DALI Spektor 1 Bookshelf Speaker Pair White


  • The uneven structure of the wood fibre membranes minimises annoying resoints on the surface, allowing the playback of a detailed and undistorted audio signal.
  • The amplifier-friendly Spector series can be combined with almost any compact Hi-Fi system, stereo full amplifier or surround receiver – and impressively shows how good music and film soundtracks can sound for little .
  • The dome tweeters offer the best resolution in their cl with a wide frequency range, wide radiation and low discolouration. With 0.056 mg per mm2, the membrane material weighs less than half than the fabric used in most commercially available dome tweeters.
  • Thanks to the drivers developed by Dali, the crossover network does not require any of the otherwise required level corrections. This is how the precision crossover made of carefully selected quality components work almost without loss.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08


    A great replacement to the speakers that came with my Denon min hifi (M38DAB).
    Both old and new speakers were rated at 6 ohms, so the new Dali speakers worked well with the Denon and greately improved the sound quality. I also have a yamaha digital piano plugged into the Denon aux port, and the output sound through the Dali speakers is a massive improvement.

  2. 08

    by MarkyR_62

    Astounding clarity. Astounding Bass. ASTOUNDING

  3. 08


    Over the years I’ve heard quite a lot of speakers priced around these Dali Spektor bookshelfs and, without doubt, these are definitely the best. I play all sorts of music – classical, rock, jazz, folk etc., and these speakers reproduce all types of music very well. If you’re looking for a pair of small, well balanced speakers (not too much bass, not too much treble) these will not let you down. Even at low volumes (which I often think is a good test of speakers) the sound reproduction is quite full. The speaker cabinets are also very well crafted – you’ll see and feel the quality as soon as you take them out of the box.

    I have a few albums that I don’t think have been mixed/engineered too well but these speakers make them more listenable than any others I’ve had in the past but, as always with speakers, you have to bear in mind the quality and source of the music you are playing through them before passing judgment.

    Clearly, if you’ve got a £3,000 grand amp and a £2,000 turntable, they will not be appropriate but they are definitely more than worthy of any average hi-fi set up.

  4. 08

    by Ed

    I agree with reviews available these are good speakers Full sound and good range. The white speakers look a bit boxy with the dust covers. The provided wall mount is small so the speakers will tend to tilt as they are bottom heavy unless flat against a wall. You will lose some base if flush with the wall as the woofer is high rear. I guess it saves on cost of brackets if you can live with that. Impressive.

  5. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    These speakers are excellent value for the price (around £150). They are small in size, but capable of some big sound. Excellent through the range. They look good and they sound good. If you need a pair of small bookshelf speakers or something for your desk, then these are hard to beat.

  6. 08

    by ashdigital

    I’d read good reviews for these speakers and they certainly don’t disappoint

  7. 08

    by Mr T.

    I bought these Dali Spektor 1 speakers paired with a Yamaha WXA-50 amp/streamer as an upgraded desktop system from a knockout deal at Amazon Warehouse and I am astonished at the quality of the audio reproduction. A fabulous second system and unbeatable for the money. A wide soundstage with lots of clarity. Musical and still a presence of bass, given the size of the speaker.

    Highly Recommended, for anyone needing a quality minimalist setup and even more so considering the discounted price from Amazon Warehouse. The speakers appeared new and unopened and proved the best deal on the Internet.

  8. 08

    by ashdigital

    If you are thinking these are too small and wont produce any HiFi quality sound, you will be surprised they are smooth , tight sounding little gems, can be a little sibilant, i would not match them with a Bright Lean Amp.
    I bought these to complete a basic Dolby Atmos set up as the rears
    I already have Spektor 2s which are impressive, popped the little ONEs onto the front end, they sound very close to the 2s, slightly less bass
    As man speakers if you have a smallish room these are a better option that the Spek 2s as they can be very bass heavy, even away from back and side walls
    Highly recommended as either main or surround speakers
    I will be buy more to step up to a full 7.1.2 Atmos set up

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DALI Spektor 1 Bookshelf Speaker Pair White


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