Geepas Electric Kettle, 2200W | Boil Dry Protection & Auto Shut Off | 1.7L Cordless Fast Boil Jug Kettle for Hot Water Tea or Coffee | Swivel Base with Manual Lid Open | 2 Year…


  • ✅ CAPACITY 1.7L, SAFETY – The 1.7L large capacity allows this kettle to serve about 8 cups of water for you and your family each time. The boil-dry protection automatically switches off the heating element when there is no water in the water tank or if the water runs out during use. To be able to use the appliance again, fill the water tank with cold water up to the MAX indication. When the kettle has finished boiling it will automatically turn itself off, preventing any damage
  • ✅ FAST AND EFFICIENT BOILING – This electric kettle operates on 2200W and boils a full 1.7L pot of water in few minutes or less! It is much more energy-efficient than traditional stovetops or microwaves.
  • ✅ CONCEALED HEATING ELEMENT – The 2200w concealed heating element brings this kettle to the boil quickly, so you’ll never be waiting long for your next hot drink. Ideal for preparing and serving hot drinks in large households, offices or public spaces
  • ✅ CORD STORAGE, PERFECT POUR – To keep the kitchen tidy, the base has integrated cord storage so it can be tidied away at your convenience. The perfect pour spout allows you to get a streaming flow of water straight into your cup. Say goodbye to splashes and spills on the kitchen worktop
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by paula c.

    Really a good product.. don’t take long time to boil the water

  2. 08

    by Mr. James M. Grant

    I can’t find a way of contacting you, so sorry for this review, the kettle is leaking everywhere this morning… only had a month or two at ofgice so not even used that much?

  3. 08

    by Mr. James M. Grant

    Just what i needed. Works perfect.

  4. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    stopped working after a few weeks, but was fine while it lasted

  5. 08

    by Bury Me In A Saltire

    As soon as I took it out of the box I was uncomfortable with it’s set-up. I can’t fathom why on earth the cable would lead from the front of the kettle. If you had to quickly switch off at the plug and socket for any reason you risk scorching yourself on the steam coming from the spout. Anyway, I tried boiling it. It rumbled and boiled, and rumbled and boiled then the lid popped up! Water ran down the outside.
    The other problems? I really don’t know how I didn’t notice them before boiling. Where the base plugs into the kettle when you put the kettle down on the base, it’s wide open, you can actually see bare wires in the photo, there is only a thin plastic sleeve on the bare wire. Had I had enough common sense to inspect it first I wouldn’t have done a trial boil. Also, when emptying the kettle from it’s trial boil a piece of plastic came out with the water. It can be seen in the other photo balanced on the edge. It’s a piece of plastic broken off the rim. Highlighted with the red arrows.
    I don’t know if this is how these kettles are normally sent out, but certainly this one of mine seems extremely dangerous to me and is going straight back to Amazon.
    I want to blame Amazon for selling these kettles but that is letting the other culprits off the hook. Is there not some sort of UK check goes on, a check to ensure that when electrical equipment is safe to use and not going to kill someone. Import rules and regulators are more to blame than Amazon because they shouldn’t be allowed into the country.
    If this is standard Geepas quality then I won’t be purchasing their equipment again. It’s disgraceful.

  6. 08

    by Bury Me In A Saltire

    A lovely kettle.
    It has a nice bulky handle, just right for myself and the wife.
    The price was good.
    What I am not impressed with is that after a period of time, the kettle starts to be intermittent in its operation. Now onto my 4th in 3 years, I decided I would take the kettle apart to find out why.
    If you look at the picture, you can clearly see that one of the element pins has moved thus not allowing contact. I do not know if it is poor design of element or something else.
    Now I know what is happening, I will not purchase anymore of these.
    I have written to manufacturer and am awaiting a reply

  7. 08

    by Sarah Perkins

    This kettle is nice and lightweight. Does not take overly long to boil & not overly loud.
    Would buy this again.

  8. 08

    by paula c.

    This kettle is shockingly bad. We have boiled this countless times and still has a bad taste and smell to the water. Even when it’s boiling you can smell the cheap plastic, it smells like it’s burning the plastic. Also says its a fast boil, far from it. It takes an age to boil even 1 cup of water.

    Would not recommend at all.

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Geepas Electric Kettle, 2200W | Boil Dry Protection & Auto Shut Off | 1.7L Cordless Fast Boil Jug Kettle for Hot Water Tea or Coffee | Swivel Base with Manual Lid Open | 2 Year...