Denon PMA600NE HiFi Amplifier, Power Amplifier with Bluetooth, Phono Equalizer, 1x Coaxial & 2x Optical Inputs, Subwoofer Output, Analog Mode, Music Streaming – Black


  • UPGRADE YOUR SPEAKERS – The PMA-600NE power amplifier delivers 70 Watts of power-per-channel and offers compatibility with the widest range of speaker types and impedances for operational stability.
  • POWERFUL SOUND WITH DELICATE DETAILS – Equipped with the Advanced High Current (AHC) single-push-pull circuit this audio amplifier is able to capture everything from deep bass to detailed highs.
  • STREAM YOUR FAVOURITE MUSIC – Connect your smart device with the HiFi amplifier via Bluetooth and listen to your most cherished songs via Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn and many other music streaming services.
  • NEXT LEVEL ENTERTAINMENT – Pair your TV, media player, computer or any digital source via the Optical and Coaxial digital inputs for superior audio during your movie night or gaming session.
  • FOR THE VINYL LOVERS – The stereo amplifier includes a phono equalizer that has a high gain and significantly improves the sound of your record player. Search your favourite record and start enjoying.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by meadsmat

    I have had the Denon for a bit over 2 and a half months now, plenty of time to get some good listening in. The PMA-600 is definitely not a bad amplifier for the money at all, and you could do much, much worse. Admittedly I only use the digital inputs and the ‘Source Direct’ options because my library is purely digital and I have a lot of lossless files (FLAC, ALAC, and a few dozen or so in WAV format).
    I have been quite pleased with how it drives my little Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 monitors when either listening quietly or when I have cranked the volume a little bit from time to time.
    The Bass, Trebble and Balance controls are only accessible on the amplifier itself however, and for most this could be an issue (unlike myself, as I like my music ‘unadulterated’ so to speak) this is mirrored on the remote by the lack of these controls (I only use the remote to turn the unit on/standby, select a source and raise/lower the volume anyway).
    The audio through the speakers can sometimes sound a little soft when playing more detailed music (never ‘muddy’ though) but, in my opinion, that’s better for listening for extended periods, rather than making music sound overly harsh/detailed ‘raking’ at your poor eardrums.
    Headphone output seems more than adequate to drive my Sennheiser HD 660s’ and the audio seems to retain its original detail (although this could be the headphones themselves).
    Now, I know there are better, more equipped and MUCH more expensive amps on the market, but for what I paid for this amplifier, I must say that I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  2. 08

    by stephen loxton

    Very pleased with this Amp. Sadly, my very old Pioneer A-20, which, although didn’t have a lot of power, sounded amazing on my Monitor Audio Reference Series floor standing speakers and when it went faulty, tried to replace it and couldn’t. This Denon reminds me a lot of the Pioneer, very open sounding, good top, mid and those stunning lows even with bass at flat centre, wow. The difference is, it’s got a lot more grunt to it, than the Pioneer. The only thing I’d criticise is, the volume control could do with being a little more logarithmic at the low end. Fine if operated manually, but makes the remote rather sensitive at low volume. My Marantz in another room is the same, whereas the Pioneer was easier to finely control at low volume.

    One of the HiFi Review Mags thought it was a little “veiled” in the mid range, but I’d suggest it was the speakers they were using, as it is certainly not the case with my speakers. On mine, it’s very open and real (Band sounds as if it’s in the room) sounding.

    Overall, a really good buy.

  3. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Easy set up and looks great..

  4. 08

    by Jason

    Over the moon with this cd player, amazing quality and sound. Would highly recommend 5star.

  5. 08

    by Rodehall

    This Amp ticks all the boxes for me. Was a little concerned with the Bluetooth after reading some other reviews, but I can’t fault it. Plenty of power and clarity can’t fault this Amp. Well done Denon.

  6. 08

    by A.Davies

    Absolutely love this amp. My only irritation is that there is a lag when switching between sources when using the remote in particular. This on ocassion has made me think the volume was down too low, so I crank it up a bit on the remote and then a second or two later am blown away by becasue I have made it too loud.
    I probably need to just get used to this. The sound quality is awsome. It is effortlessly driving 4 Monitor Audio M300 Floorstanding Speakers (3G Series) and sound is open (not boxey) and not overly warm with lots of detail and excellent bass. I have also tried it on my 44 year old Tannoy Cheviots and they have never sounded better. Looking forward to many years of pleasure from this and the Denon DCD 800ne which I also bought around the same time!

  7. 08

    by Christie Clegg

    This Denon amplifier is pretty good for the money; rated at 45w per channel at 8ohms and 70w per channel for 4ohms it is very unusual to get a four ohms rated integrated amp at this price, it has a phono moving magnet input, preamplifier outputs, sub-woofer output, three RCA lines level input, tape loop, a DAC with one coaxial input and two optical inputs, bass and treble controls, Bluetooth and a 6.3mm headphone jack that sounds fantastic.

    This Denon feels solid and is cool looking; I connected it to my vintage speakers, Pioneer 3 way CS5070 and I played Fly me to the moon by Diana Krall at a low volume and the sound was warm, smooth and relaxing, then I pumped up the volume halfway, and the sound became holographic, coherent and huge. For a change of pace, I played a few of my favorites songs from Dire Straits, Money for Nothing, Calling Elvis and Sultans of Swings once again when I open the taps I got a sound that was fully communicating and full of energy. The best thing is that I only paid £378 here at Amazon. It is nice to have an amplifier with these great features that sounds smooth and relaxing at low volumes, and when you crank it up, it gives you a live stage performance.

  8. 08

    by Jason

    The sound quality of this amp is really good quality, and performs really well. The built in photo stage is good quality, and reproduces my vinyl records with detailed sound across all frequencies.
    I’ve seen a few video reviews on this amp knocking the Bluetooth, but that is not the case in my opinion. I have played tracks in Ultra HD and Dolby on the amazon music app and this amp reproduces the high quality sound perfectly. A great performance all round. Beautifully designed and pleasant on the eye.

    Highly recommended.

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Denon PMA600NE HiFi Amplifier, Power Amplifier with Bluetooth, Phono Equalizer, 1x Coaxial & 2x Optical Inputs, Subwoofer Output, Analog Mode, Music Streaming - Black


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