Candy Smart Pro CSOW4963TWCBE80, Freestanding Washer Dryer, 9Kg Wash + 6Kg Dry, 1400 RPM, WIFI enabled, Black with Chrome door


  • This Candy Smart Pro washer dryer features innovative technologies to enhance your washing experience. Perfect for a medium household, this machine comes with a 9kg wash capacity and a 6kg dry load capacity, as well as a 1400 spin speed. There are 14 wash cycles to choose from, including rapid wash cycles for when you are short on time. The intelligent wash system will weigh the load of the wash and adjust the length of the cycle accordingly, or the timed dry function can be used.
  • Smart Fi Wi-Fi technology enables users to connect to their washing machine via the Candy Simply Fi app on their smartphone, and choose and monitor cycles, as well as download additional programmes.
  • This appliance has a number of quick wash programmes under 60 minutes, (14, 30 and 44 minutes), and a full load in 59 minutes which ensures that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned in the quickest time possible. With 4 different rapid washes available you are able to quickly clean lightly soiled clothes in a fraction of time of a standard wash cycle.
  • Choose the most suitable programme for your wash and the KG detector will adjust the amount of water and lathering based on your wash load and type of fabric selected, so you always get the best, most efficient wash.
  • Sensor dry technology allows you to choose the level of dryness you require from 4 options; Cupboard dry, iron dry, hanger dry and Extra Dry. The machine will automatically switch off when it senses that this level has been reached, saving you time and energy.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by andy wall

    fantastic washer, loads of settings and the 14min quick wash is brilliant, was a little worried about the dryer after reading some reviews but i did a load of towels and they were perfectly dry ( took about 2 hours but my old washer dryer took the same time and sometimes i had to dry them twice) delivery and installation was very quick and the 2 guys made sure it all worked before leaving

  2. 08

    by Carmine

    The aesthetic of this candy washer and dryer is very modern and beautiful

    It work perfectly as washing machine and the app is easy and helpful to use but as dryer is very cheap and useless for the intended . After 4 hours of drying programme consuming a lot of energy the clothes were more wet than after a washing cycle. Tried twice but same result

    If I would buy it again! ? Yes but only as washing machine . and not again with Amazon . Drivers whom delivered the machine were flawless but all the shipping process has been a nightmare.

    Delayed 3 times for a total of 10 days, agents from customer service were saying different things each time . Short notice for rescheduling and that caused us a lot of unease days for taking day off from work .

    I returned the machine as not useful for drying

  3. 08

    by Sue Hargreaves


  4. 08

    by Dan Stepnens

    Reasonably priced, nice machine overall, very easy to use, though the “smart” app is not the best I’ve ever seen (several functions seem unfinished i.e. some of the the programmes display API code rather than description – back when I worked in programming, we would be expected to sort out that kind of basic problem in Alpha, no way we’d have allowed such errors to be live still years after realising to the wild!), but it’s actually pretty intuitive once you get past those little quibbles.
    Oh, and the metal body is rather thin and flimsy – it dented in 3 places just from lightly pushing it into the gap! – and the “bottom” is just a piece of corrugated plastic you have to clip on.
    But overall it suits my needs so relatively pleased with it.

  5. 08

    by Ryan Cox

    There isn’t many drying cycles on the dial, but a lot more in app. Once you get your favourites added it’s really easy to use

  6. 08

    by Jackie

    The machine is very good once you have solved the mystery of the instruction booklet which is like a foreign language!

  7. 08

    by Otaku

    I bought this washer dryer based on the fact it can do quick wash cycles, and the availability at the time of purchase (there were other items I was interested in but they weren’t in stock).

    After a few months of use, I am surprised by how good it has been. The wifi functions, which I didn’t really care about, are good in that you could theoretically set your machine to do a wash and dry cycle while you are in another city. Or more usefully, set it to run while you are in bed asleep.

    The dryer cycle has a standard run time, but then once you put your clothes in it adjusts depending on the size of the load. Surprisingly, the wash cycle does this too. I put on a very small cotton cycle (dying a couple of items with fabric dye) and it adjusted from nearly four hours to 1.5 hours. This is great because it saves water, energy, and your time. I have been drying on low heat most of the time, and it doesn’t seem to take too long. Especially compared to hanging clothes on a horse.

    Overall this machine has given better performance than I expected. I will say there are a couple of caveats. The instruction manual is not amazing, the app is useable but could be better, and the aftersales service from Candy is quite unpleasant, as they have hassled me a lot about buying an extended warranty even though I have buildings and contents insurance. BUT the machine itself is pretty good, and reasonably priced.

  8. 08

    by Tennis2Be (Charity)

    Looks great, works beautifully, highly recommend!

    There is a lot of competition for washing machines. This machine is VERY large, no noise, still a perfect size and fit the exact measurements of a very old machine I had. Great timing features 14 minutes wash which is great! Don’t let naysayers put you off. I absolutely love it. Not using touch screen yet as need to read manual, but t’s a washing machine – who needs a touch screen anyway!

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Candy Smart Pro CSOW4963TWCBE80, Freestanding Washer Dryer, 9Kg Wash + 6Kg Dry, 1400 RPM, WIFI enabled, Black with Chrome door


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