Bluetooth 5.0 Power Amplifier 2 Channel Stereo Mini Hi-Fi Integrated Amp 2.0 Wireless Audio Receiver for Home Speakers Headphone 50W x 2 with USB (Nobsound Tone, Black)


  • NEW VERSION!!! Supporting multiple inputs (RCA/AUX/USB/Bluetooth) and outputs (speaker/headphone), can as USB sound card supporting computers (no need for driver) and phones (with OTG function) input, almost can meet all kinds of home audio system device.
  • Upgraded Bluetooth to 5.0, achieve faster transmission speed, more stable signal and lower consumption, perfectly compatible with various Bluetooth devices.
  • With best HiFi sound among similar amplifiers in the market, thousands of times tuning taking lots of time to bring excellent listening experience. The sound is clear and clean without any audible noise even at the highest output 50W*2.
  • Adopting expensive encoders to avoid noise when adjusting volume and switching input mode, and pure copper speaker terminals ensure lossless transmission.
  • Mini size with LED display is very well for home and desktop use; high-end treatment of case and components make it more durable and attractive.
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Tony Houghton

    Initial impression: Brighter and crisper driving a pair of old TDL RTL2s floor-standers than an old Arcam Alpha 7 amp, but in a good way. Bluetooth range good – no issue through 2 partition walls and a sofa from 11m away. Thermal noise in Bluetooth mode is there at max volume but is pretty low. Banana plug fit could be better. Front panel looks scratched but there’s a film cover on it – persevere at trying to get this off by picking at the edge of the front chrome panel and underneath is a lovely bit of clean “chrome”. The LEDs aren’t visible until lit, which is a good thing. Yeah, pretty impressed with this.

    Update 2019-01-18: Haven’t been able to get the USB input to work so far – a bit disappointing. Initially couldn’t get the unit to remember its input type on power-on, but this seems to have worked after letting the unit go to sleep on the selected input. Speaker connectors could be better (banana plugs don’t go in very far, the casing gets in the way a bit for a direct wire connection). Still happy though.

    Update 2019-08-13: RE: USB not working: The USB port on the unit is too recessed for most normal USB leads, however, the lead provided has a longer socket and does work. Combined with a PC over USB the sound quality is much better than the SoundBlaster card I was using in the PC. Fairly amazed to be honest.

  2. 05

    by noggs

    This was purchased to replace an old and rather large Denon amp which was being used to power the audio on my desktop computer.

    Its small, 85 mm x 70mm x 55mm. The quoted power output is 25 watts per channel with an input of 24 volts DC. The supplied PSU is rated at 19 volts DC. So not 25 Watts per channel. It does not say how the power output is calculated. Its normal with power amps to quote the RMS output. If it was a total of 50 watts it would get a bit warm !!

    There is no external heatsink , and no ventilation holes, no fan either. So its possible the quoted power output is maybe a bit overrated. However, it powers my small and old Ariston mini monitors well. HiFi it is not, but it’s fine for the use intended.

    The “vu” meters are really an ornament , they look pretty, but that’s about it. Having bluetooth 5 is useful to have as well. There are no tone controls on this version.

    So , to sum up. Its small, it works well within its limitations, and it’s not a bad price for what you get. Will it replace my Cambridge Topaz Audio Amp, no . . Additional info .Having done some more tests the vu meters are monaural. Also I said the max output was 50 watts or thereabouts, it’s meant to be 100 watts total in the spec.

    This I doubt very much. I have tried the Bluetooth , and it works pretty well. There is good sound definition on solos or small groups. It gets a bit muddled on a full orchestra or large groups of instruments. But, as I said it’s not HiFi.

    latest update. It’s probably a Class D amp. ie, a non linear amp. D does not mean digital. These were developed back in the early 1950s in the UK. There is a good Wikipedia entry for those that are interested. So its output may well be as stated. Also they can be very efficient which would reduce the thermal output. The makers give the output into 4 ohm speakers. The majority of UK domestic speakers are 6 – 8 ohms, so that would half the output into 8 ohms. it’s still pretty good value for money though.

    I might do a test to see what it sounds like into my Wharfedale speakers at sometime in the future.

  3. 05

    by noggs

    The USB didn’t work on mine, which I didn’t discover until after the returns window, but the seller sent a replacement without quibble. Unfortunately the USB doesn’t work on that either. I think it may be a design issue with the socket being recessed too far into the case. I’m not pursuing it further because the USB would just have been a bonus feature for me, and it works well with the other inputs. So don’t buy this if USB is a critical feature for you; otherwise this is a great product for the price.

  4. 05

    by Andrew Urquhart

    I am using this with 2 inputs, chromecast audio and pc in via usb. Speakers are q acoustics 3020. Sound quality is great and overall a great value versatile amp! Bluetooth is also a handy feature. Sadly missing subwoofer line out but for £40 it is excellent value for money.

  5. 05

    by Amazon Customer

    Blue tooth stopped working and it would not find it when you switched it on. Also, the highlight lamps never worked. Sound quality was good though

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Bluetooth 5.0 Power Amplifier 2 Channel Stereo Mini Hi-Fi Integrated Amp 2.0 Wireless Audio Receiver for Home Speakers Headphone 50W x 2 with USB (Nobsound Tone, Black)