sports Headphones with Mic,Waterproof Open Ear Earphones,8 Hours Playtime Headset for Running Cycling,Workout,Work (Black)


  • Comfort and Safety-Ultra-lightweight 25g bone conduction headphones Bluetooth with flexible and durable titanium wire skeleton,wear it more comfort and just like no anything on your ear. Ergonomic open ear design, stay in place even for intense workouts,allow you listen to music and hearing your surrounding at the same time while your sports to keep safety.
  • Long Battery Life 8 Hours Call-Bone Headphones powerful endurance with 8 hours of battery life,you can enjoy music, calls, audiobooks, and podcasts all day long, up to 20 days standby and 2 hours fast charge and continuous use for 8 hour call in a single charge.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 & With Mic-Running headphones built-in Bluetooth 5.0 more stable and faster, wireless connect range up to 33ft. With HD microphone,make your calling more clear,pick up your call any time don’t missing importable message.
  • Bone Conduction Headphones-The conduction headphones adopt advanced bone conduction technology,sound is passed directly into the cochlea via the bone unlike the conventional headphone through the air.It is perfect to wear to sports such as running,cycling,fitness,walking,driving and study ect.
  • Easy to Use & IP54-Design with function buttons, you can easy commands such as play, skip, pause, also pick up and hang up call.Sports headphones with IP54 water resistant rating, sweat and water resistant, please don’t have to worry about exposing them to sweat or rain when you intense workouts.Although they are water-resistant, we don’t recommend submerging in water.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Debbie

    These work well and pair easily. Not fabulously comfy on my small head and they can be adjusted but they stay on well when I’m walking and the sound quality is quite good. Worth the money for what they cost

  2. 08

    by Mike from Crewe

    Takes a while to adjust to after always using ear buds
    Sound is Ok
    Comfort is good
    Thought the ears being not being plugged might have been an issue with excess noise. No problem at all .

  3. 08

    by Kat Cooper

    Buy them, they’re comfortable, easy to use and set up, great value, I think it’s my best tech purchase in the last at least 5 years, I used then all day for gardening today, sound is great

  4. 08

    by SMO

    I work with audio and have owned countless pairs of ‘regular’ headphones, this is my honest review as someone who has never owned a pair of bone conduction earphones before. I wanted a pair of headphones I can wear in public but maintain awareness around busy roads and such, so I gave these a go.

    -Very comfortable for me, I can wear these for most of the day and it does not become fatiguing to the ears
    -Battery life is as stated in the description
    -Bluetooth pairing is very good
    -sound quality is adequate, no trouble hearing detail, perfect for listing to podcasts and the volume levels are also adequate

    -Sound profile is very ‘peaky’ in the upper mids. This is very noticeable at first but as you adjust, it is possible to enjoy whatever you’re listening to.
    -Bass response is non-existent. I wasn’t expecting any proper low end from this type of device, but these really filter a lot out. Not a problem for general listening, but certainly not a great way to listen to your music.
    -The pause button sometimes does not restart whatever was playing. I have to press play manually on my phone, but this could be specific to my phone!

    Overall a good product, and a great way to see if you get on with this type of headphone. However, I was surprised with the relatively poor and at times uncomfortable frequency response. I can’t say whether a more expensive pair would sound nicer, as these are all I’ve tried.

  5. 08

    by Rogers

    Bought this to go with my sky glass tv since I was not able to use my Bluetooth Oticon sound box. (It doesn,t have a connection on the tv for it)
    I was going to send back the tv because of this problem, but then decided to try these headphones.
    Works a treat. Wireless, neat and compact and lightweight. It’s not exactly the same, but, it’s adequately does the job.
    Well done Guidsound

  6. 08

    by Mr Joe P

    In the past I’ve had two sets of shokz and both sets broke after a year, so trying this set which about £100 cheaper I was hesitant at first and with the ‘power on. Connecting’ voice sounding crackly I thought I’d made a big mistake.

    However they are great! Good battery life and sounds quality isn’t noticeably any worse than the shokz.

    Haven’t checked how resilient they are in the rain but so far very happy!

    Save your money get these!

  7. 08

    by LuMan

    I’ve been toying with getting some bone-conducting headphones for some time. I’ve got pretty small ears, and very narrow ear canals, so even the smallest of earbuds become uncomfortable very quickly – even those designed for children. So, this looked to be a better solution to my wired Sony Sports earphones or the over-the-ear cans alternative. In short – I’m glad I gave them a go!

    Price (5/5):
    For what I paid (£34.19) they are excellent!

    Sound quality (3.8/5):
    This is very subjective, and will change depending on a lot of factors. Because these things keep your ears exposed you will hear everything going on around you (this is good in some cases, especially jogging near busy roads). I’ve based my review of sound quality on a balance of sitting in an empty room and walking up a residential street.
    On the whole, the quality is very good, but not excellent, so (almost*) 4 stars. Low end is good, but very loud bass noises really do vibrate your head when they play. Some folk may like this, of course….
    Mids and highs are also very good – way better than I expected. I’ve listened to all manner of genres, from D&B to hip-hop to indy to rock, classical, MOR, etc…. I’ve even taken a phone call on them when I was on the tram and the missus called. They were spot on and I could hear her voice clearly.

    Dynamic range (3/5):
    This won’t matter to some people, but I did find myself tweaking the volume control depending on what I was listening to. Sometimes I wanted a volume point halfway between the top loudness and the second to top…. At max volume they were too “vibrate-y” on my head, whereas the next volume setting down was just a touch too quiet. Not a massive issue, but worth mentioning.

    Comfort (4.5/5):
    Once you get used to them they are great. I found them a bit ‘odd’ at first, but after about an hour or so I MUCH prefer them to earbuds, and they are much better than over-ear cans when out an about. I also wear glasses and was worried that they’d interfere, but they don’t. Even with my small ears there’s plenty of space for both!

    Overall (4..and a bit!/5):
    I paid a smidge over £34 for these and they are my absolute go-to headphones for listening to music on the move. BUT – I do prefer my earbuds on the train, as the ambient noise isn’t attenuated by these headphones. When I come to replace them I will probably check out some more expensive models, as I now know what to expect and look for. But if you’re in the market for a good set of well-priced bone-conducting headphones, then you can’t go far wrong with these!

    *Amazon doesn’t do ‘bits’ of stars so I will only give a star if I think the product has reached that score.

  8. 08

    by Roarz123

    I’ve been using bone conduction headphones for many years. Previous brand used to have a horrible vibration from time to time. These however, have no such vibration, the sound is really good and I would definitely recommend.
    Have been using these for a couple of weeks now and while they really good they have now started powering off all the time and won’t stay connected. A shame but I’ve had to return them

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Guudsoud Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth, Wireless Sports Headphones with Mic,Waterproof Open Ear Earphones,8 Hours Playtime Headset for Running Cycling,Workout,Work (Black)