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  • Open-ear Comfort – Bone conduction headphones provide advanced audio through cheekbones to achieve high fidelity and clarity. The open ear design allows you to enjoy music without missing out on the sound of the surrounding environment, and effectively protects your hearing.
  • More Advanced Bluetooth 5.3 – With the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, our open-ear bluetooth headphones can connect more stably and faster within 33 feet. Through intelligent recognition algorithms, it can effectively improve the voice quality of calls and consume less power.
  • 12 Hours of Music and Calls & Type-C Charging – Our bone conduction open-ear headphones feature a universal Type-C charging port and can be fully charged in two hours. Enjoy 12 continuous hours of music, calls and podcasts with our Bluetooth conduction headphones in 50% volume. Note: When the volume is increased to 80%, the battery life will be reduced to 8 hours.
  • IPX5 Waterproof & Secure Fit – With IPX5 waterproof certification, these open ear wireless headphones are water resistant, preventing sweat and small amounts of rain from entering the headphones; The ear hook design allows for a better fit to the ear while taking into account comfort and stability during exercise, and the non-slip and stable performance makes them less likely to fall off during strenuous exercise.
  • Ergonomic design & Comfortable to wear – Our bone conduction headset neckband is made of titanium alloy and can be bent 360 degrees to accommodate different head sizes. The earhook is ergonomically designed and can better fit the ear bones, meet the needs of different ear shapes, and improve wearing comfort.
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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by Brian

    These sound great for a pair of bone conduction headphones. They do lack bass, as all of them do, but there is a little bit there, which is more than you can say for a lot of bone conduction options. The rest of the sound mids and trebles, while still, of course, not as good as proper headphones or earbuds, is up there with some of the better bone conduction headphones I’ve used.

    The Bluetooth connection was quick and easy to connect to and is strong and stable with a decent range; Unfortunately, for my use on PC while playing games and talking on Discord, I need to turn off the hands-free telephony service, and once I do this, I cannot get it to reconnect without forgetting the device and doing a full reset, which re-enables the service. No other headset I’ve used has had this problem, and I can’t find a fix for it.

    Comfort-wise, they are also great with the band running around the back of your ear without being too big, which is often the case with this type of headphone. The clamping force is a good balance of holding them without being uncomfortable, and they fit well over the back of your ear.

    They also have 4 separate proper physical buttons, which is great to see, so it’s easy to use on the run, for example. This is the one place I do have a criticism though, one of my buttons has a notable rattle, and while not noticeable while wearing them, it does make the headphones feel a little cheap and tacky.

  2. 02

    by Pete

    These are the first bone conduction headphones that I actually like.
    I needed few minutes to adjust their position until I get the right place and then everything was spot on.
    I think this was mainly because I never had similar headphones that actually work well.
    Now every single time when I put them on I can put them on the right place without any issues.
    These headphones have overall quality sound and you get a fair amount of bass as well.
    The bass was something that I never had before with similar headphones and I know this is one of the things that you need to have, to tell that they work well.
    You don’t get the same amount of bass like with earbuds ,but still better that nothing.
    The sound quality isn’t crystal clear like with many earbuds, but again it is not bad at all.
    The headphones are Bluetooth 5.3 so there is pretty much no delay between video and audio.
    The connection is stable without disconnecting.
    The headphones are IP55 waterproof , which is great if you are running when it is raining.
    The headphones are open ear so you will be able to hear everything around you.

    Hopefully my review was Helpful for you.

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flymory Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth 5.3, Wireless Open-Ear Headphones with Dual Mic, Waterproof and Sweatproof Wireless Earphones, Bluetooth Sports Headset with 12...