Betron B25 Earphones, Noise Isolating In-Ear Wired Headphones with Strong Bass, Tangle-Free Cord, Lightweight, Carry Case and Soft Earbud Tips

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  • Noise isolating in ear wired headphones with strong bass driven sound. Enjoy high-resolution treble and midrange with powerful bass produced by dynamic earphones
  • Suitable for virtually all devices with a compatible 3.5mm headphone jack including smartphones, tables, laptops, MP3 players and gaming devices. (some devices may require earphone adapter)
  • B25 Earphones feature 20hz to 20000 hz frequency response, Y Shape Cord, 3.5 mm gold plated headphone jack, balanced pure sound with strong bass, high trebles and crisper mids
  • Noise isolating earphones eliminate outside noise to keep your music crystal clear; They allow you to listen to your tracks at much lower and safer volumes; Also include various ear bud sets for fit and ambient sound attenuation
  • B25 earphones deliver a tight, deep bass response, perfect for low end focused music; An acoustic port controls air flow for the low frequency range, optimising diaphragm movement for an accurate reproduction of bass
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Is discontinued by manufacturer


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10 x 5 x 10 cm, 16 Grams

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22 Oct. 2015



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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by n j v

    The Betron B25 are a great pair of budget earphones which in my experience have been just as good as SoundMagic and Sennheiser earphones that I have owned which have been 3 to 4 times the price of the B25’s.

    The B25’s are well built and look good and the wide range of music that I listen to through them sounds good to my ears.

    The company has great after sales service (thanks Steve).

    Highly recommended.

  2. 07

    by Tom-P

    So impressed by this product.

    I never go anywhere without music. I have really acute & sensitive hearing and loathe loud noises or crowds yelling. Music keeps me calm and sane.

    These earphones are a revelation. Beautiful design and feel. I’ll probably get a 2nd pair – just in case. If I lost these I’d cry!

  3. 07

    by Steve

    Neat looking headphones with silver-tone cable. Comes in a rather good strong cardboard box, and comes with a neat small felt bag to store the headphones. The headphones fit well in my ears, and sound very good, clear tones.
    The only downside is the small clip that allows you to attach the cable to your shirt; the clip is not attached, it comes in a separate bag with the several sizes of rubber ear cups. But the clip therefore has to be be fitted by the buyer; problem is that it is a very tight fit and seems in danger of damaging the cable. However, the problem was nicely solved because the flange on the clip broke as I was trying to push the cable onto it!!! So, no clip. Never mind. Would be better if the clip was fitted before shipping.

  4. 07

    by Jim F

    I bought these earphones for casual use for when I just want to plug in some earphones if I am watching some videos, gaming or listening to music while working. The sound quality is respectably decent for the price tag, and go pretty loud when you crank the volume, almost too high. You do definitely start to hear distortion towards the higher volume levels which is expected. They supposedly have a frequency range of 20-20K Hz however I’m not too sure about that. The bass I must say is quite strong so if you are a fan of a sound signature with a more dominant lower end then these are a good option. The mids and highs are not as refined but again at this price point, the sound is fairly crisp. The earbuds do a good job at passively isolating noise which I am very happy about, and my ears do not get tired or irritated from wearing them for extended periods of time. The cable is also quite long at 4ft or 1.25m which actually makes them more usable in different situations.

    Overall, if you are looking for a good quality casual pair of earphones with fairy strong bass, then these are the earphones for you! One thing to note is that if you want earphones with a mic, these do not have one unfortunately however there are other options from Betron which include a mic and volume controls.

  5. 07

    by Tom-P

    I’ve come to love these Betron brand in ear headphones I even prefer them over my larger full sized headphones as their quality is excellent.

    Now these Grey ones I bought specifically for use with my grey Switch Lite & it’s grey controller like hand grip holder (as pictured above) & the sound quality is clear, crisp & beautiful!

    These are extremely simple to use as they’re just straight up earphones without any buttons for volume control & track changing upon the non tangle wire, now as for them being non tangle the bottom thicker longer stronger wire doesn’t tangle at all but where it splits into two wires one for each ear those pieces tangle a little bit, not badly but it’s still tangling.

    They’re brilliantly made & for earphones they’re solid & they will easily stand the test of time, there’s a little black pull string storage bag included for the earphones & the changeable ear pieces that are included (6 different sets in total) but in my case the ear pieces that are on them from factory fit me perfectly.

    Highly recommended by myself & they’re not even remotely or slightly stupidly overpriced for what you get, in fact they’re brilliantly priced,
    and they’re another pair of great Betron earphones for me which do the job that I bought them for perfectly (which I mentioned earlier) & I just knew that they would do before & when purchasing!

  6. 07

    by Sofakat

    * cheap
    * nice colour
    * cheap
    * colourful
    * they come with a range of differently sized ear buds, one pair of which just about worked for me. The wires are low friction, and so do not catch on each other or tangle easily.

    * the cable is not long enough. I bought these for use at the gym, and they only just reached from my pocket up to my ears. This means the slightest tug caused them to be pulled out of my ears.
    * after 10 months, they developed a loose connection in one of the earpieces. The reason for this is that, although the wire has a plastic covering, the protection stops as the wire enters the earpiece. This allows the wire to flex a lot, and break after a period of time. For most of the 10 months I had them, they were dedicated desk earphones that stayed on my desk (i.e. no shoving them into a bag), so they were treated very well in this time, but still broke.
    * they are built completely symmetrically, so it’s impossible to tell just by looking which earpiece is left, and which is right. My Sennheiser earphones have a shorter wire coming from the left, so I don’t need to spend time examining them to work out which one goes where. The Sennheiser design also allows them to be worn more comfortably around the back of the neck. The Betron B-25 did not feel as comfortable.
    * look and feel relatively big and bulky compared to my Sennheiser earphones.

    Was worth going for these, given the very low cost. However, I won’t buy them again. Instead, I’ll go for the Sennheiser CX 300 II’s, of which I’ve bought about 3 in the past, with an average lifetime of 2 years (and that’s while they’re being shoved into pockets and bags). Yes, the Sennheiser’s can cost 3 times as much, but they last at least twice as long, and are more comfortable, so the price difference is worth it.

  7. 07

    by Archie M

    These are an excellent product, I use them to watch films on my iPad. They cut out any external noise to give you good clear audio on what one is listening to.

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Betron B25 Earphones, Noise Isolating In-Ear Wired Headphones with Strong Bass, Tangle-Free Cord, Lightweight, Carry Case and Soft Earbud Tips

£9.50£10.80 (-12%)

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