Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver 5.0 Hifi Adapter – August MR280 – Multipoint Wireless Audio Adaptor for TV, PC, Speakers, Headphones – AUX 3.5mm, Optical Audio and RCA Compatible…


  • 2-in-1 BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER – Switch seamlessly from Transmit to Receive and connect your devices wirelessly. Input from a radio, CD player or TV to output over Bluetooth to headphones. Listen to apps like Spotify from your phone wirelessly
  • 3.5mm, OPTICAL, RCA BLUETOOTH ADAPTER FOR HIFI – Make the most of your powerful hifi speaker system with crisp and authentic audio through the adapter. Use the Bluetooth transmitter 3.5mm, Optical Audio or RCA Cables and transmit from or to any current Hifi devices
  • HIGH SPEED CONNECTION – Connection is simple and quick, with the resulting wireless communication the fastest Bluetooth can offer. Enjoy under 40ms of latency with Bluetooth 5.0 and transmit full stereo audio
  • MULTIPOINT FUNCTION – Connect TWO pairs of headphones or two speakers at the same time via Multipoint. Split your audio wirelessly so you can watch together in peace even late into the night. Enjoy private audio or play out loud via two speakers
  • ACCESSIBLE LCD DISPLAY – This Bluetooth Adapter has an LCD Screen dedicated to making your tech accessible and simple. View connected devices, Bluetooth mode, audio types and more all in real time on the bright backlit LCD. Features an easy control dial
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11.5 x 8.6 x 2.2 cm, 69 Grams

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25 Nov. 2022



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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Calvinosaurus

    connected fine and works well with just one speaker connected (but that is not the point of this device!). Connect a second and that second speaker will play intermittently & thereby void the reason you bought it. Better to try a more expensive version knowing that if it doesn’t work you can get a refund, but there may be a chance it’d work better. Mine is now winging its way back to Amazon for a refund.

  2. 08

    by pete heppleston

    I linked it from optical to my Headphones.
    Good headphones and the sound quality was good.
    I listened to it for long periods and still happy.
    It’s simple to connect and understand input and output do what it says on the tin. Bluetooth to headphones was delightful.
    It displays my headphones name clearly.
    What’s not to like quality simplicity and fun.

  3. 08

    by pete heppleston

    Firstly I’m practically deaf so to hear the TV I have to have the volume very loud, which is annoying the rest of the family and neighbours.
    Despite having a smart TV if I plugged headphones into it nobody else could hear the TV.
    With this device I could get round that by plugging this in via one of the two optical cable inputs.
    Now I can listen to the TV at a volume that allows me to hear it, without deafening everyone else.
    Wish I bought one years ago now.

  4. 08

    by G. Watson

    Great quality product

  5. 08

    by G. Watson

    Works well – and although the instructions are easy enough it all seemed a bit pointless…

    Have two pairs of Bose 700’s – I like it louder than the other person so I turn the volume up… lo and behold, it turns up the other pair too (as the output level is ‘bluetoothed’ back to the transmitter)…they turn it down…ad nauseum.

    I the end – have had to run two transmitters

  6. 08

    by Chris

    I have updated this to 5 stars as my only complaint was pairing 2 devices and only having one. To pair 2 they must both be in pairing mode together and then both be paired, not have 1 paired and synced and then attempt to pair the second.

    I have previously used a different blue tooth item which I did not like. This one is very good.
    There is a screen which states ‘Searching’, ‘Rx’, TX’ and such like. You can use the device as not only a receiver but also a transmitter and as a bridge to connect devices.

    Once you pair an item you can turn the paired device, or the unit off and upon turning back on the connection is instant. This is really good.
    Initial pairing is very reliable (I have done so a number of times).

    It come with USB to USB-B, RCA to 3.5mm, Optical to Optical and 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable all of decent quality. If for example you use 3.5 to 3.5 you may choose to go gold plated top quality but for the cost of this item I found the included cables very good!.

    I dont find it possible to add 2 sets of headphones. My first set are paired. I then enter the ‘multi’ mode where it drops the connection to the 1st pair and finds the second pair. 1st pair acknowledges Blue tooth off. I believe the device itself may be able to handle 2 devices however the 1st device upon dropping signal will drop out. Personally I would not say the device itself is incapable of pairing 2 devices, but the paired devices wont pair as the BT Device will drop out when you try to add second.
    For reference I am
    1). BT Connecting Sony WH1000MX3 (Modern Blue Tooth).
    2). Entering ‘Multi’ connection.
    2.1). Sony’s instantly drop out.
    3). Air Pods are displayed.
    I have also attempted to sync 2 devices (Air Pods and Sony) at the same time and this also does not work.

    It is good being able to see on the display what is going to sync and good being able to select what will sync however I do not believe that devices are capable of syncing with the unit dropping the Bluetooth whilst attempting to ‘multi’.

    For reference I am:
    Inputting 3.5mm to 3.5mm CD player to BT Device.
    Receiving via BT.
    Very impressed with sound quality.

    I would award 5 stars if the device was projecting to 2 devices. I am sure the device itself can handle 2 devices but as stated (Its hard to explain) with device 1 BT Connected and entering ‘Multi’ there is an interruption to BT1 whilst BT2 comes on which results in BT1 dropping and only BT connecting 1 OR 2.

    It is very handy having the volume control which works well.
    The display is clear and good.
    Instructions are good. Pairing a single device is easy.
    I do sometimes note upon turn on it states ‘searching’ but is actually not. You need to push the pair button where upon it will pair, quickly and efficiently.

    I would want some reassurance this works with 2 devices if this is important to you as I have not been able to connect 2 devices despite trying.
    Note: This is not battery powered it is plugged in. It is only plugged in via a USB-C cable so if you wanted to use occasionally on back up then a power bank could be used, you don’t need mains.

    Good product but I am disappointed it will not link 2 devices.

  7. 08

    by H G Sitby

    Bought this to be able to use my bluetooth headphones with my music system. Actually works! No noise or distortion unlike the cheap item I had bought previously. It comes with all connecting cables. The only criticism is that the instructions are very poor and you need to provide your own USB plug. Very pleased with this purchase!

  8. 08

    by TheSaint1966

    This item is brilliant for Bluetooth hearing aids. Very easy to set up and pair and a third of the price of official hearing aid tv receivers.

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Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver 5.0 Hifi Adapter - August MR280 - Multipoint Wireless Audio Adaptor for TV, PC, Speakers, Headphones - AUX 3.5mm, Optical Audio and RCA Compatible...