CASIRIS A6 Ultra Short Throw Projector, 3D 4K UHD Triple Laser Projector 2200 ANSI Lumen, 107% BT.2020, Android TV, Dolby Atmos, HDR10 120″ Display Home Cinema Triple Laser…


  • 【Triple Laser Tech】CASIRIS A6 adopts the most advanced triple laser light optical technology, using pure RGB lasers to deliver the colors directly, achieving 107% coverage of the BT. 2020 color gamut which is 202% Rec.709 and 149% DCI-P3 color space. Greatly improves color accuracy and color vibrance.
  • 【The Most Realistic Experience】Pure RGB light sources bring 1.07 billion color display, presenting you unparalleled cinematic experience with realism and vivid images. With just a pair of active shutter 3D glasses, you can enjoy an immersive 3D movie experience right in the comfort of your home ( NOTE: 3D system is already, please contact us if you want to update the 3D system).
  • 【Incredible Detail Display】 Movie comes alive with HDR10 technology and 8.3 million pixels. The high-dynamic range enriches details in the highlights and shadows, allowing you to enjoy every scene as if you was seen with your own eyes . You’ll be able to see the shape of every snowflake on the snow, as well as every sparkling stars in the night sky. With a true 4K UHD resolution and 2200 ANSI Lumen, you can see clear images even during the day.
  • 【Immersive Sound】Dolby Atmos and DTS audio technologies captivate your senses with lifelike sound above that completely immerses you in the world of your entertainment. Whether it is the sound of gunfights in the game, the sound of wind and rain in the movie, or the shouting in the sports, it will be transmitted to your ears from all directions of your room, bringing an optical illusion to your ears, just like you were there in person.
  • 【Ultra Space Saving】 CASIRIS UST projector with 0.25:1 ultra short throw ratio, just place the projector at a distance of 11.7 inches from the screen and you can get a 120″ large picture. Save almost as much space as a TV, but get a bigger screen and better viewing experience, therefore you can enjoy the football game at any space.
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Roger Comer

    When I first set this up, I loved it. A 117″ screen (which is the maximum space I have available for it). It was a lot quieter than my standard 3D HD projector – even though the description stated it was going to be a bit louder (actually – it was so quiet that I couldn’t hear it when watching a film, I could barely hear it when the room was silent).
    The brightness was far better – actually a bit too bright on a pure white scene (well, more than I was used to anyway) – very good brightness for a 2200 Lumens projector, even on the 3D settings which was actually a bit better than my 3D HD141x.
    BUT – when i connected my PC there was blurry writing/icons/small pictures at the top of the screen, so I changed the settings, constantly trying the focus to adjust the image to make it all clear. No change, there was still a slight blur on the top 3rd of the screen, getting gradually worse the higher I looked.
    So I contacted the seller and was extremely disappointed (well, actually a little disgusted) with his reply………
    “Thank you for your message.
    The image is projected through a tiny reflective ultra-short-focus lens. If the projected picture is larger than 120 inches, the edge of the screen will be blurred, which is a problem that will occur with almost all ultra-short-throw projectors.
    The A6 uses a carefully selected optical engine designed to minimize blur and confine it to the top of the screen to keep subtitles as clear as possible. Best of all, widescreen movie content will be centered on the screen and the image won’t be affected by such blurred areas. The best projection size of A6 is 80 inches to 100 inches. Within this size range, using the electric focus function to adjust the focus will get a very clear picture.”
    My response was this:
    “Hello again. I am not pleased with the response. I am projecting the image at 117″, so less than the heading on Amazon stating 120″. Nowhere on the item description mentions anything remotely resembling what you have just told me. I have moved the projector closer to the wall to project a 100″ screen, and then slightly closer. It does remove most of the blurriness, but the was still a slight blur to the top left and right corners. My 1080P 3D projector screen is 108″ and is much clearer at the top of the screen. I did not upgrade to a 4K model to have a smaller screen. If you know this is an issue you should be advertising that on the item’s description and not hoping that the buyer will not notice it. I have contacted other 4K projector sellers to find out if they have the same issue. But it does appear that I will have to return this for a full refund.”
    I am now waiting for Royal Mail to come and collect this and am receiving delivery today of another 4K projector (AWOL VISION LTV-2500 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Triple Laser Projector with Dolby Vision & Atmos, Active 3D, 150″, 2600 Lumen, HDR10+, UST Laser TV Projector) from Amazon. I contacted the seller beforehand to find out if their model would have the same problem and I was assured that it would NOT blur at the top of the screen even up to 150″. Await my review of their model to find out if that’s true.

    BRIGHTNESS: 5 STARS (Very good for 2200 Lumens – even on active 3D mode)
    SOUND: Untested as I am using an AV receiver
    OPERATING NOISE: 5 STARS (Quiet, very quiet operating fans etc.)
    PICTURE QUALITY: ZERO STARS (image quality is sharp, colours are well defined but I cannot get over the image blur at the top 3rd of the screen – extremely noticeable when projecting from the PC or even the PS5 – the game icons on the home screen are not clear either)
    Overall I would give this no stars – primarily due to the image blur, but Amazon insist on lowest rating of 1 star.
    As they told me in their e-mail, it is fine at 80″-100″, so if you’re fine with the smaller screen……..BUT I tested it at 99″ and there was still a slight blur at the top left and right corners of the screen.

  2. 06

    by barbara Sheridan

    The only issue I have is the focus screen – the maker should have a clear image (rather than lined) to adjust focus. Luckily I have good eyes so can work it out, but I imagine this wouldn’t be clear for others. The sounds could also be louder. Great purchase though!

  3. 06

    by Vino

    Overall my review based on a week full of intense use: I bought this CASIRIS A6 4K laser projector a week before and using them day and night now, I heartily recommend this projector as it’s a top-of-the-line option for home theater enthusiasts. The 107% BT.2020 color gamut and 8.29 million pixels provide stunning, lifelike image quality that will take your movie and gaming experience to the next level. I don’t need to work on wall hanging this projector or place it some feet away to throw the light. The ultra short throw feature allows for easy placement in any room, with a range of 4.3″ to 11.7″. The advanced triple laser technology and MEMC motion smoothing ensure smooth, seamless playback of even fast-paced action scenes. Overall, the CASIRIS A6 is a solid choice for anyone looking for a high-performance projector.

    Installation and setting up:
    1) It’s easy and instant to use with provided home box or any home TV like google tv, fire tv etc.,
    2) It has got 8 point keystone to set the screen/frame to project that goes up to 130” depends on placing UST projector inches away from the wall.

    Picture quality & brightness:
    3) Picture quality is amazing in both day light and night time. Images are crystal clear. One of the best in the market.
    4) I did play some games in this projector. I couldn’t complain much on its performance and lag. It’s decent enough.
    5) The remote looks stylish, handy and works the way it should be.
    6) One of the best thing about this projector is, it automatically shuts the laser light when we go nearby. It prevents even accidental exposure to the Children or anyone who goes nearby.

    Though I love this projector, there are some of the glitches which are:
    1) There is no auto-focus mode available.
    2) 8 point keystone is good but not much user friendly or automatic.
    3) There’s only 2 HDMI ports. Both are very closer to each other that both ports can’t be used.
    4) There is no closure to the laser beam when not in use.
    5) Though picture quality is great in most situations, dark scenes are not visible during brighter day light. This is known issue by any projector, it could have been taken care by having more ANI Lumens. A decent ALR screen could possibly fix this problem as well. Just saying!!

    Overall, except these minor sacrifices, this projector could even replace your regular TV, in your living room and provide you the cinematic experience.

  4. 06

    by BillyBigPotatoes

    Took delivery today, so disappointed. Utterly terrible quality. It’s as bad as a 720p. Super disappointed. Save your money and go with a proper brand

  5. 06

    by BillyBigPotatoes

    We have tried a couple and this one provides a bright picture with vivid colours – it is a little bit washed out in full daylight – but we watch mostly at night. Lots of adjustments for colour etc.

    Initial setup is a bit basic – but once done it works well (just do not let anyone move the projector!

    I plan to build a small wall mounted cabinet for it and enclose it with – to hide the projector and also protect it from being moved.

  6. 06

    by MovieMan

    If you are considering purchasing this for a screen which is permanently fixed to the wall then I’m sure it will serve as a great projector. I have a foldable screen which I put up as an when needed. It took nearly two hours to line up this projector with the screen, even with the electronic trapezoid correction and even then the picture still didn’t look right. I have therefore had to return it as I can’t spend hours trying to line it up every time I want to watch a film. I have instead ordered a long throw projector which is apparently very easy to line up with the screen. This projector does look as though it has a great picture once aligned properly though although I saw on some YouTube videos even the pros took nearly an hour to line it up. I guess if you only have to do that once then that’s fine.

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CASIRIS A6 Ultra Short Throw Projector, 3D 4K UHD Triple Laser Projector 2200 ANSI Lumen, 107% BT.2020, Android TV, Dolby Atmos, HDR10 120" Display Home Cinema Triple Laser...


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