Bnztruk 13 Inch Portable HDMI Monitor HD 1366×768 External Small HDMI Monitor for Computer Laptop PS4 Raspberry Pi CCTV Windows 7/8/10,PC 16:9 Display,60HZ,Lightweight/Plug&Play


  • 13 inch Dual HDMI Monitor , 160° viewing angle, 60Hz refresh rate,5 ms response time , fast response speed.
  • Monitor Interface: 2 x HDMI Port , 1x 3.5mm Audio Port , 1 x USB powered Port ,1 x DC Powered Port, Wall Vesa :75x75mm ,Build in Speaker .
  • Portable Small Monitor : HDMI Monitor Resolution: 1366 × 768 FHD, Refresh rate :60HZ,Contrast,800:1,Brightness:250/M2,thin 15mm,Weightlight:0.508KG, Play and Plug by HDMI Signal Interface , It is best portable Gaming Monitor for travel and Businesss Occasion.
  • [Wide Compatibility] The 13 inch portable monitor with HDMI ports, Compatible with computer laptop, PC, mac, XBOX, PS3 /PS4 /PS5, Raspberry pi,CCTV Camera, etc. Great ideal for extending your screen or playing games on business trip, travel, or home entertainment.
  • The package contains: 1x 13 inch portable monitor, 1x HDMI cable, 1x Metal Stand ,1x DC power supply ,1x Manual for English
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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Mart

    I was looking for a small screen with a wall mount and this fit the bill. Unfortunately I’ve had two of them break in less than a year. Also the max brightness is quite dim.

  2. 07

    by Henry H.

    I bought the screen in July by November the power lead stopped working, so I tried to connect with a USB, now the screen just flashes ‘welcome’ I’m not able to contact the seller on Amazon for some reason, and I have no idea if it’s under warranty, I’m hoping that the company/seller will read this and respond to me with a solution.

  3. 07

    by Marjorie S J

    This is a very decent monitor which is perfect for gaming. It is very light in weight which weighs around 0.508KG. The screen is very large of 13 inches provided with 160° viewing angle. It is provided with HDMI ports which can be used as a computer laptop. It is provided with HD resolution of 1366*768 which is very much suitable for gaming and watching videos. The mirror mode of this monitor helps us to maximize our working productivity.

  4. 07

    by Anonpeter

    We are using this as a small monitor for our Raspberry Pis and IoT projects For this, it works well. Nice and clear screen and makes it easy to read any terminal text or prompts. A solid little stand is included as well. Wth the provided HDMI ports I can also extend my 13″ Dell XPS onto it to provide a nice little extended display. Overall, for the price, I am very happy with it.

  5. 07

    by richieloco

    My screen was slightly damaged after just a few weeks of use. I think it cracked while being carried in my rucksack, next to my computer. It needs a hard sided carrying case. Also it requires power to function and has a large plug which is awkward to carry and may have been the cause of the crack – it also has only s short lead. The stand is also necessary but also awkward to pack/carry. Not well designed. Very lightweight though.

  6. 07

    by ASH

    This does what I intended it to do, that is provide a small portable screen for my Mini PC. There are a couple of issues that almost led me to return this item, but I have decided to accept it for what it is, and to learn by mistake of buying something this cheap.

    First issue is that at some parts around the edges there is some colour fading where the screen meets the plastic. Second is that there is a small blemish on the screen that is noticeable when the screen is black, towards the top right. Thirdly and the one that nearly caused me to return the item, is that the screen lightly flickers (as in gets slightly brighter and darker in a jumpy fashion intermittently) when the brightness is set more than about halfway.

    Is it worth the money? Probably not, as it has serious quality issues. I am keeping it as I have set the brightness below 50 and the other two issues I don’t really notice them unless I am looking for them, so returning it is more trouble than it is worth for a cheap item like this. Quite possibly they sent me a bad one and others are better, but this shows lack of quality control, so probably best to avoid.

  7. 07

    by The OP

    This monitor is ideal for extending your workstation, if you both work from home and also travel a decent amount for work then you’ll find that a normal laptop just isn’t enough to be able to get larger projects sorted so being able to extend your screen across both the laptop screen and a portable monitor means that you can get a lot more done a lot quicker and without having to carry around a really bulky screen with you which would just not be practical in any way shape or form.

    The monitor comes with a variety of different connectivity abilities which obviously mainly focus around html port which there are two of these as well a 3.5 mil audio port, then it’s also able to be powered either through a normal plug or through a usb C port which means that you are actually able to power it directly from your pc instead of having to have a separate plug if needed.

    When in useful myself all I do is I plug one cable straight in to my laptop and then I’m ready to go as it freely stands on its own it’ll support stand at the back of the screen itself which holds it up at a similar angle to the angle that I can set my laptop up to.

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Bnztruk 13 Inch Portable HDMI Monitor HD 1366x768 External Small HDMI Monitor for Computer Laptop PS4 Raspberry Pi CCTV Windows 7/8/10,PC 16:9 Display,60HZ,Lightweight/Plug&Play