Dualit Coffee Pod Machine – One Touch Operation and Other Capsule Compatible – Barista style espresso at home – Automatic dose control – Programmable dosing memory – Automatic…


  • ONE TOUCH OPERATION – You don’t need to learn specialist coffee making skills, as using coffee pods avoids the hassle and mess associated with traditional coffee makers.Simply insert a pod and press the button for an espresso or lungo – making delicious coffee couldn’t be simpler!
  • DUALIT AND OTHER BRANDS COMPATIBLE – The Pod Machine has been designed to be compatible with well known coffee capsules and Dualit’s own range of high quality coffee pods. Shop your coffee online, on the high-street or along with your supermarket shop – the ultimate convenience
  • POWERFUL EXTRACTION – The Pod Machine is programmed to dispense the optimal volume of barista style espresso (35ml) and lungo (70ml) for the best tasting coffee. However, if you have a favourite espresso cup or coffee mug that needs more, or you want the flexibility to choose at leisure, you have the option to set the volume you want.
  • COFFEE MADE SIMPLE – With automatic switch-off after 15 minutes of inactivity to reduce energy consumption, programmable dosing memory and 20 BAR pressure for powerful extraction, this intelligent machine has got it all covered.
  • MESS FREE CONVENIENCE – The removable capsule basket and drip tray allow for easy cleaning and removal of pods. The 800ml removable water tank and lid make re-filling your pod machine quick and easy, slotting back into place.
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‎33.4 x 10 x 22.5 cm, 3.43 Kilograms

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‎Removable Tank

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‎3.43 kg

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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Fr

    An easy to use coffee machine to make you a freshly brewed cup at a press of a button. It looks and feels of good quality in a slim design. Black in colour, it doesn’t look out of place in any style of kitchen. A 800ml removal water tank is located at the back of the machine. The machine has a one touch operation with a programable memory to rememeber your desired dosage, making your perfectly poured coffee. It both dualit and nespresso coffee pod compatible. Easy to use, pop your pod in, press a button and it heats the water fairly quickly and dispenses out. It has a 15 minute auto shut off after inactivity, to help save on energy. Nothing is better than a freshly made coffee, having that little more special coffee than your standard instant flat white.

  2. 06

    by MP

    This takes the smaller style pods, not the big plastic ones. They’re not interconpatible, so be careful if you have a stockpile that you’re trying to finish.

    It’s not badly priced at 129, but it’s not exactly the cheap 50 quid ones. It has a good output, does a good job, and it’s not too loud – but no quiet either.

    Wipes clean. I like the drip tray. Shame it doesn’t have the function to do milk as well, and it also doesn’t have good app settings to automate for the morning, but that would probably be a tier above.

  3. 06

    by Danielle

    The Dualit coffee pod machine is a must have, it’s brought barista-style espresso to my kitchen with one-touch ease. The automatic dose control and programmable dosing memory ensure that I get the perfect cup every time, tailored to my preferences.

    The compatibility with various coffee capsules adds versatility to my coffee choices, allowing me to explore different flavors and blends effortlessly. The one-touch operation makes the entire process incredibly user-friendly – a real plus for busy mornings.

    What sets this coffee pod machine apart is the automatic shut-off feature, providing both convenience and energy efficiency. I can enjoy my delicious coffee without worrying about turning off the machine.

    The overall design is sleek and modern, adding a touch of sophistication to my kitchen counter. The machine’s build quality is evident, and it feels sturdy and durable.

    In conclusion, the Dualit Coffee Pod Machine has not only simplified my coffee routine but has elevated the quality of my at-home espresso. If you’re a coffee enthusiast looking for a reliable and convenient coffee pod machine that consistently delivers delicious coffees, this is a fantastic choice. Highly recommended!

  4. 06

    by Michelle Maddox

    Despite its simplicity, this coffee machine delivers exceptional espresso quality that rivals even the best baristas. The machine heats up quickly and brews coffee at the optimal temperature, ensuring that every cup is full-bodied and flavourful. It also produces a thick, creamy crema, the signature of a well-made espresso. It features automatic dose control, ensuring that every cup of espresso is perfectly brewed. This eliminates the guesswork and ensures that you always get the same great results. The machine also has a programmable dosing memory, allowing you to save your favourite settings for quick and easy access.

  5. 06

    by Mr AM Kerr

    When you are wanting a coffee (and I mean REALLY wanting a coffee) there is nothing worse than having to contend with loads of buttons, settings and waiting. Thankfully with this “Dualit” pod machine – you don’t have to worry.

    This is because the machine has a simple (but all you need) one touch operation and a heating time of 40-seconds. They say a watched kettle takes longer to boil, but they don’t say anything about a watched coffee machine. In this case you will want to watch it and smell that brilliant brewed smell before you get tucked in. It is simple to set up and use, but also has the features you would expect such as a dosing memory and auto switch off. I like that it is compatible with different brands of pods as well (just check compatibility before trying) as taste preferences and prices vary from time to time. The machine is also pretty compact meaning it can be used in more places than you think (currently on my bedside table because I’m lazy). The proof is in the end result and this does give you a barista-style coffee that is a joy to drink.

    I could only find a few minor flaws in the time I’ve been using it. Mainly the small drip tray and the water tank being at the back, but these really are small faults to contend with considering how well it preforms.

  6. 06

    by The OP

    The main reason why I like this coffee machine is the fact that it’s ridiculously simple to be able to use even when you wake up 1st thing in the morning you pop in your capsule press a button and you’re away it’s already sorted you don’t have to do anything else just press and go which as a wake up call is a huge help.

    It is a little bit of a nightmare to clean up as there’s loads of nooks and crannies everywhere but that’s what you really get when you want to be able to have that ease of use and it doesn’t get dirty very quickly as everything is basically contained straight between the capsule and the cup itself it just needs some semi regular wiping over and washing through.

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Dualit Coffee Pod Machine - One Touch Operation and Other Capsule Compatible - Barista style espresso at home - Automatic dose control - Programmable dosing memory - Automatic...


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