Garmin DriveSmart 65 MT-S with Amazon Alexa, 6.95 Inch Sat Nav with Alexa Built-In, Edge-to-Edge Display, Full Europe Map Updates, Live Traffic, Hands Free Calling, Voice…


  • Easy-to-use sat navigation with a 6.95-Inch edge-to-edge, high-resolution display and Amazon Alexa
  • Alexa built-in; ask Alexa to play music from Amazon Music, iHeart radio and more
  • Use Alexa to create to-do lists, check your calendar, weather and traffic, control smart home devices and play interactive games
  • Ask Garmin voice control for directions, POIs along the route and more — while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road
  • Pair with a compatible smartphone for hands-free calling, smart notifications and real-time features such as live Traffic/weather/parking
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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Mr Colin H Cooper

    Early days yet but have already found more user friendly than built in Sat nav and the google maps telephone app. Recently went somewhere with poor signal and nearly got lost. Fortunately I had a paper map on standby together with street atlas suggesting that “old school” still has its use
    Looking forward to a proper test once camping season gets underway.


  2. 04

    by G. Henson

    I have used Garmin satnavs for a number of years and it’s worth paying extra for a top quality item such as this or a TomTom because they are so much better than the many cheap, low-resolution Chinese rubbish items on the market.
    This 6.95inch/176mm version has a lovely high-resolution (nearly to the edge) screen which is bright and has pleasant, clear, colourful graphics.
    It’s as easy to set up as expected although it does require an email address and connection to the web initially, which was no problem in my case since it found the hub which was about 50 feet away, immediately.
    It also updated itself (you have to tell it to) within 45mins even though it stated this would take more than 3 hours. I left it in the car while it was doing this with the ignition switched to the accessory position which may not be practical for some, in which case it would need to be removed and connected to a PC maybe.
    One feature that is very useful is that an overspeed warning can be activated at both the actual speed limit and 5mph above. The last Garmin satnav could only be set at the speed limit which bonged if you exceeded it by even 1mph – which was very annoying.
    Power to it is by the standard ‘mini’ USB port to a PC or by car charger (there is no mains charger supplied).
    With the larger screen, bright graphics and easy settings, competent and clear instructions and many useful features, I can happily recommend this, especially at the bargain, sub £150 I paid.
    Whilst the screen is great, the instructions for the BC30 reversing camera are extremely poorly written, with bizarre naming of the various parts of it; example – Item 1 (named) can be a cable, or a bracket, or a transmitter, and ‘2’ looks to be a hole. Complete nonsense!

  3. 04

    by Dee B

    This sat nav is great, for a start the bargain price I got it for but the nav itself does so much like traffic, camera alerts and road speed limit warnings but the best bit is Alexa as I can voice activate the music I want to hear and radio stations, you can also ask it the stuff you ask your home Alexa. Directions on the nav are clear and road/street names clearly displayed, I have this connected through Bluetooth which isn’t a factory car, it’s a basic add on Bluetooth which works perfect, you can also use a 3.5mm aux lead connection which isn’t included from the cigarette charger to your car aux if no Bluetooth available or if you don’t have none of these the speaker on the nav is clear. I really do recommend the garmin drivesmart 65 with Alexa and I hope this review helps anybody when choosing a sat nav.

  4. 04

    by John, St Austell

    So I’ve been with Garmin for over 10 years, through several generations of Satnavs and this week went for the new Drivesmart 65 with Alexa, as I seem to have everything else connected to Alexa. Always there seems to be one hitch or another when starting a new model, but worth it in the end. A lot of it is related to an absolute lack of info from Garmin and often think they would have far less returns if comprehensive start up info was easy to find. I think I actually returned a LM50 last time, as it was dead, and I didn’t then know that a 15 second press of the button would reset it.

    First issue here was around updating the new model – my laptop with Garmin Express wasn’t up to it, not close enough to the router. But on the plus side the wireless feature on the satnav, plugged in near the router, worked perfectly.

    Once you get into it there is actually a basic manual in the Satnav menu, which is useful. But 2nd issue is that my trusty old Smartphone Link app, used for years, won’t actually work Alexa and other new stuff on the new models. The secret info kept by Garmin is that you now need to download Garmin Drive, a much more modern App which actually is about ten times better than Smartphone link (which has no Alexa log in). The instructions say to use Garmin Drive to connect to the Satnav – but it wasn’t having any of it, even though they were about a foot apart and even using the extra help (which device etc). It would connect to phone by using the satnav itself BUT this didn’t seem to connect to Garmin Drive App and left me on the App set-up screen. A restart or two later the App did seem to clock that it was now connected to the satnav and it was fairly downhill from there.

    One piece of info which IS posted a lot is that if you just use Satnav and phone and don’t connect to the car via Bluetooth, you can use the Aux-In on your car system to plug into the 3.5mm jack which is handily located on the power plug to the satnav. I have already received the adaptor lead needed for this and will test it out at the weekend – the major issue may be that my Aux-in is in the glove box of my Audi – so hopefully the closure wont cut the lead in half. Could always try the bluetooth, but it’s an older car 2012 and using all 3 on BT can be complex.

    Once we are up and running it really is good stuff. I can play my Alexa music, do routes to Garmin by voice, turn up my home heating etc etc. It’s a level or two up for sure, and unlike the LM50 seems to have decent battery if needed. It’s also pretty good so far at understanding my voice and translating into locations and actions , whereas previous Garmin’s seemed almost deaf, as I’m sure many will testify – this may be the Amazon Alexa influence as Alexa generations have improved rapidly in comprehending voices. Volume seems quieter than I’m used to though, even on max. Maybe I’m just going deaf?

    Car radio stations usually drive me nuts, so looking forward to using Amazon music and everything else

    Would be a 5 star except for all the things you have to find out on start up.

    Update – my glovebox didn’t cut the lead in half and its all hunky dory playing anything from phone to car via Garmin. You just have to work out what you ask Garmin and what you ask Alexa!

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Garmin DriveSmart 65 MT-S with Amazon Alexa, 6.95 Inch Sat Nav with Alexa Built-In, Edge-to-Edge Display, Full Europe Map Updates, Live Traffic, Hands Free Calling, Voice...


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