Espresso 4in1 Coffee Machine for Nespresso Original/Dolce Gusto/L’OR/Starbucks/Ground Capsule and ESE Coffee Pods,19 Bar Automatic Coffee Machines


  • ☕【4 in 1 Coffee Brewer】4 different coffee experiences with 1 coffee machine,coffee maker compatible with Dolce Gusto, Nespresso capsules, grounds and ese pod coffee.While saving you money, it also brings you a more simple happiness life.
  • ☕【High Quality and Technology】19Bar Pressure, 85°C best tempreture, Rich coffee crema and stable taste.Capsule coffee machine one-click automated work,more simple and easy, with automatic power-off function, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly
  • ☕【Design and Convenient】Espresso coffee machine has a good-looking appearance and a user-friendly compact structure. It not only beautiful but also space-saving. Capsule coffee machine allows you to enjoy coffee anytime, anywhere at home or while traveling.
  • 【Quick Single Serve Coffee machines】Espresso machine with 1450W heating element is very easy to brew coffee, just press the brew button, and enjoy delicious fresh coffee in 30 seconds!
  • ☕【Our Warranty】Our Coffee machines come with 1 year after-sales service, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Ashley Anastasia

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     I regret to say that my experience with this coffee brewer has been quite disappointing. While it promises to provide a versatile coffee experience with compatibility for Dolce Gusto, Nespresso capsules, grounds, and ese pod coffee, it falls short in several aspects. ***There is leakage and leakage in the capsules of some brands. That’s why it makes me regret buying it.***

    Firstly, the quality and taste of the coffee produced by this machine did not meet my expectations. Despite the claimed 19-bar pressure and optimal temperature of 85°C, the coffee lacked the rich crema and stable taste that I was hoping for. The overall coffee experience was underwhelming and failed to deliver the desired satisfaction. ***Coffees should be between 82-85 degrees, yes, but drinking a burnt coffee is uncomfortable. I make my own espresso through this machine. My coffee tastes like burnt compared to my old coffee machine.***

    The design and convenience of the espresso machine were also lacking. While it had a visually appealing appearance, the user-friendly compact structure did not translate into a seamless brewing process. The automated work function was supposed to simplify the brewing process, but it often led to inconsistent results. Additionally, the automatic power-off function, while energy-saving, proved to be more of an inconvenience as it would sometimes turn off prematurely.

    Another disappointment was the speed of brewing. While the machine claimed to provide quick single-serve coffee in 30 seconds, it often took longer to brew a cup of coffee. This delay was frustrating, especially during busy mornings when I needed a quick caffeine boost.

    The detachable base, although advertised as accommodating different-sized coffee mugs, did not offer the flexibility and stability I expected. ***The lid sometimes comes off on its own and the coffee spills onto the kitchen counter.***
    It often felt flimsy and struggled to accommodate larger mugs or cups. ***Also I can’t fit standard coffee cups. I need to use smaller cups. I have dozens of different and wonderful coffee cups at home. I can no longer use any of them.***

    Overall, my experience with this coffee brewer has been unsatisfactory. The subpar coffee quality, inconsistent performance, and inconveniences in design and brewing process have left me disappointed. I would not recommend this product to those seeking a reliable and enjoyable coffee experience.

  2. 07

    by Mr. Mj Harvey

    Love this machine! Love that it has 4 different options and it comes with a coffee scoop as well as some cleaning necessities to keep it working at its best. Super easy to clean, heats up quickly, compact. I don’t find it too noisy personally, had it running whilst talking with friends the other day and it made no impact to our conversation. My friends and family love it too and I’ve already recommended it to them. Very fair price for a great product considering the cost of more popular brands that don’t offer such variation for coffee.

  3. 07

    by D

    Had this machine for nearly a month, works great, I like the fact it uses different pods and you can also use ground coffee to your own recipe, haven’t tried Coffee bags yet and probably won’t, It heats up quickly and It’s easy to clean after use and reasonably quiet, the machine will keep power on for 15 minutes for quick refills but if not needed just press power button again for instant switch off, all In all I’m Impressed.

  4. 07

    by Linda W.

    Great coffee maker, really pleased with this purchase. Good capacity water tank, easy to use and gives the choice of pods, ground coffee and bags, great results every time. It’s a compact machine that sits nicely on the worktop and doesn’t take up too much space. Simple design and good value for money. Happily recommend

  5. 07

    by D

    Absolutely fantastic little coffee machine. I purchased this after trying to condense down my four separate coffee machines and after reading the reviews, I took the plunge and ordered one.

    I feel that although this is a little pricey, you are getting multiple coffee machines in one, space-saving solutions and therefore the combined cost of those multiple appliances probably means this machine is more cost effective.

    I love how easy it is to interchange the parts, it’s slimline design.

    The one drawback which other reviewers have commented on is that you cannot fit a standard coffee mug under the machine easily without wedging it in and the machine vibrating too much.

    I think if the design was to be changed to cater for coffee mugs then this would be a 5* for me.

  6. 07

    by Linda W.

    We had another all-in-one machine that accepted multiple pods from a well-known high-street kitchen gear chain, but it failed 3 times within its warranty period and is now discontinued….

    Was on the lookout for something similar, I saw Aldi had an identical to my previous machine earlier in the year, but didn’t fancy going back to that again, and then I saw this one.

    It works very well. I like Nespresso-type pods, and it works well for these. I saw another reviewer felt that Nespresso pods stick a bit in the holder when they are warm when trying to eject them, and I’d agree they’re snug, but can just pull them out with my fingers and don’t feel the need to use a teaspoon.

    My daughter likes the Dolce Gusto pods, and again these work very well.

    Quality so far seems good, well built, although the water tank feels a little bit flimsy. The unit is pretty compact and doesn’t have a large footprint. However, you need additional storage for the different adaptors, as these are reasonably large and obviously, only one is in the machine at a time.

    Not sure why the buttons are labelled with ounces, surely just one-cup or two-cup icons would have been better? but that’s just being picky.

    Heats up quickly from cold, and produces good coffee, and it’s fairly quick.

    Overall very pleased with it so far, and quite happy to recommend it to others

  7. 07

    by Mr M.

    Wonderful device, and fits very well with everything else I have in the kitchen. So easy to use, and its great that it can take so many different types of pod. My partner and I use it daily, excellent purchase.

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Espresso 4in1 Coffee Machine for Nespresso Original/Dolce Gusto/L’OR/Starbucks/Ground Capsule and ESE Coffee Pods,19 Bar Automatic Coffee Machines


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