BOGASING S8 Pro Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Speakers with HiFi Surround Stereo Sound & Punchy Bass, 15H Playtime, Waterproof, EQ, DSP Technology, TF-Card, AUX, Built-in…


  • 【2-WAY SPEAKER SYSTEM】It is delivered by two 20W full range-drivers and two 10W tweeters, and is paired with an advanced DSP to ensure all the details and idiosyncrasies of a song are faithfully reproduced. To improve treble performance of S8 Pro Bluetooth speakers, exceptional audio components ensure an all-around epic sound.
  • 【THREE SOUND EFFECTS】Three sound effect modes of exclusive custom by BOGASING, which help you feel 3D Stereo, clear and undistorted vocals or enhanced bass to meet your listening preferences.
  • 【STURDY & DYRABLE DESIGN】The S8 Pro Bluetooth speaker is designed with a metal body, and the aviation-grade aluminum alloy material can ensure its sturdiness after multiple processes of grinding. And the LED indicator light keeps you up to date on the energy level and charge status.
  • 【TRUE WIRELESS STEREO】For huge stereo sound and double the volume, pair two S8 Pro portable wireless speakers to create a truly surround sound experience. Great for a party or for when you’re watching a movie!
  • 【DURABLE PORTABLE SPEAKER】You’ll never have to worry about water splashes, rain, accidental spills, or dust while you’re out and about with your BOGASING S8 Pro outdoor speaker.
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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Juan In’jun

    This BOGASING S8 Pro speaker was originally bought as a single speaker unit for connecting to Rode Wireless Go II and Lavaliere Microphone – to be used during my photography presentations. Sound is clear and without any ‘noise’, but importantly, connectivity is seamless and without any problems.

    After a few months, I bought a second unit – basically, to add music to specific parts of my presentation. Pairing of two S8 Pro was within a few seconds. Two S8s delivers ‘surround sound’ effect with deep bass experience to modern classical and ‘meditation’ styles music as part of the presentation. To say that S8 Pro ‘delivers’ would be an understatement!

    Bluetooth connectivity between the speakers and with my MacBook Pro seamless.

    Following extensive testing at home, it was put through its paces in a medium size hall with 50+ in the audience at two venues. Several people were very impressed with the sound quality and ‘surround sound’ delivered by the S8 Pro system to add to their home entertainment, eg television.

    Although some people would say that paying total of £220 is a tad costly. True! However, my suggestion to Amazon and Seller – an option to purchase 2 speakers with some discount should be offered!

    Now I use the BOGASING M6 (smaller unit) connecting to Rode Wireless Go II system via Auxiliary Cable for my voice over or commentary and music through the paired S8 Pro speakers. Perfect sound system for presentations.

    Build standard of S8 and M6 is excellent – professional looking!

    Only ‘negative’ comment I have is … BOGASING should have designed these units with a small digital display to show the Modes and Volume Level. I am constantly double guessing! Indeed, sound effects or change in light colour is not enough.

    I would highly recommend the BOGASING speaker system: S8 Pro and M6.

  2. 04

    by Nick

    I bought this speaker so base my review on its price. i did’nt get this given to me for free.

    For its size and cost, the sound quality really is superb. the upper highs are bright and sparkly but it still retains a warm sound and is not too harsh. It has great bass , maybe even a bit too much for me when its in Bass mode. I prefer the ‘3D’ mode out of the 3 available modes as this seems to give a great balanced sound across the range and really gives the impression of a nice wide sound.
    It’s nice and loud. Honestly…. you can get it to distort if you push it hard enough with a bass heavy track or if you’ve boosted the low end with an equalizer but i cant knock points off for this as realistically this is what you usually expect from a small speaker when pushed in this way. If you run it without an equaliser on your phone or play music from sd card then it will pretty much run at max volume without distorting.

    Build quality is fantastic , This speaker feels like you could stand on it and it would not hurt it a bit! Its rock solid with no flexing in the chassis at all and it reassuringly heavy for its size. It really does look and feel premium.

    I did look at the soundcore boost, the tribit maxsound plus, and the bogasing m4 which all seem to be among the best of the bunch in this price bracket. Could’nt find much info regarding reviews on this one so took a gamble and i do think i’ve got the best i could buy for the price (£39.99 with voucher).

    Minor gripes – No shuffle play when playing from the SD slot, real shame as i like a random playlist but its not a deal breaker as i play music mostly from phone . Maybe if Bogasing are looking they could provide a firmware update which would show outstanding customer support if they did. The indicator lights are nice but very hard to read outside in sunlight, Oh and the logo badge on the front of the speaker was’nt on straight! 🙂 lol , like i say , only minor! the rest is brilliant . Really happy with it.

  3. 04

    by Nick

    After searching for a decent sound system for my portable dvd player I decided to give this speaker a go mainly because there are several connection options including 3.5mm jack which I use to link to my dvd player. It also doubles up via Bluetooth so I can play music from my phone. I must stress that I’m not disappointed by the sound of this little speaker, it’s better than I expected as it’s quite boomy but fully controllable, it’s loud when turned up and has great battery life. A great product, well worth the money.

  4. 04

    by A W J

    A most impressive portable speaker that exceeded my expectations, to the extent that after a month of enhanced pleasure, listening mostly to classical music, I bought another S8 Pro. Pairing the two speakers was easy and the “surround sound” achieved with both is great.
    Of the three sound effect modes, I find that the “Vocal” one (red LED) is usually the best for general use, even if there are no vocals in the music being played. In my opinion, the green LED mode described as “enhanced bass” on the webpage, but “super bass” in the user manual, is a misnomer: a more accurate description would be “reduced treble”.
    The bass response is indeed “amazing” (as it says on the unit) for the small size of the S8 Pro, and I have enjoyed seeking out YouTube recordings of double bass quintets and octobasses in order fully to appreciate the speaker’s lower-range capability.
    Although the S8 Pro works well with Bluetooth, most of my listening has to be via the supplied 3.5mm audio cable, when I have not noticed any loss of sound quality. Weighing a little under 1 kg, each unit is reassuringly heavy for its size, which I regard as a sign of good quality.
    In terms of room for improvement, the only feature I’d like to see added is some indication of the selected volume level. With 16 presses of the volume buttons covering the full range, all that one presently gets is a beep when you have reached the maximum.
    Overall, I think that the S8 Pro represents excellent value for money.

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BOGASING S8 Pro Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Speakers with HiFi Surround Stereo Sound & Punchy Bass, 15H Playtime, Waterproof, EQ, DSP Technology, TF-Card, AUX, Built-in...


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