BOBOVR M2 Pro Strap Compatible With Oculus Quest 2, Battery Pack Head Strap Replacement Elite Strap, 5200mAh Magnetic Power Bank Halo Strap For Meta Quest2 Accessories


  • Battery & Charging Design: M2 Pro innovatively adapts a magnetic replacable battery pack design.5200mAh Li Battery
  • Ergonomic design:This M2 PRO Battery Strap for Oculus quest2 accords with human body engineering design, which is breathable, comfortable for you to wear.
  • High quality material:This kind of BOBOVR M2 PRO Strap for Oculus quest2 is made of high quality ABS plastic material, which is sturdy and durable, Strong t
  • Soft and breathable leather:The leather pad is designed with sticker that is convenient for you to replace and use, making your use easier.
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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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22 x 12.2 x 11.5 cm, 570 Grams

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29 Oct. 2021



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1305 Reviews For This Product

  1. 01

    by Kayla

    I’ve bought them all, Index, Rift, Rift S, CV1, Pimax, Pico 4, G2, Vive, and loads of others. But when it comes to VR I just can’t help but pick up my tried, tested, and trusted Quest 2. The only thing that lets it down is the standard head strap (a.k.a the cr*p strap). It’s not great, so what does one do? Finds a better one.

    I’ve tried a few Quest 2 head straps out in the time I’ve had it and they’ve all fallen short in some way. Not comfy enough, doesn’t sit right, too rigid, etc. But this, this BOBOVR M2 Pro… Well, my search is over. It’s got everything. Comfort, flexibility, sits on your head nicely, and it has a battery that doubles up as a counterweight making your Quest 2 go from front heavy to nice and balanced. It’s almost perfect.

    Why almost? Well, the price. At 64 quid this thing isn’t cheap, and there’s a reason for that. It’s really well made, with some of the best materials you could hope to find on a head strap. The back head cushions are lush and come with two different options. One is a nice memory foam padding that just sinks into the back of your head (it’s like laying on a pillow) and the other is made from some of the softest rubber I’ve ever felt. I use the rubber one as it really grips the back of your head whilst giving you the comfort you’re no doubt looking for.

    The battery is great too. Doesn’t last too long but it does add about 3 hours to your VR session which is plenty, given that you’re supposed to take a break every couple of hours anyway.

    So if you’re looking for a head strap that will tick a lot of boxes then this is it. It is expensive but I can say with confidence that I’ll never need another one. I’ll be using this head strap for the rest of my Quest 2’s days.


  2. 01

    by Spotswould

    I ordered this after seeing VRCauldron review it on YouTube. I’m glad I did. This is quite possibly the best Quest head strap out there right now.

    It blows the Elite strap out of the water on cost and build quality alone. And now beats the previous title holder for “Best Quest Head Strap 2021”, which was the Kiwi Upgraded Elite Strap.

    I had a Kiwi and thought it a bit flimsy and overpriced. There wasn’t much in the box when you opened it, the adjustment wheel at the back felt flimsy & like it would break (one day) and the hinges that allow the mask to tilt up (when you need a break) would have very likely lost their grip after some time. That all said, the Kiwi was a lot better and cheaper than the Elite, for sure. It was the best one out there.

    But time moves on, even in VR, and us lucky consumers have a new contender vying for the top spot. In my view this BoboVR wins it on every front. Here’s why.

    The BoboVR M2 Pro is a halo-style headset, so it’s very like the PSVR one, which I always rated as a very well built and comfortable headset. The BoboVR build quality is phenomenal for this price (£60). It feels well made & from high quality materials. It is VERY comfortable & light. It would fit many head sizes and the adjusting wheel feels reassuringly solid. It is well weighted and the padded antenna combined with the pad at the back are used to good effect to make the wearer feel very comfortable. I had no trouble using over-the-head earphones wearing it either as the headset doesn’t interfere with them at all.

    The built in battery is a great feature. It looks great & means no more messy cables and fiddly battery pack straps need to get in the way. It snaps on neatly and the magnets hold it in place very securely. I can see no risk of it falling off. It also helps to counterweight the Quest itself, making the weight of the Quest on the face area even less. It’s brilliant & by far the best battery solution I have seen to date. A second battery would have been a nice touch, but you can’t have everything, especially at this price.

    Talking of price, £60 is amazing value for the BoboVR. It’s £15 more than the Kiwi but you do get a lot more in my view. The battery alone is worth the £15, but add to that the build quality and comfort… it does beat the Kiwi by a mile (sorry Kiwi).

    If I was to suggest one small design upgrade for a possible future M3 Pro it would be the power cable management. It’s tidy on the M2 but it could have been neater still by integrating the wire into the headset more, so that the wire can’t be seen at all. It’s fine as it is and very tidy, but you can see the wire, that’s all. It’s purely an aesthetic thing though.

    Whether you are new to Oculus Quest or a VR veteran, you NEED this head strap for your Quest. It’s comfortable so you can wear it for hours and when your Quest’s built in battery dies, you can slap on the BoboVR battery and get 3 more hours of VR time.

    All of this makes it the best Quest head strap on the market right now in my view (Nov 2021). It’s very reasonably priced, looks great, is very comfortable and the battery is the cherry on the cake for me. Buy it!

    I hope this review has helped you.

  3. 01

    by M I

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

    The VR Head Strap is a game-changer for anyone diving into the world of virtual reality. This accessory has significantly improved my VR experience.

    Comfort is paramount when wearing a headset for extended periods, and this head strap nails it. The ergonomic design and adjustable features ensure a snug yet comfortable fit. I no longer feel the weight of the headset pressing on my face or straining my neck.

    Putting on the VR headset is now a breeze. The head strap’s intuitive adjustments make it easy to find the right fit with minimal fuss. The result is an even distribution of weight and reduced pressure points.

    Stability matters, especially during intense gameplay. This head strap keeps the headset securely in place, allowing for fluid movement without constant adjustments. It enhances the tracking accuracy and overall immersion.

    The VR Head Strap is a smart investment. It’s well-built, designed for comfort, and offers a noticeable improvement in the overall VR experience. If you’re serious about VR, this head strap is a must-have addition that takes your virtual adventures to a whole new level.

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BOBOVR M2 Pro Strap Compatible With Oculus Quest 2, Battery Pack Head Strap Replacement Elite Strap, 5200mAh Magnetic Power Bank Halo Strap For Meta Quest2 Accessories