GearIT Speaker Wire Audio Cable CCA 2x4mm≤ (30.48 Meters – Black) Copper Clad Aluminum – Great for Hi-Fi Home Theater and Car Speakers – 12 Gauge AWG, 100 Feet


  • Preminum Speaker Wire – Use This Gearit Pro Series Speaker Wire Cable That’s Build Quality Stranded Conductors To Build This Professional Grade Speaker Wire Audio Cable
  • Custom Installations – You Can Use This Speaker Wire To Pair With Banana Plugs, Spade Tips, Or Bent Pin Connectors To Connect Your Speakers To Your A/V Receiver Or Amplifier With This Gearit Pro Series Speaker Wire
  • Advantage Of Cca (Copper Clad Aluminum) – Here Are The Facts About Cca Vs Oxygen Free Copper. Cca Wire Offers The Same Signal Frequency And Reliability In Terms Of Corrosion Resistance To Copper Wire. The Advantage Of The Cca Speaker Wire Is Lighter And More Flexible Than Copper Wire. The Cost Of Cca Vs Oxygen Free Copper Is Much Lower And You Can Enjoy The Same Functions And Reliability As Copper Wire Without Paying The Extra Cost For The Installation
  • Highest Quality Material And Tier 1 Manufacture Process – The Cable Is Made Of Cca Copper Clad Aluminum, Ensuring High Fidelity Sound Quality And Providing Maximum’s Conductivity And Durability Without Paying The Additional Cost. The Product Go Through Many States Of Testing To Ensure The Highest Performance And Reliability Of The Products
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Is discontinued by manufacturer


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10.16 x 8.89 x 10.16 cm, 712.14 Grams

Date First Available

5 Sept. 2014



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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by David roe

    Good solid speaker cable feel good not cheap wire and plenty for the jon l needed. Well pack and great value for what you pay.

  2. 08

    by Tom

    Slight over kill for my uses but it was cheap and seems to be of reasonable quality.

  3. 08

    by James King

    This speaker cable has done exactly what I needed it too perfectly. Straight off the reel, the Gear IT speaker cable feels premium and robust, which is exactly what you want. The cable is well formed, but easily manupulated into spaces you’d like it, the outer protective sleeve feels thick enough to protect the copper inside, and has a nice stripe on one side of the cable, to make it easy to identify possitive from negative. It was easy to work with, and automatic cable strippers made light work of the cable as long as I was not trying to strip a huge amount of cover off. Any more than a few cm’s and the strippers would struggle showing the strength of the outer protective sleeve.

    My usecase for this speaker wire was to extend an already existing proprietary surround sound cable. I have an old Samsung Surround Sound system hooked up in one of the bedrooms, however one of the rear speakers cables wasn’t quite long enough to route it neatly without trailing across the floor. I needed approximately an extra ~10 foot / ~3 meters of cable roughly to achieve what I wanted. Because the system is old, longer cables with Samsungs specific connector on the end were in short supply, so I instead opted for the route of chopping the cable in the middle and extending it with some standard speaker wire, which is where this came in.

    Due to the existing cable being roughly 18 AWG, I knew I wanted at least that, after looking at 18 AWG cable from various manufacturers though I found this 12 AWG cable from Gear IT which was roughly the same price, only a few quid more, for more than I needed, so thought why not. It’ll mean I’ll have some on hand in case I mess it up, or need it for future projects. Using 12 AWG to extend 18 AWG isn’t necessary as the cables maximum capacity of the cable is still restricted by the 18 AWG segments, however 12 AWG is more versitile should I need it again in the future and has much better capabilities for any future projects.

    I first cut my cable I wanted to extend, stripped back some bare copper on both ends, then cut a short length of my new 12 AWG speaker cable, and stripped back the ends on both ends of that too. I then connected each of the now cut ends of the original cable to the ends of the 12 AWG speaker wire using some WAGO connectors I had on hand. Then powered up the system to see if I’d just destroyed a very difficult to source cable. The result, I had not and it worked perfectly, so I repeated this, with a length of 12 AWG Gear IT speaker wire I needed, again with WAGO’s first to ensure everything was functional. It was again, so I’ve gone ahead with some strink tube and a soldering iron made the connections permanent and routed the cable where I want it.

    What’s been a pain for months having a cable across the floor, has been resolved in an hour or so with this great quality cable. If you’re looking for some speaker wire, that’s high quality, doesn’t break the bank and ultimately gets the job done. Grab some from Gear IT and give it a go.

  4. 08

    by Sajid

    Audio hi fi cable of a good quality more then capable of meeting your requirements
    For almost all audio equipment .

  5. 08

    by David

    Speaker wire used for my hifi system works great sounds good

  6. 08

    by David

    Great cable, quality, thickness and design are all here. Plenty to go around and great to have.
    100% recommend this item.

  7. 08

    by D J A

    Used it for Atmos surround speaker system. Works well

  8. 08

    by Woola

    Very impressed indeed with this speaker wire – I needed to buy some due to permanently borrowing (ahem) my made-to-measure cables for my new 2.1 bedroom setup, and these worked perfectly. I used this cable in conjunction with some 90-degree banana plugs (any good quality banana plugs will do). If you’re brand new to audio cables, you can’t go wrong with these – so long as you have a wire-stripper and some banana plugs you’re good to go! Excellent purchase and a great money-saver and took less than 10 mins to get my two cables made. Easily would buy again, without hesitation.

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GearIT Speaker Wire Audio Cable CCA 2x4mm≤ (30.48 Meters - Black) Copper Clad Aluminum - Great for Hi-Fi Home Theater and Car Speakers - 12 Gauge AWG, 100 Feet