Dascert Wireless Earbud, Wireless Headphones with Mic LED Display, Stereo CVC8.0 Noise Cancelling Earbud, 48H Bluetooth 5.3 Headphones, Type-C, IP7 Waterproof Sports Wireless…

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  • Ergonomic Comfort Sports Design: The running headphones included soft ears hooks are specially designed, which can fully fit your ears contours and maximally guarantee a comfortable wearing experience without falling out. Equipped with 3 pairs of different sizes of spare ear caps for options. Even do strenuous exercise, the earphones will not fall off. And this sport Bluetooth headset make an ideal companion while jogging, gym, yoga and more sports.
  • Bluetooth 5.3: Features with the advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology, Dascert Q38 Earbud support HID HFP A2DP AVRCP, which provides instant pairing and stable transmission without interruptions. Bluetooth 5.3 can not only achieve low latency, but also can achieve a connection distance of about 18 meters, within this range, the Bluetooth earphones will not be disconnected.
  • Stereo Sound Quality: The built-in premium powerful speakers will provide a wonderful listening experience. Bluetooth earbud’ 10mm large size speaker driver delivers powerful bass, mellow midrange, and clear treble. Reproducing your music vividly. Also combined its CVC 8.0 noise reduction functionality you’ll experience a whole new world of crystal-clear phone calls.
  • 48 Hours Playtime and LED Power Display: The wireless earbud Bluetooth can last for 6 hours music time on a single 1 hour charge. The charging case can charge the sports earbud for 8 times, with the portable charging case you will get 48hrs playing music. Features with smart LED digital display, you can easily know the battery consumption on both ear buds wireless earbud and the charging case so you can master the time to charge it. Never worry about battery life even on long trips.
  • IP7 Waterproof and Wide Compatibility: These wireless sport headphones are rating at IP7 waterproof,the surface of both in ear earbud is sealed to prevent sweat or rain from entering,and the internal nano-coating to airborne moisture from damaging the components. Widely compatible with your iOS Tablet and any Android portable devices with Bluetooth system.
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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by MummySmidge

    I actually sent these back and put in a 2 star review complaining that they wouldn’t charge. I’ve since bought another pair (with a different name, but they are exactly the same earbuds) and I think that I misunderstood them when I first bought them. The charging indicators for each earbud move as they are charging but do not seem to give an indication of the level of charge so I thought that they were always out of charge. Also I was first trying them the sound kept cutting out, which also made me think that the batteries were flat. However, I have since realise that touching the earbud pauses the playing of the music and that was probably what was happening.
    So having tried them since realising this, they were easy to pair, comfortable to wear (even under ear protectors when mowing the lawn!), fit securely and have acceptable sound quality.
    I did have a bit of trouble with the controls (click to pause was easy, touch for a couple of seconds to change volume was a bit difficult at first, and double-click to move tracks was a bit hit and miss). It probably just takes some getting used to!

  2. 07

    by mark

    i use the headphones for jogging and they are very comfortable and stay on . i have found that i need to take the left one out first or they can start to loose connection occasionaly. you can jump to the next track by tapping the earpiece and adjust the volume by holding your finger on the earpiece. the sound is able to go very loud and is very clear. they have not been affected at all by sweat running in to them. the charge case lasts for weeks before needing topping up. After an hour in the gym the headphone charge display is showing 90 percent so they will last a week without needing to go in the case but i keep them in there anyway. Very good value for money and cheap enough not to leave you in tears if they get lost. They are also very easy to connect to the phone or smart watch.

  3. 07

    by Haris Aerelle

    Fairly priced, sound is loud, Dosent fall out, touch works well

  4. 07

    by Paul

    Bought on sale.

    – decent sound quality (Very artificially boosted bass; but it sounds good)
    – when music is on full volume, outside noise is decently reduced
    – not much noise leakage
    – battery life (sort of); you get 4 – 6 hours per charge, but when you put the earphones in the carrying case it charges without the need for plugging-in; the pod carries enough charge (like a portable charger) so that you can get 40 hours out of the earphones

    a) the power off is abit deceitful; you have to unpair them from your bluetooth and then hold them for four seconds to turn them off.
    b) cannot turn touch controls off
    c) one touch to adjust the earphones leads to track being paused (this can be annoying)
    d) instructions aren’t as clear as they could be on how the charging system works
    e) when charging in the carry-on pod, it is not clear when they’re finished charging/what-battery percentage is
    f) not noise cancelling really
    g) not perfectly water resistant; definitely noticed the odd hiccup or two when sweating but they were brief hiccups, and the earphones still work fine.
    h) one earphone drains battery sooner than the other

    Would buy these at half-price if no better options available (can’t tell; didn’t sample everything)

  5. 07

    by M. Morris

    Got these as my old set kept popping out my ears. These are amazing and comfortable to wear. The sounds not bad at all better than I expected. Great product

  6. 07

    by BarbaraK

    These fit snugly and securely. Sound quality is great. I use them working out and they are pretty good value

  7. 07

    by MummySmidge

    OK so let’s start by saying firstly I purchased the green pair – they went faulty about a month or so in (the right one the sound decreased dramatically but it was the one i wore all the time) either way I got them at a bargain price so as I went to contact customer support (i cant comment on them as i never got there) they had an offer on the orange pair cheaper than what I got the green pair = Yeh go on why not, I purchased the orange pair in October 22 and they’re still going strong, so much so that I bought my mate who always looses his the blue pair (it’s hard to loose when it’s brightly coloured and hooked onto your ear if u just want to take them out for a moment to do that talking thing that weird humans seem to like to do so much) and then my autistic son the black pair for Christmas (I mention his autism as noise cancelling is a huge importance to him and his over the ear ones dont give the single ear function that in ear buds do) all the cases charge every pair so when my son mislayed his case he just used the spare pod (the faulty green ones) to charge them. Even with so many pairs our phones don’t get confused upon connectivity which I thought would be an issue (I haven’t tried wearing 2 different colours 1 from each pod nor would I just because they belong to other people but I might attempt the left green and one orange because I’ve made myself curious now lol)

    Sound quality is excellent I can block out the whole universe when wearing both but for everyday phonecalls and usage I tend to wear one which is more than sufficient! Apparently when I’m on a phone call and it’s windy it picks it up a little bit on the mic but not a lot of traffic (according to the receiving end)
    Versatility wise the fact I can just switch devices from my phone to games console with them in a few seconds I really like and mic quality is decent. Pairing takes seconds and again even with so many pairs in the house they don’t cross over 🙂 also the button controls are easily learnt and remembered most companies all have the same amount of seconds/touches/tap to control so no different from pairs we’ve previously owned from other selles.

    Portability- size wise as you can see I have put the keyring their for size comparison and because that’s how we tell them all apart and find them easily if they’re stuffed into a bag! If they fall out of your ear they come with 3 changeable sponges to find your perfect fit and if on the off chance they do slide out of your ear they’re hooked over the top of your ear so you don’t need to fumble around looking or attempting to catch it! And unlike other brands we all have our pairs intact and haven’t lost one 🙂
    Durability- bar the first pair the other pairs are all doing fab and have outlasted any other set of “ear pods” we’ve all owned, the pods themselves scratch easily as they’re a shiny transparent black colour so if you want the charging pod to stay scratch free either keep the invisible film on or don’t put them in a pocket with your keys

    Price:- Price wise I got all of my sets on sale and tbh if they were any more expensive I don’t think I’d have been able to purchase them for myself and others which would have really put me off the product! When something is good you want to be able to share the experience not just recommend them with a link 🙂

    BATTERY! Well I’d give the battery 5* alone so not only do I have the pods in for 90% of the day when wearing but I don’t charge them inbetween the day, your Bluetooth info on your device shows how much battery is left. When they need charging mine have been charged to 100% within an hour max 2hrs (this was one occasion I didn’t fully check hence maximum) The charging pods themselves I charge mine roughly on average every 4days my son charged his pod 2 days ago and wore both ear pods for half a day each (his are the black pair) I’m on my 4th day (orange pair) so my pod will need charging, the pod charges with or without the headphone and if you charge the pod with headphones inside they’ll both be at 100%
    Also as a built in Battery saver they turn off when they’re disconnected from a Bluetooth connection the time it takes is enough to switch Bluetooth connectivity from one device to another easily. But not too long as to waste battery unnecessarily.

    As you can see in the picture there is a lanyard loop and a keyring they also have a corresponding coloured mini carabiner clip to whatever I want the pod to attatch to (bag/purse/hoodie pocket loop etc) only for the reason that they’re is several pairs in my house and it makes my life easier when charging or carrying the charging pod.

    Downsides they’re 2:-
    1. The pod is black which makes finding the thing as inconspicuous as the remote and creates the same impending family trust issues when asked if they’re sat on it lol if the pods were as bright as the headphones or had the option to choose the black or bright coloured or even glow in the dark or even one that beeped to locate the charging pod itself to well…well to fix whatever is your toxic ear pod trait that would be better for your needs.

    2. The end call is one second press, so if you’re adjusting the headset while on a call or you tap it too softly when upping the volume down goes that call in the most brutal way especially if you’ve been on hold for 45 minutes (this one tap to start and end call seems to be universal and on the majority of these ear pods so no escaping it really) However the way I’ve got around it is on the call screen just loudspeaker the recipient for a second while you adjust/put in/take off the pod and then tap the Bluetooth button on call screen and problem solved….I would highly recommend to all ear pod creators to have it as a few seconds though and move the volume increase to one touch!

    All this said my daughter wants the rose/red pair for her birthday so not only after my purchase and use do I recommend them, I have since purchased them as a gift for other people, and i intend to purchase again for my daughter but I’m also considering buying another green pair so I have a complete working green pair again and not just the lonely left ear lol

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Dascert Wireless Earbud, Wireless Headphones with Mic LED Display, Stereo CVC8.0 Noise Cancelling Earbud, 48H Bluetooth 5.3 Headphones, Type-C, IP7 Waterproof Sports Wireless...

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