DOQAUS Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, 90Hrs Playtime, BT5.3 Wireless Headphones with Mic, 3 EQ Mode, Foldable Headphones with HiFi Stereo Sound, Soft Protein Earmuffs, for PC…

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  • 【Latest Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless Technology】DOQAUSBluetooth headphones over ear are engineered with latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology to bring you an ultimate wireless experience. These headphones wireless provides faster transmission speed, stronger connection stability, longer range of bluetooth(up to 20 meters), lower latency and better audio output, which offer you wonderful enjoyment. Besides, the built-in microphone enables a hands-free clear phone communication
  • 【90 Hours of Playtime】DOQAUS wireless headphones provide 90 hours of playtime in Bluetooth mode, you’ll always have music to inspire you. With 3.5mm audio cable, regardless of whether you want to use the convenience of wireless headphones or the long-lasting properties of a wired connection, you have the choice with the DOQAUS Bluetooth headphones over ear
  • 【Optimized Sound Quality with 3 EQ Modes】 DOQAUS is always up to date for better sound effects and a better listening experience. A big step that DOQAUS has taken: DOQAUS Headphones Wireless Bluetooth have 3 EQ modes with which you can freely switch between well-balanced, bass boosted and high definition sounds. Each mode provides you with the CD quality sound
  • 【All Day Comfort】The over-ear Headphones are designed for long-term comfort. The soft over-ear pillows have advanced ventilation and a unique ergonomic fit for an individual, flexible fit for every head shape. Make sure that the ear is snug around your ears for a better sound experience and immersed in the full sound. Gentle reminder: Please take off the over ear Headphones every 2-3 hours to get your ears relaxed
  • 【Adjustable Portable Design & Package List】Adjustable headband are ergonomic design, which fit for every head shape. Foldable design makes it easy for you to take the headphones whenever they go. You’ll get 1 X DOQAUS Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear; 1 x AUX Cable; 1 x Charging Cable; 1 x Storage Pouch;1 x User Manual
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Peter B.

    Initial impression is that these headphones are pretty good quality, sound very good and are very comfortable to wear.
    No comment can be made on reliability over the longer term as only just purchased.
    However, the instructions make no reference to changing the rechargeable battery when it comes to the end of its life.
    I have emailed Doqaus and eventually, after 3 emails, got a reply of sorts-they state the battery, “can be used for 3 years”.
    They go on to say if the battery fails in this time they would replace it but don’t say if this would be a free replacement and give no guidance on how to dismantle the headphones in order to do this.
    I think my conclusion is that the battery is not really intended to be replaced and once it fails the headphones have come to the end of their life……..seems like built-in obsolescence and this does not impress me. If the battery were intended to be replaced, surely instructions would be totally clear about this.
    For this reason I would only give the headphones a 3 star rating .
    I have had further contact from Doqaus who advise that it is their belief that most bluetooth headphones have batteries which are not replaceable by the customer…..this may well be true.
    They seem genuinely concerned that I am not completely happy and have extended my warranty to two years.
    I get a very strong impression that they are making great efforts to provide excellent customer care and I must say I am very impressed with the sound quality of the headphones………outstanding for the price : indeed, outstanding for a much higher price, I would suggest.
    I have now increased the star rating to 4 stars and it would definitely be 5 stars if the design were such that the batteries could be changed by the customer in, say, 4 or 5 years time if necessary. It seems sad that so many products we buy are destined for landfill when improved design to give them a much longer life.
    I would conclude by saying, however, that the customer support and communication from Doqaus has been 5 star.

  2. 05

    by Jenni B

    Not as noise cancelling as I had hoped for (previous headphones I used had a noise cancelling button, which would play subtle white noise which was very effective in reducing outside noise)… however for the price it’s worth the value. Battery is long lasting, can listen for hours before it needs charged.

  3. 05

    by Havanah

    I’ve had this for 2 weeks now. Have used these every other day for at least an hour and for up to 3-4 hours on the weekend and haven’t had to charge it yet. Battery is on 60% after 2 weeks of using. Best headphones I’ve had. Sound quality is good. They connect to my phone and laptop at the same time and if my laptop turns off they automatically disconnect and reconnect once back on. Am absolutely enjoying these. Also very comfortable easy to use.buttons on the side and can leave my phone upstairs and still have good connection from downstairs. Highly recommended. Good quality material too

  4. 05

    by James

    I got my Care 1’s three years ago in Sept 2019 and have thoroughly loved them – great price, sound, comfortability, battery life and the folding feature with carry bag was perfect for my use regularly putting them in a backpack. Used them most days.

    About 1.5 years in, the smooth rubbery padding along the headband part came loose. Wrapped black electrical tape aroud that which was the perfect fix – you can barely tell, hasn’t came up or peeled off. Shortly after I dropped them which snapped the plastic holding the earpiece in and broke the buttons. Managed to fix the buttons by taking it apart – the rocker was just dislodged – and the plastic was fixed by black electrical tape again!

    I wear glasses and finally this month (Nov 2022) the padding ripped where the end of my glasses poked into the inside seam of the padding ring. I emailed customer service asking if they’d sell me replacement pads but on confirming my order number they sent me a completely new pair of Care 1’s free of charge, saying they don’t sell replacement pads! Extremely generous and I’m very thankful. This is well beyond their warranty and hopefully is a sign you won’t have any problems if you ever need to deal with their customer support.

    YOU WILL WANT TO NOTE: The new model they sent me is different to the old model I got three years ago (different button placements, more oval ear shape, different audio cues for powering on/off etc). Of particular importance: although still enjoyable and for most people it’ll be perfectly acceptable, the sound quality is worse in the new model with ability to hit sub bass notes suffering the most, and also the sound is just a slight off, the best way I can describe it is it very slightly sounds like when you have squeezed your nose and blown so your ears pop and they haven’t popped back again (a tiny bit).

    It’s not a massive downgrade at all, I’m particularly into bassy music and did notice fairly quickly, but I still had to compare them side by side a few times (connected to same phone playing same music) to fully pick out the differences. I’d still be happy with them if I paid the full price for them and it’s up to you to decide what you buy.
    —– But you should know older reviews may be reviewing a completely different set of headphones with (I think possibly) different speaker drivers as well as cosmetic differences! —–

    For reference, the old set has the buttons not on the edge but as a rocker on the flat of the right ear (you tap the flat bit at the front, bottom or back) and the eq is not a button but integrated into the on/off slider.

  5. 05

    by Alex

    Had them for a week now and sound is still as good as new, buttons are different sizes so you can tell what button you’re pressing without looking, good for answering calls or skipping music. Sound is good both with music and gaming. Bass mode is louder than the others and improves bass a little bit, but it’s still not the best however I can’t complain for the price.

    The headphones are still above 50% and I haven’t charged it once yet. I’ve used them for at least 5 hours per day too so very impressive for for long trips.

    They are not sound cancelling but when the music is playing it blocks out the street noise pretty well. The foam is holding out so far and covers my ear fully so they are not uncomfortable.

    Definitely worth the price and with the positives of everything else the lack of bass is easy to forget

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DOQAUS Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, 90Hrs Playtime, BT5.3 Wireless Headphones with Mic, 3 EQ Mode, Foldable Headphones with HiFi Stereo Sound, Soft Protein Earmuffs, for PC...

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