Fosi Audio BT20A Silver Bluetooth Amplifier, Mini Hi-Fi Stereo Amp Integrated Receiver for Home Audio Passive Speakers, BT 5.0 Class D 2.0 Channels, 100W x 2 TPA3116 Chip,…


  • 【Bluetooth 5.0】Integrated Bluetooth ATS2853 chip supports streaming range up to 50ft(15m). Simple and convenient Bluetooth connection enables you to stream high quality music from MP3/Phone/Pad/PC, bringing you into the wireless age.
  • 【Well-Built】The shell is made of premium aluminum alloy of high quality, solid case and decent switch gear. With bass and treble control you can tweak settings as required.
  • 【Small & Mighty】The unit itself is compact, but packs a mighty punch, with 24V 4.5A power supply and 100W x 2 Max output, it supports to drive 2 Ω – 8 Ω speakers, great for small/medium sized rooms. It can free your living room from CD suitcase around and also large amplifiers.
  • 【Superior Sound】With excellent integrated 2 pcs Classic TI TPA3116D2 chips, you can get crisp and clean sound. Crystal high frequencies while bass is smooth and pure, making the voice clear and rich and your speakers sound better.
  • 【Strong Guarantee】Upgraded DC input, no sparks and interference free. We provide 24-month warranty for the item, so you’re welcome to contact us if you have any question!
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Phil H

    The power supply is bigger than the amp, that’s how tiny it is. The holes on the speaker terminals are a bit small if you’re fitting say 4.5mm2 cable… but are an option if you want to save on banana plugs.

    Turning on, and you’re good to go.

    You can either use the line in, or bluetooth, there’s no mode setting, it’ll just use Bluetooth if it’s connected over the Line in. The bluetooth connection is easy, doesn’t require a pin and won’t auto connect if you just happen to walk past, which is good.

    Sounds is loud, and has a controls for bass and treble, so you can adjust. I can’t say it’s good or bad as it’s driving some patio speakers, so a compromised acoustic environment.

  2. 06

    by Emma C.

    It’s tiny. Smart looking. Even The Missus likes it!

    Sounds good too. My first Class D amplifier and I’m so impressed. Runs cold too. Don’t know how they do it.

    It’s running a very high quality pair of floor standing speakers in our Dining Room. To be honest its not far behind the Rotel and Denon amps I’ve got. Not bragging I’m just an Engineer into music and Hi-Fi.

    Strongly recommend. It’s like wizardry how something so small makes such a enormous good sound. Bass and Treble knobs good too – without over colouring the sound. Well built with good 4mm banana connectors – old school!

    Just bought a second one for our Guest Bedroom I’m that pleased with it. Hope this helps.

  3. 06

    by Geogadget

    I have read many reviews of similar items and decided to plump for this one. Chinese no-brands tend to amaze and disappoint in equal measure.

    It arrived today, the power supply is actually wider than the amp itself. The amp is made out of metal and rather nicely finished. Incidentally the power supply is 24v 4.5 amps, 108 watts and claims to be certified by TUV and GS two highly respected German Laboratories. Even so, its probably a good idea to check the fuse in the plug is 5a if you intend to leave it left switched on. This unit claims to contain two Texas Instrument chips for amplification and one by Qualcomm, the latter presumably for Bluetooth.

    I found some old QED speaker cable I had lying around and hooked it up to an old pair of Tannoy Eclipses I have owned since the eighties. I have to say, so far I am pretty amazed by this unit. It‘s very clear, detailed and loud with loads of bass. I would estimate equally it is as good as one of those £500 Japanese hifi stack systems from the eighties. Is it hi-fi? Hi-fi is as good as your hearing and to get great sound you have to pay a lot, so who knows. I would say this is a bargain and would be great to use with a couple of old speakers sitting in the loft. Certainly better than most portable speakers folk use these days.

    Some have experienced a problem with the Bluetooth, well it says it supports BT5.0, i have an iPhone 13 and it sounds great, so can only presume they had a defective unit or possibly phone.
    Someone suggested it really needs a remote control, well maybe if you connect via the phono sockets yes, but don’t forget you can adjust the volume for bluetooth on your phone.

    Altogether (and yes it’s early days) a rather terrific and great value little amplifier, it’s going in my study so I can turn it up loud without bothering the neighbours. 🙂

    Added 31/12/2021…. Someone criticised this for the way Bluetooth was implemented and the possibility of others having access to it. Well in theory, yes they can as there is no PIN, but there isn’t on most similar pieces of equipment. However if you switch it off and unplug, this is not a problem. My Sony headphones connect automatically when they are turned on. This amp only connects when I choose to on my iPhone, it doesn’t connect automatically once paired, which I think is a good idea for this type of device

  4. 06

    by Michael Nelson

    Found myself with a couple of spare bookshelf speakers having rearranged my 5.1 set up and decided to set up a stereo system in my home office. The Fosi Audio BT20A was the perfect solution. It is driving my 8 ohm Mordant Short Mezzo 1 speakers no problem – loads of headroom and the sound quality is excellent with plenty of low end thump available if that is your taste.

    Bluetooth connection is rock steady, even at considerable distance. My iPhone found it and connected instantly – a short confirmation noise comes through the amp to confirm the connection.

    Footprint of the amp is tiny – easy to squeeze in to small spaces. Biggest bit is the external power brick – but can be tucked away somewhere.

    There is some background hiss/buzz – but you have to be stood with an ear to the speaker to hear it – and undetectable with music playing. The power supply also makes a soft buzzing noise but, again, impossible to hear from any distance away and certainly not with music playing. Given the price – really can’t complain.

    Unless you need wifi/airplay functionality or support for a sub, this is the one to buy.

  5. 06

    by Wagnerman

    I bought this on a whim and it has turned out to be an excellent purchase. I bought it with 15% off so it was just over £70.00 and at that price I feel it to be very good value indeed. It is certainly a small amplifier and ideal for anyone with limited space. It has metal casing and feels very solidly built. This gives me confidence as so many items seem flimsy these days. I use it mainly with a CD player and the sound quality is superb and certainly loud enough. Using it for streaming over Bluetooth is also excellent. The only downside is that I find the volume etc controls a bit small and fiddly to adjust. Not a major problem really but a remote would have been nice even if increasing the price slightly. I was so impressed with it that I also purchased a BL20A a few weeks ago. That too is an excellent amplifier and I have reviewed it separately. Overall I cannot fault Fosi products and would not hesitate to buy from them again.

  6. 06

    by Amazon Customer

    driving bookshelf speakers (MS Avant); bluetooth range good and no sync issues; amazing power for the size; listen to classical music, no issues!

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Fosi Audio BT20A Silver Bluetooth Amplifier, Mini Hi-Fi Stereo Amp Integrated Receiver for Home Audio Passive Speakers, BT 5.0 Class D 2.0 Channels, 100W x 2 TPA3116 Chip,...