Cold Fear (PC)


In a ferocious Arctic storm, distress signals are sent from a mysterious Russian whaler. As leading Coast Guard veteran Tom Hansen, you board to investigate – and discover unthinkable horrors lurking beneath the ship’s bloodstained decks.

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Is discontinued by manufacturer



Ages 18 and Over

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18.8 x 13.59 x 1.4 cm, 158.76 Grams

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29 April 2005

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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Graeme Carter

    For starters, now that this game is available cheaper, buy it. You won’t regret the purchase. The poor star rating here is unfair – one person gives it one star because it wouldn’t work on his PC – ah, the old revenge-rating, so pitiful. Another gives it one star, and what appears to be a genuine review – except that he would appear to be unable to click the right mouse button, thereby granting him the mouselook he so sorely desires. Try reading the manual!!

    This game is lovely looking, as the other reviewer said. The weather, water and atmospheric effects are very well rendered and smooth. The shadows are clever – many times I turned to fire on a bundle of ropes or a gas cylinder that looked like an attacking beastie. The sound is also cleverly designed – door hinges sound suspiciously like the howling of some of the creatures, things go bump in the night due to the ship rolling, caged beasts bang on doors, walls, etc. The creatures themselves are well rendered – if they get up and close, you can see every deformation, every bulbous growth, etc. All together, this makes for an immersing environment, and – at the beginning, at least – quite a tense one.

    Controls wise, yes, this is definately more suited to a control pad than a keyboard, for walking. When shooting, as a mainly PC gamer, I was very glad to have the mouse. Holding down the right mouse button holds your weapon up to the shoulder, and most have a red laser aiming system. Some have torches – very desirable assets here. No doubt, when you’re running away from something its a bit annoying that the screen changes console game style, but you get over it. You learn not to swing around when it happens, etc. The weapons, I might mention here, are also pretty cool. The game promised finishing moves, but didn’t really deliver. I for one am glad – button press sequencey finish moves are tacky and false, I reckon. You can break away from a grapple with creature and shoot it or stomp on its head (ah, the classic way to end a zombie – decap).

    So, why not give this higher stars? Well, the storyline is a little weak. Its reinforced by notes/letters/books you pick up a la resident evil, but there are holes and underdeveloped lines. I won’t ruin it for you, lets just say the story is unfinished and has very little in the way of real closure – wide open for a sequel? That said, there is a definate end to this game.

    Also, the games enemies are unvaried. There are, let’s see…6 types of enemy in the whole game. Maybe 7. And that counts the final boss. I say final, there aren’t really any others. At first, you are a bit nervous about your surroundings, but later. Oh, its just one of you?? Eat lead. Technicalities in facing/killing the enemies aren’t complex, and set pieces with a hidden enemy pounding on a door as you solve a puzzle result in a familiar foe popping out and a sense of anticlimax. However, this is another game developed by non-english speaking people for english speakers. The stories ALWAYS seem to be weak in these cases. Luckily, the translation is good here, no mistakes.

    So yeah, buy it, it’ll hold your interest til you complete it (and its not very long, I did it in three nights, could be done in a lot less but I have a LIFE). Could have so easily been a 4-star with a tad more effort.

  2. 03

    by Jasper

    it may not have the same publicity but this game is almost as good as the absoluetly fantastic resident evil 4, it plays i very much the same way. the 3rd person free roaming camera and the 1st person aiming camera when things get up close and personal. some have complained because of the controls, but its changed all too quickly, and you can use it like a true fps when you aim and an rpg when you dont.

    It has many similar aspects to its RE cousin, the notes you find are like the ones you find in any RE game, some with tips, others developing the story. The fact that there are little to no handy ammo boxes just lying around is a bit more realistic then resident evil which would often offer you silly questions
    “do you want to take the shotgun yes, no.” ‘no i think i’ll leave it here as an ornament, and take on the hordes of zombies with my combat knife.’
    this means you have to search bodies for the essentials. its also surprisingly nice to look at, like another reviewer has said, the weather has been supurbly rendered, and the whole movement of the ship adds an extra depth. try aiming at the beasty when the ships tossing and turning in the ocean, its as hard as it sounds.

    the creatures arent your lumbering zombified critters i was expecting, they run and fight quite quickly, meaning the elusive headshot that will bring them down for good, is often a little tricky to come by. the set pieces for the horror aspect are good, but if you’ve played any game like this you’ve probably seen it all before. not saying there not quite scary, and its not always things you expect. A couple of times i was truely scared, with nothing but my flashlight and handgun to stop me running away like a little girl. (yes i know im a wimp :P) but thats why you buy games like this for.

    a surprisingly very solid game! And for the price well worth it.

  3. 03

    by Michael Dragon Robert Humphreys

    But thank

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