Echo Link Amp | Stream and amplify hi-fi music to your speakers (requires compatible Echo device for Alexa voice control)


  • Upgrade your speakers with a built-in 60W x 2-channel amplifier, high-fidelity streaming music and Alexa.
  • The first Echo device optimised for hi-fi stereo. Echo Link Amp’s DAC delivers premium audio quality. Supports sampling rates (44.1–96.0 kHz) over digital inputs.
  • Outputs include digital optical and coaxial, RCA L/R stereo, RCA subwoofer and a high-fidelity amplified 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  • Voice control music selection and playback with your compatible Echo device or the Alexa app.
  • Connect Echo Link Amp to speakers and group with other supported Echo devices to play music throughout your home.
  • Multiple digital and analogue inputs and outputs provide compatibility with your existing stereo equipment.
  • Casting multi-room music from a line-in or Bluetooth input are not currently supported.
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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by kkonstan

    Replaced a cheaper amp plugged in on the output of my Echo Show 5 in the bedroom, driving a pair of Tannoy Eclipse Minis.

    Sounds much better and I’m very happy with it, although reviews online suggest that it’s not as good as others in this price range.

    One thing to be aware of is that not all output goes to the speakers now, which is an improvement in some cases and not in others. I find it much better that nearly all voice responses are coming from the echo show instead of the speakers as it feels more natural this way, having alexa fill the room with the speakers was a bit creepy. On the other hand, only specific music apps are supported and get the audio routed to it (I use apple music, amazon music and tunein and they work fine) which means that I can’t use the radio paradise app as the music will play on the tiny speakers of the echo. If it was possible to pick which apps play on the speakers that’d be great. Perhaps it’s something the developers of radio paradise can sort out? I wouldn’t know. In the meantime the workaround is to add “on tunes in” after “play radio paradise” which isn’t a major incovenience.

    What is a major incovenience is the lack of a traditional IR volume remote. You can control the volume by voice from the connected echo, *as long as that echo is playing*, so if you are listening, like in my case, from the digital input connected to an apple tv, there is no way to adjust the volume other than the volume knob. If it had IR support I could teach it to the apple tv remote and use it as usual.

  2. 07

    by tomas andrews

    I was skeptical about purchasing this as the reviews were mixed. I liked the idea of connecting up my b&w bookcase speakers as my amp recently died.
    I was very excited to get it all connected up, which is very simple, took less than 5 minutes to connect the speakers and add it to the app. When I sent music to the amp I was amazed at how poor the sound quality was. I am no audiophile, far from it but the sound quality is appalling. Very disappointed as was looking forward to getting my speakers back online but have requested a refund for this as its not fit for purpose.
    I wouldn’t recommend this if you intend to connect half decent speaker’s.

  3. 07

    by H. Lunnon

    I’ve got a bunch of echo devices, and just picked up an echo link amp. The quality is ok, noticable improvements on the studio when hooked up to some monitor audio bronze 1 speakers (as you’d expect), but not world setting. With small speakers, I find the power of the device absolutely fine in a normal sized room (3m x 4m) – in a larger room or with big floorstanders it might suffer (other reviews suggest it does).

    The flaw with the device is that, as it has no voice control, you need to use it with another alexa device. That’s ok, I bought an echo show 5 to pair with it – I figured a little display telling me what’s playing, whats next, etc, would be good. Unfortunately, if you tell the echo to play music, it plays on the speakers but the show displays nothing about what’s playing. This is a known issue, but one Amazon are doing nothing about. Poor show

  4. 07

    by Richard Garrard

    I’ve had this device for about a week, and unfortunately, my experience has been quite frustrating. Since adding it to my setup, my mobile app stopped functioning correctly and hasn’t improved even after removing the device. The support I received was less than helpful, as they provided solutions that were unrelated to the issues I was facing.

    One of my primary requests was for the device to play UK’s Top 100, but it consistently played content in a language that I couldn’t understand. Moreover, it didn’t always respond when I asked it to play something and sometimes started playing content without any prompt, with no apparent way to stop it other than unplugging it.

    I attempted to listen to a local radio station, but the device would randomly pause and then unexpectedly shout “TUNE IN” at me. Another drawback is the absence of an option to connect a remote, unlike my six other Echo Dots, which work flawlessly. I previously had a Show that had a malfunction (was death) and was replaced with a Dot, which performed much better.

    Overall, I find this product to be rather perplexing. While it carries Amazon’s name, it doesn’t function like a typical Echo device, leaving me with the impression that it might have been manufactured for Amazon without their usual quality control standards.

  5. 07

    by Lucien Taylor (Home)

    Replacing Sonos, which had much better sound quality but too expensive. Other Alexa products have better sound quality, this is remarkably poor.

  6. 07

    by seacalypso

    Just got one of these with the current half price offer. I’m running it through a Marantz Pearl Lite integrated amp and a pair of Epos M22i floor stand speakers, using Chord Company Chameleon Silver Plus RCA interconnects. I’m streaming Amazon’s Unlimited Music to the Link amp via the Amazon app on my phone and only using its internal DAC and not the internal power amp.

    I got the amp version instead of the DAC Link only version because I may use it as a stand alone streaming amp in the future. So I can’t vouch for the sound quality of the 60 watt built in amplifier as I’m not currently using it.

    I know there are better sounding streaming amps out there but this one, to my ears, is a great sounding good value streaming amp for the money. The sound quality is a lot better than I was expecting with great bass and clear treble. At the time of writing, with the amp selling at half price, I consider it a great value bargain.

    I usually use the above hi fi setup using my Marantz Pearl Lite CD player so the Link Amp is a great alternative to listen to streamed music from Amazon.

  7. 07

    by Amazon Customer

    Needs to be carefully setup, only seems to wake up if you use a preset name, other than that, delivers good quality hifi sound when partnered with Bose bookshelf speakers. I had no problem playing Magic Fm or other radio sources, works well with Spotify as long as you have the upgraded paid for account. Some have said it lacks built in mics for Alexa support, I found that a bonus when playing loud music (it can go very loud) as it’s better to have an Amazon echo device near you to pick up the voice commands. It seems to be easier to control than my Yamaha MusicCast devices.

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Echo Link Amp | Stream and amplify hi-fi music to your speakers (requires compatible Echo device for Alexa voice control)


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