Garmin Nuvi 1200 3.5″ Sat Nav with UK and Ireland Maps (Newly Overhauled)


  • Compact sat nav with preloaded maps for UK and Ireland
  • Features ecoRoute software which finds the most fuel-efficient route to save fuel and money
  • Unique Cyclops speed camera warnings (database updated daily)
  • Text to speech announces the names of roads on the route as you approach
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by martin nathan

    The device itself is pretty and works well. However the description says it has the traffic receiver which it doesn’t. The separate traffic receiver costs £30 so you’re better off getting a package with it included.

  2. 08

    by Sarah

    Brilliant Satnav with just enough features. Sometimes it does lose where we are and jumpsroute about and rarely takes us a long way to our destination. Ocasionally has difficulty picking up satelitte signals, often when we are moving but going back to the home page and reentering the details often fixes it. Doesn’t include map updates which is becoming now a little annoying a couple of years in as it doesn’t know the new roads, changes to roads or changes in speed limits.

  3. 08

    by breh

    this sat nav is brilliant, I cant believe how very very simple it is to operate. Im 100% happy with it.

  4. 08

    by minnie

    I bought this because i was going to england from ireland to visit my sister and bring car as she lives about 5 hours from boat needed to know exactly what way to go garmin was top notch would not be without it now its great.

  5. 08

    by Catherine

    This sat-nav is hopeless. It even gets my home street name wrong! I can live with that, but each time I travel on a Motorway it tries so hard to get me off the Motorway. It is ok for local travel but try going farther afield and it hasn’t a clue. I need a sat-nav in my business and as soon as I have time and done more research I am replacing it and this one is being sent back.

  6. 08

    by gosobooksdotcom

    I just got this sat nav and it’s my first sat nav . I have charged with my Laptop took it to my Garden to set it up and it’s up and running. It has many useful features like: Voice for direction; 2d or 3d map to show the way; avoidables (i.e. if you want to avoid like traffic, motor ways, u-turns e.t.c);route planner (where you can plan your route according to least distance, fuel consumption, time e.t.c); Speed camera alerts; favourites, point of destination e.t.c. I did use my address and a friend’s address to try it out and it gave me excellent result. also, i tried using it in my room it still gave me signals even though it did confirm the weakness of the signal to me.Amazon did the delivery like four days earlier than the date of delivery and well packaged with all the necessary gadgets exclusive of a carry case and a usb mount, charger are sent along with the product and it’s factory refurbished by garmin which makes it a steal to me at the price. Also, I did register it on the Garmin site and it was very easy doing that. You can check reviews in this link:, it’s the same product but new and at about 30 quid extra. It also has a memory card slot for upgrades for places like EU and it has screen camera and the touch screen is bright and legible even under the sun as I did test it and for a product that you are expected to use in the car, it’s excellent.

  7. 08

    by W. J. Wiseman

    Juust love this if you are thinking of it dont think!! just buy it , you wont go wrong just love it .

  8. 08

    by J. B

    I must say I’m impressed! The maps are remarkably clear on the small screen.
    There ARE minor irritations, of course, and the long-winded way of numbering each road is annoying – six thousand eight hundred and ninety-one would be so much better as six eight nine one. Why do they persist?
    I’ve had to switch it off when I refused to drive through a flooded ford and was constantly subjected to “Do a U-turn” when I balked at doing what it wanted.
    It continues to alert you to speed cameras when you are driving about 6mph below the speed restriction, but I can live with that.
    But this gadget has helped me out of a mess on a number of occasions and I’m so glad I bought it from Amazon.

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Garmin Nuvi 1200 3.5" Sat Nav with UK and Ireland Maps (Newly Overhauled)