electrosmart 10m Quality 2 x 2.5mm Loud Speaker Cable – Multi-Strand 444 (2x 222 Strand) – Outside Dimensions of Cable: 7.5mm x 3.6mm – 14 AWG – 25A Max – Ideal for Car Audio &…


  • 2 x 2.5mm Multistrand 444 (2x 222 Strand) Loud Speaker Cable
  • Length: 10 Meters
  • Outside Dimensions: 7.5mm x 3.6mm
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Alex Economou

    Great wire, exactly what I needed

  2. 08

    by Steven G.

    I’ve seen thinner cables holding up bridges. This wire was so thick it was unusable. Looks great quality but ended up getting tossed in “the wire bag”. After looking at this I wished I’d bought the 0.5mm

  3. 08

    by Rob 27

    I have just bought a pair of Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers and felt it would be a good idea to upgrade to this cable having read the customer reviews. I must add at this point when these speakers were demonstrated to me at the shop they were connected to much more expensive cable yet they sound at least as good if not better now with this cable. As other reviewers have pointed out there is a blue stripe on one wire to make polarity easy to identify. Finally make sure the cable to the left and right speakers are equal in length despite one speaker will usually be closer to the Amplifier than the other, this really does make a difference. This cable performs extremely well at a modest cost.

  4. 08


    I am not a cable nerd but this seems fine, sounds nice with my setup (90s Denon amp, Tannoy bookshelf speakers). Nice and heavy cable, with lots of tiny thin copper threads inside which are a bit fiddly to connect up but presumably make for a good connection.

    Not suitable for use without banana plugs or similar.. trying to just screw the cable directly onto posts is a pain in the bum.

  5. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Not mentioned is aluminium

  6. 08

    by eBookomane

    Pretty standard but nicely made and – to my ears at least – faithful to most sources – but the USP for htis product is definitely the price:

    At fractionally under £1 per metre (compared to £1.80 for high street equivalents) this cable has hooked up a pair of pleasant-sounding (and highly efficient) Mission 731s recently brought out of retirement to plug into a new teeny-weeny digital amp not much bigger than a tin of sardines that now sits on top of a Marantz CD player that has languished in a cupboard for a decade… and now once more makes an wonderful sound.

    Is it possible this crusty old kit from the stone age actually sounds better then an iPod? Why not dig out your old gear – and after buying some new cable, obviously – find out for yourself?

  7. 08

    by Robert Groom

    Perfectly good quality speaker cable for the price, and great for my cinema surround sound speakers.

    For large Hifi speakers, I’d perhaps recommend something a little more substantial, if only because it will fit more snugly in the speaker terminals, but I see absolutely no point in spending the Earth on speaker cable, even though What Hifi will no doubt have you believe otherwise. Scientific tests have been carried out using low quality, thin speaker cable and found it to be no less effective than the silver plated Audiophile stuff costing many times more for transmitting the frequencies audible by the human ear over even very long distances.

    According to my multimeter, it measures 0.03 ohms along a 10 metre length – that’s 0.003 ohms per metre, proving to my mind that it is genuine copper and not copper plated steel or some such nonsense.

    It has a blue stripe down one conductor to indicate polarity, and the transparent PVC jacket is suitably flexible (though not as flexible as silicone jacketed cable).

    Just the job.

  8. 08

    by M. E. Brooks

    I was originally going to extend the existing speaker cables to suit my new hifi and speakers but, after buying 2m of 42-strand cable on eBay for 99p/metre and finding it was only a short step up from bell wire (it looked much thicker in the picture!), I decided to scrap all the cables and start again with this 216-strand cable. On arrival, I was impressed at how thick it was.
    Initially, I was concerned about one review saying it consisted of copper-plated steel. In my many years of experience with electrical appliances, I have never come across copper-plated steel cable being used for wiring, so I treated this review as being somewhat dubious. I am not sure how the reviewer came to this conclusion but I have stripped the insulation from a small part of the cable and applied a strong magnet. The cores are not in the slightest bit magnetic. The only steel that is non-magnetic is austenitic stainless steel. It would be difficult to extrude this down to the very fine core size in this cable and would probably be more expensive than the copper it was attempting to replace, hence I think we can dismiss the claim that the cable has a steel core. This is definitely copper cable. It is not claimed to be oxygen-free but, personally, I doubt if the average hifi owner would be able to tell the difference between similar cables with one OFC and the other not. I also have my doubts about the cable making a real, noticeable improvement in the reproduction to someone with average ears, unless possibly used to replace very thin bell wire. However, as I am using this cable for a new hifi setup (Denon DF109DABC + Dali Zensor 1 bookshelf speakers with Yamaha subwoofer), I won’t have a new versus old cable comparison to check for myself, although my existing cables are significantly better than bell wire, so the difference would be less noticeable.
    This cable is well made, with one core having a blue stripe for polarity identification, and I expect good results with it when I install the new hifi at the weekend. At less than £1/metre (same price as some 42-strand cables sold elsewhere), it’s a steal! Only problem is I can’t give it 6 stars!

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electrosmart 10m Quality 2 x 2.5mm Loud Speaker Cable - Multi-Strand 444 (2x 222 Strand) - Outside Dimensions of Cable: 7.5mm x 3.6mm - 14 AWG - 25A Max - Ideal for Car Audio &...