Betron 50mm Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth Connection, Bass-Driven Audio, Built-in Microphone, HD800X, Black


  • Betron HD800 featuring 50mm drivers and a professionally-tuned acoustic system, these wireless headphones provide strong bass , enhancing any track, your listening experience will feel realistic and immersive
  • Headphones with mic compatible with Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Google Pixel, Apple iPhone, tablet, laptop, computer, MP3 player and other devices with bluetooth connection or wired 3.5mm jack.
  • Built in volume controller, microphone and track controller, long battery life, comfortable earpads and comes with hard travel case
  • HD800 over ear wireless headphones have CSR chip which ensures fast and stable connections to your Bluetooth devices and low latency during audio and video streaming
  • Button control, including play/pause/answer/hang-up, equalizer, next track/volume up, previous track/volume down, headphones provide high-quality built in mic for hands free calling
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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is discontinued by manufacturer


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19 x 16 x 9 cm, 350 Grams

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24 Nov. 2016



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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by TheyCallMe MrGlass

    …Which isn’t easy to do where headphones are concerned.
    I love my music. If I had the money, I’d be an Audiophile. But I do not so I have to do my research and take my chances within my budget.
    The last pair of Bluetooth headphones where disappointing. Nowhere near enough highs and most of the mid tones where swamped by the bass. ( I find this across most of this century’s speakers of most sort. It is annoying.) The clarity was dull and connectivity poor.
    These? I can’t find a single complaint. Each range is distinct, the bass is actually balanced and whilst not perfectly crystal clear, they are more than satisfactory. The connectivity is good but I live in an old house so signal is always temperamental. Compared to my other Bluetooth divices the connection is as good as Im going to get. The option of a wired connection is also useful once the battery starts to run down. Battery life seems to be about as advertised. The build quality is light but decent enough. They don’t feel like a 5 year old could crush them in one hand or that they need to be handled like brain surgery. Id say: Robust enough for the price range and to feel like genuine quality.

    Now. My personal issue with headphones and one that I’m not alone in. I wear glasses. Overear headphones have the habit of crushing the arms into the sides of my head above my ears. This is annoying at best and bloody uncomfortable at worse. To wear my last pair comfortably I had to tilt my glasses so that the arms rested on the top of the cushions. I’ve had several pairs like this.
    I have not come across many reviews that state the glasses commpatibilty of the product. Or the piercing compatibility, for that matter.
    These headphones have wonderfully squishy cushions and a firm but gentle grip. Wearing them with glasses is actually Comfortable. Hallelujah. They are round and fit over an average sized females ears with space to spare, which means There’s enough space to get any sharp pointy, stabby bits of metal into their own comfortable position INSIDE the earphone and not under it at any point.

    These headphones tick every box on my list and I am happy to highly recommend them to any one who enjoys balanced, full range music in personal comfort. I will be sticking with this brand for as long as they keep ticking my boxes.

  2. 02

    by TheyCallMe MrGlass

    Update September 2021: 3 years on and this headphones far exceed value for money as the greatest budget headphones I have ever owned due to it’s durable metal construction and sound superiority. I have bought other budget headphones including OneOdio, 6S, Mpow and higher cost studio headphones from Brainwavz and Logitech. This headphones from Betron blows them all away on both sound clarity, dynamic range and durability. Only my Audio-technica MT50 studio headphones betters it in sound quality but that’s a hundred quid more! I have now bought a second pair for my living room consoles VR headset which is fantastic for spatial immersive surround too. I upload the photos of both my new and old headphones. New one is on the left, old one on the right. A tiny bit of wear and tear can be seen on the old headphones but it is still very comfortable, holding its shape and appearance with pride. Bluetooth performance has been brilliant but as with all bluetooth/wired headphones, using it in wired mode, especially with a hardware graphic equaliser and good sound card, always produces superior results. But the bluetooth default sound gives clean sound and decent bass. However, the great thing about this headset is you can drive the bass, mid and highs very far with an EQ without crackle or distortion.

    Original Review in 2018

    This may not be for audiophiles. An audiophile WILL notice the difference in frequency separation clarity and studio standard over ear headphones because as someone just a little below that standard of critique, I too can decipher that difference in clarity. BUT I am all for a great performer at an affordable price. The sound quality is terrific. Its not base heavy by default as the product description implies but to a non audiophile, the sound quality is perceptibly great enough. The over ear encapsulation and 50mm driver gives a richer spatial dynamic.

    The metallic headband construction is practically unbreakable unlike TWO expensive previous over ear headphones I owned. One was a Brainwavz HM5 I owned that cost eighty quid in which over time stresses broke the plastic construct above the earcup on BOTH sides. Another was a Logitech high end gaming headset and again, snapped above the ear cup over time. Durability is important and you cannot go wrong with this metallic build unless you also have an active welder strapped to your head. Big big plus point there, as this will last long…at least that’s my prediction. I have been wrong before and I will give an update in time.

    Although this is marketed as a bluetooth headphone, being a 50mm driver (another surprising feature at this price), I intended to use this for my Casio piano which uses a 1/4″ audio plug. This headset only comes with a 3.5mm but 3.5mm to 1/4″ adapter for just over a quid make this usable and fantastic for me in that scenario.

    As a Bluetooth headphones, it’s also remarkable. Warning, though, on initial use, after full charge there use to be a lot of crackle BUT this will completely go…at least it do for me, I don’t get any of that crackle anymore. It’s a bit bizarre but it seems it’s just a matter of wearing it in like a new pair of shoes! It’s a strange symptom but only occur on first few uses. Being a twenty quid headset, I let that go, and it was just temporary.

    The charge lasts incredibly long. I charge it every second night. It’s quite liberating. However, if you are using this for the best quality audio and you have a PC with high quality output soundcard, use the 3.5mm cable for better sound. However if you have a laptop, dont use the 3.5mm, use the bluetooth as most laptops lack a good quality sound card and will sound tinny (unless you have a very good gaming laptop with a good sound card built in).

    Smartphones, obviously use the bluetooth, it really comes into its own here. Great freedom.

    I mostly use with my Dell ultrabook laptop with bluetooth and it’s very liberating whilst giving great quality sound.

    Where the low cost do show is in noise cancellation. It has none. Its as simple as that. If you have a noisy environment, say family watching a loud Michael Bay movie on TV, then that will seep through if you are listening to relatively soft music such as a soundtrack to Life is Strange. If you listen to somewhat louder music then outside noise will not affect depending on how sensitive a listener you are. If this is an important feature for you, keep that in mind.

    Overall, this is an astonishingly great performer with sturdy construction at a measly twenty quid that I paid for it. You just can’t go wrong with this if you are on a tight budget…and it will last longer than many higher priced headphones that cost considerably more.

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Betron 50mm Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth Connection, Bass-Driven Audio, Built-in Microphone, HD800X, Black