Denver Mini HiFi System CD Player For Home With Speakers – CD Micro System Mains Operated with FM Radio, Clock Radio Alarm, Snooze & Sleep, AUX IN, Remote Control – MCA-230


  • MICRO CD PLAYER WITH SPEAKERS – Compact Hi Fi music systems like the MCA-230 are always popular. They can fit where ever you want them. At only 13.5 wide x 15 tall x 18cm deep the MCA-230 takes up next to no room. A gloss black fronted Micro HiFi with blue backlit LCD screen make this compact radio & CD player look great. Easy to use makes it perfect for kitchen, lounge, kids bedroom or elderly
  • CD AUDIO SYSTEM WITH AUX IN – Hi-Fi Compact Stereo Systems with auxiliary input, like Denvers MCA-230, enable you to connect other audio devices such as MP3 player, smart phone, record player or even TV. TOP LOADING CD HiFi SYSTEM – Press the OPEN button to flip up the top loader, insert your CD and the stereo starts to play. Very easy to use. Home-made CD-R/RW audio discs supported. Listen to FM Radio or audio CDs.
  • STEREO SYSTEM WITH CD PLAYER, CLOCK RADIO & SNOOZE / SLEEP TIMER – This CD stereo system displays the time when in standby mode. Wake up to CD, radio or buzzer. Not ready to get up? No problem, hit the snooze button to snooze alarm for 9 minutes. Set the sleep timer so that you can fall off to sleep listening to your favourite CD or radio station and have the stereo auto power off after your chosen period
  • HiFi CD PLAYER WITH REMOTE CONTROL & HEADPHONE JACK – A full function convenient credit card sized remote control is included and a headphone jack is located on the rear of this micro Hi Fi system for private listening
  • 12 MONTH NO NONSENSE WARRANTY, UK DEDICATED SUPPORT CENTRE – Questions or problems about this Hi-Fi system? No problem. 3wisemonkeys have been supplying electronics in the UK since 2004. Contact our helpful & friendly support staff at our dedicated UK warranty centre. 12 month warranty included free with all items
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by nick

    Basic small CD player and basic radio. For such a small inexpensive player it’s not bad at all. Volume and sound quality are fine for my needs. For any hi-fi buffs it would be found lacking. Very easy to set up [10 mins.] and once you get used to the functions of buttons on the [small] remote it is simple to operate. I would recommend this player for anyone who wants to play the occasional CD. Generally good value.

  2. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    This unit is a replacement for an old Philips unit which had finally given up. We use it in the bedroom as an alarm which activates the CD (rather than radio or alarm tone). We use classical music for a more pleasant wake-up sound. The speakers are extremely light-weight, but the sound quality is pretty good. We have not tried the radio. The remote control is quite small and the buttons on it are tiny. It is possible to set 2 alarms, and one can activate either one of them or both; so it is possible to set one alarm for the week and another one for the weekend, or if two people need to get up a different times, they can have their own alarm in the same unit. The clock is not illuminated, so cannot be seen at night.

  3. 08

    by Pagan Morph

    Very good CD player for the economical price. Good value for money. Arrived very quickly and was beautifully packed and protected. Without consulting the handbook (there is one) I set the whole thing up in less than 10 minutes. Popped in a CD and was impressed immediately with the quality sound. Having tested CD’s already today I had a go at finding radio stations. BBC Radio 2 is my station of choice. Again without consulting the handbook I found this easy to do by just using the hand control. after a little fine-tuning I got the station perfectly in tune and listened to it for a while before turning everything off to test. Turned on again with the controller and Radio 2 sprang into life. Perfect!
    I am very happy with my purchase and would deal with the same supplier again if I ever need to.

  4. 08


    Although this is a relatively good price unfortunately the quality is not great .
    I have programmed this for the radio but after having it one week it has lost the radio stations on the memory and I am unable to re-tune it !! I am now in the process of trying to return it to Amazon

  5. 08

    by John Chandler

    I’ve been refurbishing the “home office” (spare bedroom/dumping ground) since I’m now working from home for the foreseeable future. I needed a small hifi system for CDs (yeah, yeah I have a lot of them) and that could hook up to an iPod Classic (yeah, yeah, I still use one of them). I just needed something cheap and cheerful that could fit into limited desk space, and this is exactly what this is.

    It’s basic, it has a CD player and FM radio (not digital, but unimportant to me), can connect to an aux audio source, and has alarm clock functionality. Build quality is good, despite the buttons feeling a little flimsy (but not enough to be worrying). The speakers aren’t going to win awards, but are good for the price. Overall, a very nice package and worthy of 5 stars for the price.

  6. 08

    by Andrew Wells

    I like this product because it is compact and looks smart. The sound is clear and loud enough for me. I will use it mainly for playing CD’s, but I also tuned in a radio station just for a test and was happy with that as well. I appreciate that some people would prefer to press a button and have a drawer come out to insert the CD rather than the manual lifting of a lid, but with this method accessibility is always guaranteed.
    The only negative comment would be that I find the remote a little too small and light, but it is not a serious problem.

  7. 08

    by pete the feet

    I am scoring this on value for money. Yes, it is cheaply made from China. The volume knob might fall off at any moment. But WAIT. I only paid £65 for it. The sound quality is pretty decent. I’ve seen reviews that say it is ‘tinny’. ,You only paid £65!! What are you expecting – Bose? It is nice, compact, and I would buy it again. I paid more than that for dinner in an average restuarant last week!!

  8. 08

    by Eccles cake

    My mum brought this and it easy to set up and use
    Good value for money

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Denver Mini HiFi System CD Player For Home With Speakers - CD Micro System Mains Operated with FM Radio, Clock Radio Alarm, Snooze & Sleep, AUX IN, Remote Control – MCA-230