Garmin DriveSmart 65 MT-S 6.95 Inch Sat Nav with Edge to Edge Display, Map Updates for UK, Ireland and Full Europe, Live Traffic, Bluetooth Hands-free Calling, Voice Commands…


  • KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR ROUTE The navigation system with a large, frameless 6.95 inch (17.7 cm) multi-touch glass display shows maps and information in high resolution. Suitable for Garmin BC 30 rearview camera
  • NAVIGATE CONFIDENTLY With detailed maps of 46 European countries, many buildings and terrain features in 3D, as well as TripAdvisor POIs. Includes map updates via the integrated WiFi
  • RESPOND TO EVENTS FASTER With live traffic information in real time via the Garmin Drive app. Display the time lost in the event of traffic problems and suggest alternative routes
  • DRIVE MORE CONSCIOUSLY AND SAFELY Depending on the setting, Driver Assistance warns you of sharp turns. railroad crossings. Animal Crossing. Schools nearby and more. With break reminder
  • MAKE YOUR DRIVER’S LIFE EASIER Use your Garmin GPS navigation device via voice control. Receive smartphone notifications straight to the screen. Make phone calls with hands-free
  • Note The road navigation device has no sound
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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by chrismichaeluk

    Let’s get the negatives out of the way….
    This was horrendous to set up. It’s a pain, and I consider myself very advanced when it comes to tech of all kinds. Getting it to Bluetooth with your phone is a nightmare. Installing, uninstalling and ‘Forget This Device’ presses. The app which you need is pointless. It doesn’t really do anything independently other than allows you to pretype your destination in the app and send it to your sat nav ready for when you get in the car. Pointless really because you’ve got to type a destination somewhere, be that in the app or sat nav itself. The app is sending your info like contacts and calendars and alerts direct to the sat nav so it IS working but it’s something you install and then leave and never touch. Once you’re connected and the sat nav is set up it drops Bluetooth connection every minute or two despite the sat nav being on my lap a couple of feet away from the phone. It’s stupid. Reconnecting should be as simple as pressing Connect but no it has to fail at that too. I was livid!

    THEN came an update last night which seems to have brought my blood pressure down and prevented me from taking a hammer to it. I have now got both me and the wife set up on it and switching between different users is as easy as clicking the Bluetooth icon at the top of the main screen.

    If you’re an iPhone user then you can use your voice or fingers to say Hey Garmin then Phone and then who you want to call. You can accept calls too. The volume is reasonable too when in a noisy car with air con on full blast today.

    You cannot however send text messages. You’d have to use Siri for that, so keep Siri turned on on your phone and simple say Hey Siri send text message to …(person).

    You can read texts though. In fact you can get calendar alerts and social media alerts emails and more. Personally I hate the idea of my sat nav going off and distracting me with alerts all the time. It’s not safe. So you can turn off all kinds of specific alerts. For example you can keep text messages active but deactivate emails and Facebook alerts etc.

    The sat nav screen is great. It’s seven inches wide and super thin like a plasma telly! You can get all kinds of info on this sat nav from tripadvisor feedback right into where is best to park and how much it costs. It’ll tell you petrol prices locally which is great. The voice tells you the street you’re on and turning into rather than simply saying Turn Right etc. And you can view live traffic webcams too. For example if I’m taking a route via the m62 I can scroll through all the m62 cams from Liverpool to Yorkshire and view what the traffic is like there and then. Very nifty! Live weather is also useful and traffic updates too. Everything is included.

    Oh… when we got this yesterday the screen was dim. So dim you can’t see more than 5% of text. It says to turn up the volume you had to do it with the software on your laptop. This software kept failing to install. Anyway after the update it fixed everything.

    I was about to send this back because the set up process was unbearable. My advice is get the update downloaded first which takes 2-3 hours and then do all the setting up afterwards with your phones. It also comes with a flat battery so you can’t do anything until it’s had around 20 mins of charging plugged into your laptop for example.

    So if you can bear the painful set up procedure then you’ll love this. But if you want a sat nav that you can plug in and hey presto you’ve got it all working then this ain’t for you.

  2. 03

    by Andrew G.

    recently got a smartphone and instantly saved 30 minutes on a journey.
    well worth adding the garmin to your smart phone, it is recognised by the better navigation apps like “what 3 words” and “delm8” so will send coordinate to your app which inturn sends to your satnav. you do not need to know the 3 words, but since what 3 words was recomended by emergeny services a couple of years ago and was trying to get everyone to use it, i assume it is updated more often than other navigation apps, i have found addresses on it even google cant find, but sending the coordinates to your sat nav allows you hands free use.
    originally i didnt have a smart phone and got the added digital cable that gave me updates or some roadworks big holdups and accidents, once i got a notification about black ice on my journey, but having the garmin app and paring you phone to this satnav, you now are live and get updates as they happen to improve the driving experiance, as i said, when i 1st got my phone and put the garmin app on it, it showed me an alternative route other than my “faster route” option that saved 30 minutes on my original route by bypassing roadworks or accidents.
    the hands free voice control seems to be pretty good and maybe even getting better.. when asking for a post code you will be given a list, due to how you were heard, then a simple down to see other post codes and a number 1 to 4 for where it is in the list to select, makes it really simple to use..has a great route shaping option so if you want to go through a certain place or bypass oxford a simple press on the map will recalulate and bypass..
    has voice controlled “DETOUR” if a road is closed, although sometimes it wants you to go through the closure to go on a new route, easy to read map with lane suggestions when approaching motorway juctions. hasnt played any games with me yet like my older garmin. been good now for the past 2 years and even better in the past 9 months with the smartphone and garmin app.
    allows you to be hands free but not the best, but you can actually pair to the satnav for the app and turn off the hands free in the sat nav settings. nothing worse thana being in the back of the truck trying to contact someone at the depot but you cant hear anything coz its going through your sat nav.
    the garmin app also adds a lot more features to your satnav.
    also allows you to add all your addresses to your route.. and looking at the saved route you can drag and drop to easily change the order… if you need a garage you can find one and add it as the next destination keeping your route intact… when finding destinations and adding them, you can either, start new route, add next stop or add as last stop. adding from post codes or favourite destinations do easy to create route for the day and adding detour destination, and reshaping to go different to the route offered. also using voice to create your route means you keep looking at your paperwork and just glance at the satnav to make sure its the right destination making it a lot faster and easier that typing it all in by hand.

  3. 03

    by Engineer

    I purchased this to replace my TomTom that expired; the touch screen failed. This is not my first Garmin, I have always liked them but found they were fragile, it seems other brands are just as susceptible to a short life.

    I digress, this new unit is very impressive with a plethora of features, boots up very quickly, responds instantly. The voice activation actually works which can’t be said for many, I’m sure my TomTom was hard of hearing and maybe from France suffering from Gaelic contraryness!!

    The only disappointment is the quality of construction, previous models I have owned had gravitas this unit is completely made of plastic, it feels cheap. I guess the value is in the technology and Apps there is plenty to play with, weather, traffic cameras, speed camera locations, petrol stations with prices, parking in fact it has lots of applications for different scenarios, too many to list….. It even has a feature to find your fav shop….. I typed in Greggs and up they came; handy for emergency sausage rolls.

    There is an App for your mobile phone called “DriveSmart 65” which is essential for live updates to get the best out of your device, this is simple to install and only takes a few minutes to link up via Bluetooth. There is also “Garmin Express” a piece of software you download to your PC, this links to your Garmin via a USB cable which works well, vital for software updates. My device downloaded the latest maps it took approx 1 hr with other bits and bobs thrown in.

    It’s early days yet but if it performs like previous Garmin units I have owned then I will be more than happy.

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Garmin DriveSmart 65 MT-S 6.95 Inch Sat Nav with Edge to Edge Display, Map Updates for UK, Ireland and Full Europe, Live Traffic, Bluetooth Hands-free Calling, Voice Commands...


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