E-Audio 4-Inch Dual Cone Full Range Mini Box Speaker


  • High quality 4″ dual cone, full range mini box speaker
  • This speaker 80W boasts a robust ABS construction and has quick-connect terminals
  • High quality, 10cm dual cone mini speaker
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by James Millstone


  2. 08

    by Carl

    As the years have gone by, only our 1990’s Sony Megastor jukebox, (stackable hifi CD player) survived the various house move ‘purges.’ As it houses over 300 CDs it is great for background ‘random’ play music when friends come around. Successfully plugged into the back of various TVs, via its two RCA plugs, it could be selected via the TVs ‘component’ function, which provided the amplifier function for it. Following the demise of our old TV, my wife decided it was no longer to ‘feature’ in that area of our living room. I purchased a Lepy LP-2020A as a solution for an old hifi separate needing an amplifier, like us when we no longer had a TV option to connect it to. You can take your ‘seperate’ into your man cave etc, with your box of CDs and have the music YOU want to listen to ! I teamed it up with a pair of e audio 4″ speakers, and just needed some bare ended cabled to link into the quickfit sockets. The setup just described, gives a real crisp sound, with an option for volume that you would have experienced in your youth, and the sound quality through these speakers, REALLY is great !

  3. 08

    by ron gray

    This price is low the sound is good for a budget set of speakers my only gripe was there was no wires to connect it to anything you have to supply them yourself.

  4. 08

    by Slimharpo

    The media could not be loaded.

     Bought these for my Brennan B2.
    I will be honest,at first I wasn’t too impressed. The set up was simple but the sound quality was not the best. But for £20 odd quid I couldn’t really complain. THEN…someone suggested installing the EQ for the B2. Wow! These little buggers came to life. Decent bass was all it needed. Very very impressed. My missus,meh not so much.In a small room 80w is pretty loud. Linked it up to the lights and….boom havin a rave!!! Seriously, if you need a set of speakers for a compact sound system get these. They need an amp tho. And a decent EQ. I cannot believe these were only £22!!!
    Solid little things as well good weight to them.
    Yup well impressed. The sound in the video does not do justice. You can see how small they are compared to a regular coke can.

  5. 08

    by Slimharpo

    I’ve used these for a few years now, usually connected to my radio equipment, and they are so much nicer than the massively over priced speakers from Yaesu & Icom etc
    Not too bassy, not too tiny, just right, at least for my ears

  6. 08

    by 1Dan1

    What a fantastic item well made and absolutely excellent quality many thanks

  7. 08

    by BMVMK

    I needed some satellite speakers for my surround system that I could attach to the walls replacing the 4 tower speakers currently attached to my system, mainly so that they were out of reach of my very inquisitive 17 month old son. I found these and read a few of the reviews which seemed on the whole very impressive. I decided to by two pairs and was not disappointed. For the money they do the job as surround speakers brilliantly, I haven’t tested them to the extreme yet (the wife won’t let me have it too loud) but they really create the surround sound atmosphere I was after especially when watching films. I had to utilise a few DIY skills to position them in the corners of the room as they don’t really come with much in the way of fixings but once up they looked good and sounded great.

  8. 08

    by Christopher T.

    I needed replacement speakers for a radio. These worked fine. Just needed suitable twin cables. Quality is good.

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E-Audio 4-Inch Dual Cone Full Range Mini Box Speaker