Bose QuietComfort SE Bluetooth wireless noise cancelling headphones with microphone for phone calls, with Soft Case -Triple Black

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  • Noise cancelling wireless headphones: the perfect balance of quiet, comfort and sound. Bose uses tiny mics to measure, compare and react to outside noise, cancelling it with opposite signals.
  • High-fidelity audio: the TriPort acoustic architecture offers depth and fullness. Volume-optimised Active EQ maintains balanced performance at any volume, so the bass stays consistent when turned down and the music remains clear when turned up.
  • Quiet and Aware Modes: choose Quiet Mode for full noise cancelling or Aware Mode to bring the outside into the around-ear headphones and hear your environment alongside your music.
  • Over-ear headphones: these comfortable wireless headphones are suitable for all-day wearing. Crafted with plush synthetic leather and impact-resistant nylon, and designed with minimal clamping force, they’re as luxurious as they are durable.
  • Up to 24 hours battery life: enjoy 24 hours of battery life from a single charge.* A quick 15-minute charge offers 3 hours when you’re on the go or plug in the included audio cable to listen for even longer in wired mode.
  • Age range description: Adult
  • Compatible devices: Cellphones
  • Included components: Bose QuietComfort SE Headphones
  • Target gender: unisex
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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is discontinued by manufacturer


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15.24 x 22.86 x 10.16 cm, 300 Grams

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14 Nov. 2022



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1 Jan. 2099

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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by Torgut

    If you’re considering buying the Bose QC45, you’re probably also considering the Sony 1000XM4 headphones too. They’re both priced about the same currently and are both getting great reviews.
    Yet I was torn between the two so I decided to buy both and keep the one I liked the most. At least that was the plan.

    The Sony XM4s have been a runaway success only recently replaced by the XM5 which are £100 more, so I left these out as they were just a bit more then I wanted to spen.

    Here’s what I liked and disliked about them both.

    Build quality and comfort
    The Bose QC45 feel light in the hand and well made. However I did not like the exposed screws. The Sony XM4s are better sealed at the joints and feel better well built in the hand. The Sony is a fraction heavier but there’s nothing in it between the two.
    The ear pads are better on the Sony. They just feel more cushioned than the Bose. The Bose feel cheaper. I also noticed that the headband on the Sony is slightly more comfortable. I found the Bose headband would dig in to the top of my head slightly. You notice you’re wearing them after a while.
    The Sony cups feel they have more space in them for your ears. I felt my ears were touching the inside of the cups on the Bose.

    Noise cancelling/transparacy mode
    I like the way you can switch the Bose between transparent and noise cancelling. It’s just a single press of the button on the left cup. Simple. Both modes work brilliatly. I’ve used the transparency mode while walking so I can still hear some traffic, and the NC mode in my local noisy coffee shop. Both modes work very well.
    The call quality is excellent. The other person on the call could hear me very well during a walk outside on a rather windy day. No issues with calls.

    The Bose has physical buttons for the volume controls and to pause play. The Sony has touch sensitive controls which are getting some bad reviews online. This is totally wrong in my opinion. The touch controls work very well on the Sony. I found with the Bose that when I wanted to adjust the volume, I had to place several fingures on the right cup before pressing down on the volume with my index finger. I found that otherwise the cup would slightly move from my ear which became anoying having to reposition it again for comfort. The Sony is just a one finger swipe and very easy to do without disturbing the cup position.
    The Bose buttons don’t feel that high quality. They don’t have that satisfiying click or feel.
    You get a nice satisfying confirmation sound when toggling the on/off button, again a phyical switch that does feel it will break at some point. You get a voice confirmation that you are connected and the battery power remaining. The Bose has a very old computer generated voice which is terrible. The Sony voice is much more modern and clear making the Sony feel more up to date.
    The Sony has a press and hold button to power on/off. This also gives you a confimation that your Bluetooth has connected.

    So the important stuff. I’ve played several tracks over and over on both headphones switching between the two and repeating the track.
    There are some differencs and it is all subjective.
    I found the Bose was clearer in the midrange and higher tones. I also felt there was a little more clarity in the words of the song then in the Sony.
    But the Sony came across more powerful lower down with base. You just feel the Sony has more capacity and power. The music sounds stronger.
    The Bose is very good but just lacks the real strong base of a track.

    I tried both with no EQ straight out of the box. When I adjusted the EQ on both, I got even stronger sound from both. The Sony still feels more punchy. The Bose is very good for podcasts, super clear and great noise cancelling.
    The EQ on the Bose is very simple with very little adjustments. The Sony is more comprehensive.
    The Sony has a much better App with more ajustments. It can even learn your regular locations and adjust the sound and NC accordingly. The Bose does none of this.
    The Sony has a great feature that pauses the music if you simply start to talk to someone. It also switches to transparent mode so you can hear them. Great when ordering a coffee! The Bose doesn’t do this.
    The Sony pauses the music if you lift the headphones off your head, resumes play when you place them back on. The Bose doesn’t do this.
    You can cover the right cup with your hand on the Sony to temparaliy switch to transparancy mode to listen to someone speak. The Bose doesn’t do this.

    Overall, both headpones are brilliant in their own way and in isolation.
    I just feel I keep leaning over to the Sony for some reason. They just feel better quality, sound stronger and have better controls and features. They just feel more expensive.
    I feel you’re paying for the Bose branding and would truly price the Bose QC45 between £150-£200 max. The Sony on the other hand feel a bargain at £240 currently.
    Both have a nice small case yet the Sony case seems more thought out with better internals. The Sony case has a canvas feel, the Bose a hard shell feel. Both very protable in your bag.
    One final thought which has been overlooked by online reviewers. The Bose branding on the side of the cups stands out. This made me feel concious of wearing them while walking in the street letting others know I have a pair of expensive headphones on. The Sony are much more discreet and can be mistaken at a distance for their cheaper £50 headphones. I just felt more relaxed wearing the Sony out in public.
    Yet it felt the opposite while sitting in a coffee shop wearing the Bose. I felt good wearing a quality product and brand everyone knows. It’s a small thing but I noticed how it made me feel.

    I’m reluctant to return the Bose QC45s but between the two, I feel the Sony XM4s are just better.

  2. 02

    by Spartan

    I did quite a lot of research on Active Noise Cancelling headphones before making a purchase. I watched endless youtube reviews and read several articles on these QC 45’s and the likes of the Sony XM4 and XM5, Bose 700 and the brand new Bose QC Ultra.

    These headphones are amazing. I’ve never had a decent pair before, prior to buying these I’ve been using a 10 year old battered set of over ear AKG’s and a pair 1st gen Samsung buds. These QC 45’s smash both out of the park.

    Pairing and setup is a walk in the park. Just download the Bose Music App prior to delivery and you’re all set. Buttons are minimal, work well and easy to locate.

    They feel premium, the materials and comfortability are just premium. They’re lightweight and you can barely notice you’re wearing them, there’s minimal clamping force on the ears which makes the ANC even more impressive.

    Sound quality is phenomenal, but for me, only when you alter the EQ via the app. The bass straight out of the box is a lacking but once it’s raised up to around +8 and the treble lowered to -2 it’s a really, really nice sound. I’ve tried various types of music as well as audiobooks, all great.

    The noise cancelling is incredible with music. Just incredible. Mind blowing really. But that’s probably because as I said I’ve never owned a premium ANC set of headphones. But wow. Little less impressive with an audiobook but that’s to be expected.

    I chose these over the others solely because from all the reviews I read and watched, these were the most well rounded and well balanced.
    According to some reviews the ANC on the 700’s is better, but they’re less comfortable (higher clamping force).
    The sound quality on the XM4/XM5 is apparently better but the XM4’s are creaky on the hinges and the XM5’S don’t fold. Plus both are so say terrible on call quality.
    And the Bose QC Ultras don’t have much better anything versus the QC 45’s and they’re over £200 more.

    So if you want a lightweight, comfortable, quality sounding pair of ANC headphones that have decent call quality and a really good sturdy travel case. Buy these.

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Bose QuietComfort SE Bluetooth wireless noise cancelling headphones with microphone for phone calls, with Soft Case -Triple Black

£179.60£193.40 (-7%)

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