CRUA 24 Inch 100Hz Curved Gaming Monitor, Full HD 1080P 3000R Frameless Computer Monitor, 1ms GTG with FreeSync, Low Motion Blur, Eye Care, VESA, HDMI, Black

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  • · 100Hz Computer Monitor: 24inch 1920 x 1080 curved monitor,high resolution and ultra-fast 100Hz refresh rate, 1ms(GTG) response time, dynamic contrast ensures lighter and darker areas with stable expansion, elevate your gaming experience.
  • · Modern Design: 3000R curvature lets you see more content without excessive head movement.Stylish design of ultra-thin with three sides and a stable V-shaped base.A wide range of -5° to -15° tilt adjustment allows you to maximize your viewing comfort.
  • · Realistic View: Multi-mode for different usage scenarios.99% sRGB color gamut with Flicker-free technology and blue light filter for comfortable viewing all day.Even browsing content for long time can goes easy on your eyes.
  • · Multiple Scenarios: PC Monitor setup for your gaming console, home office, watch the movie, extend laptop. Support HDMI(up to 100Hz), VESA 75mm*75mm support.
  • · After-sales Guarantee: CRUA committing to manufacturing monitors over 20 years, we can provide high-quality computer monitors and premium services. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time, we are at your service 24 hours a day.
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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Amazon Customer

    Looking at the monitor it looks great, also decent spec with plenty of ports. Nice that the vesa is set low and it has tiny bezels.

    The problem I had was similar to another reviewer, I couldn’t calibrate it well. Simply it wouldn’t go dark enough. Setting both Balance and Contrast to zero didn’t darken the display enough, blacks were still quite grey.

    Dark desktop theme/modes were too bright. There also wasn’t any option to adjust the colour without effecting the brightness. Colours were also washed out.

    Maybe I just got a bad one?

    Returned it and bought an AOC for a similar price, which was much better.

  2. 07


    For anyone reading this message please understand that this review is based on my experience.

    Manufacturer: Crua
    Model: CR270HDU
    Size: 27 Inch
    Ports: 2 x HDMI & 2 x Display ports

    The sale and delivery phase of met all my expectations and I was left feeling confident and excited that the new monitor will offer me better work and play experience. The monitor was delivered within 24hrs of me purchasing it and it was handled with cared.

    The unboxing brought that new toy smile to my face and I praised now neatly the cables, powersupply and instruction booklet was organised and packaged. The assemple process was very quick and effortless, things looked very slick and promising. That’s unfortunately where I stopped enjoying the experience!

    The monitor was positioned next to my gaming PC, installed in the PCI slot is a Radeon Sapphire RX 580 GPU with 2 x HDMI ports and 2 x Display ports. As per the guided instructions the monitor was connected to the PC and the power switched on.

    A grace period of 2 minutes passed with no projected display on the monitor. Connection cables rechecked and monitor was switched off and on multiple times with now successful results. I also tried my Macbook and Windows laptops to recreate and validate that the errors were not just present when connected to the gaming desktop.

    All tests performed returned the same result of a black screen being presented while on the desktop enviroment the display drivers were loaded under MacOS and Windows. My troubleshooting was extended to searching for solutions on the manufactors website, youtube and popular social media websites. Those searches made me more aware of similar issues and offered no remedy.

    Just when I was about to give up I noticed that there was a very faint imprint on the screen, closer inspection under low room lighting revealed that the monitor seems to be in a dimmed or very brightness and contrast setting. Armed with the instruction booklet I proceeded to navigate the OSD menu that I could barely see. I felt like Clark Kent using his exray vision. In the instruction booklet the Brightness is located at the top of the menu list and on the OSD of the monitor Brightness is actuall menu option 2 below Input! The usefullness of the OSD ends there, because there are no sub-menu options after you select the menu for Brightness / Constrast!

    I have asked myself how quality control failed to spot and test this very key function. My primary disapointment is knowling that this bug could have been avoided and this is the reason I have given the low scores. My second reason for the low score is that I have not yet had the pleasure of using the monitor as I had intended to do so. I have no reference to base a high score against from my experience.

    If you find yourself in the same boat, simply adjust the angle you are looking at the black screen until to catch the projected image you have on your desktop being projected at a brightness of 0/1.

    In the spirit of helping the Manufacturer and fellow shoppers, I have reported the bug to Crua and the seller.

    I hope my review has given you some understanding of why your screen is black with no displayed image.

    Highlevel Summary

    1) OSD menu options to turn brightness on is missed.
    2) Booklet instruction does not match the OSD layout of menus.
    3) Monitor displays the desktop at the lowerest contrast and brightness.
    4) Change of connection port (Display port / HDMI port) makes no difference to the outcome.
    5) Change of refresh frequency or colour settings from the desktop environment has no effect too.

    Conslusion, unless you live in a batcave, or develope photo in a darkroom. This monitor is not fit for purpose while the low brightness level can not be adjusted!

  3. 07

    by Collin

    The media could not be loaded.

     After receiving instructions from the seller to tilt the screen correctly, I managed to do it without any problem. It’s a bit stiff, so I was worried I would break it.
    Great response from the seller.
    We are all happy.

  4. 07

    by Santi

    Really happy with the monitor. Very good pictures quality for ps5. Very good bulit quality.

  5. 07

    by carl

    Its a good 27 inch monitor for the price, especially if like me, you need a high refresh rate.
    I will say completely unbiased that the colours do seem a little bit washed out. A MAJOR NEGATIVE is that the bezels do NOT go all the way to the edges of the screen. When the monitor is turned on, black borders appear on the sides of the screen, giving it thick bezels which are NOT advertised. Also sharpness is kind of weird, apps saved on my taskbar at the bottom of the screen (windows 11) seem a bit fuzzy although everything else is fine. The buttons on the monitor are also extremely fidgety and are hidden underneath the screen so its quite hard to hit them accurately.
    Overall satisfied however do feel a bit scammed due to the bezels being quite thick and definitely not like in the photos.

  6. 07

    by Amazon Customer

    Came from a 4k lg 52inch TV
    Moved my PC and left the lg downstairs with the consoles
    So needed a new monitor
    So got the 27inch 144hz 2k and it’s
    Perfect and still surprised how cheap it is

    Ghosting is very low compared to some 200+ named brand
    Hdr makes the colours pop

    I had to turn the back-light down as it was so bright and made everything lest colourfull (black was gray) it was on 50(default) think I put it on 37
    I fiddle with all settings
    Playing games it’s great

  7. 07

    by carl

    All I wanted was a 2nd monitor for info whilst my main stayed as my output monitor. I set myself a budget of just £200.

    So out of all of them, this one jumped out at me. Off the bat, it looked better than most of them and this was 2k as the others were just FHD and a lot didn’t look stylish like this one.

    The first 1 was sent out but it had a shadow in the bottom right corner of the screen. Hermes collected it the next day and it must be him scanning the return label to clear a refund that day. I could have looked at other monitors again but this one was still the best in this price range, So I reordered another one.

    It promptly turned up the next day and it works perfectly. As I work from home editing a lot I wanted to try and match the screen on this monitor to my main one. Man, there are so many options to fine-tune the warmth, color, contrast, HDR (which I’ve set at auto) as well as presets. Gliding through the settings is a doddle too.

    As for the physicality of the monitor itself. It’s sturdy, heavy for its size but I think that’s down to the quality construction. It’s mainly metal and has no flex considering how thin it is and the installation is so easy anyone could do it.

    Would I buy another one? Yes, I would. in fact I think they have a 4k version and if I’d the money I would have bought that instead.

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CRUA 24 Inch 100Hz Curved Gaming Monitor, Full HD 1080P 3000R Frameless Computer Monitor, 1ms GTG with FreeSync, Low Motion Blur, Eye Care, VESA, HDMI, Black

£104.50£110.30 (-5%)

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