Denon SCN10 Speakers, Two-Way HiFi Speakers for TV Sound System, 2x 65W, Compatible with Receivers & Amplifiers, Elegant Design – Black SCN10BKEM


  • STYLISH DESIGN, EXCEPTIONAL SOUND – Enjoy a smooth and natural sound with these two-way loudspeakers that represent pure craftmanship and reproduce your favourite songs as the artist recorded it.
  • A PAIR OF POWER – Each HiFi speaker features a 4.75-inch woofer/midrange and a 1.2-inch high-definition soft dome tweeter and is able to produce up to 65W per speaker.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN TV SOUND SYSTEM – Pair the speakers with the CEOL-N10 audio receiver or another amplifier to build your own sound system for fascinating movie nights or gaming sessions.
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY DECORATION STYLE – Available in three distinct colours (black, white and gray) and the elegant design allows the speaker set to completely blend into your home decoration.
  • 100+ YEARS OF AUDIO EXPERIENCE – Denon has a deep heritage of “firsts” in audio technology and is an expert in the audio field which ensures that you get the latest technology and highest quality with every listening experience.
  • ADD THE RECEIVER FOR THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE – This product contains only the speakers. Easily add the receiver by selecting the option “Receiver + Speakers” for an unrivaled Denon sound experience.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Terence M. Stringer

    Really like the sound quality.

  2. 08

    by Ray Parmenter

    Bought these to go with my old Denon Ceol. Great match and they have really brought it back to life.

  3. 08

    by stonekicker

    Really good sound quality and look great too. Can handle LOTS of noise and bass….but certainly excellent when paired with the Denon CEOL 10 or 11.

  4. 08

    by polparrot

    Bought the speakers to go with a Denon CD player. Really good sound, can’t think of any negatives

  5. 08

    by Kit

    Paired with a small FX Audio X6 desktop DAC, fed from my dap or iPhone through USB, feeding to a tiny Nobsound NS-15G desktop class D amp. Needed a small/great value but powerful nearfield system which sits next to my recliner. The amp can push up to 100w per channel with an upgraded psu but with the included psu it pushes 50w per channel- perfect for these bookshelves. The sensitivity is good on these speakers too. V sensitive and at 6ohms pair really well with my amp. They also pair well with the DAC x6. These speakers are overall pretty warm to my ear but still with definite sizzle and crispness in the highs. I love silk domed tweeters. Can be a tad bloated in mid bass, i.e. overly warm in the mid bass with significant bleed into the low mids if not paired well, but paired with the x6 and it’s bright/crisp DAC chips it’s a lovely combo. The Nobsound amp tone controls help here in terms of dialling in the eq. Wouldn’t want to use these speakers out of the box without some form of tone/eq control. The mid bass is just a bit too bloated. In terms of volume, I never need to go past 9 o’clock on the vol dial. Dummy loud! Thought these would only do for near field listening BUT they v much surprised me with their power and reach. On stands could def fill a medium size room if needed. Two further surprises – sounded far better near to my wall with bass ports on back blocked. With ports open and away from wall, kick drums and bass were a bit woolly and woofy. Blocked and near wall, kicks drums and bass are thumpy, clean, impactful. Also better without any toe-in. Soundstage far wider, higher and deeper (surprisingly holographic!) when flat on. I LOVE THESE SPEAKERS! Perfect for my requirements and I picked them up renewed and discounted- £45! V happy.

  6. 08

    by Mr. P. R. Leyland

    I was searching for a speaker that would fit a shelf unit 8 inches deep. Do thought this would mean I’d compromise on sound quality but these speakers are incredible for their size and price.
    I have them connected to my old Teacher amp and I’ve contacted a Bluetooth to phono adapter.
    Bose speakers step aside. This is in a different league.

  7. 08

    by WH

    Liked the small format which made them easy to fit on bookshelf. Acoustically very good for the size and have them set up through my Denon Ceol for the mini system and TV.

  8. 08

    by Sarah

    Superb sound and quality

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Denon SCN10 Speakers, Two-Way HiFi Speakers for TV Sound System, 2x 65W, Compatible with Receivers & Amplifiers, Elegant Design - Black SCN10BKEM