Beko MCF32410X 32L Combination Microwave


  • Large 32L capacity
  • 900W Microwave power
  • 2300W Convection power
  • 1000W Grill power
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08


    when I first saw the microwave I thought it looked huge but it was just the right size to put on the worktop and have some room to spare.
    I have only used the microwave function so far. It can be programmed or use the quick start feature .
    The microwave looks good.
    Happy so far.

  2. 08

    by Bobby Lockwood

    Background: I wanted an inexpensive combination oven.

    The Good:

    * Device fairly simple, has three base modes. Microwave, Grill and Convection Oven and then combo (Micro+Grill and Micro+Oven).
    * HOT, There seems to be some disagreement with Output Power on these pages. It would appear it is 1KW (micro). Some items will need the power turned down. Simples – steps in 100 Watts (therefore P90 is 900 watt, P80 is 800 etc etc)
    * Bigger is better if you have space [in my view]. I can stick a whole oblong pizza in and it can still rotate freely on the pizza deck (which it should).
    * Stainless Steel (or some alloy?) interior. This is perfect, paint can chip and then this metal spark but this is very easy to clean.

    The questionable:

    * People have suggested the oven doesn’t cook evenly. I haven’t experienced this yet, the pizza was perfect but I always extend the time slightly against the instructions for a well cooked meal.
    * Never tried combo; how would I even calculate that? I dare say there will be some “trial and error” down the road.
    * This is an excellent budget device (I couldn’t see anything even close on the market). I do expect to see not quite perfect corners on the outside paneling. This doesn’t concern me – function over form.

  3. 08

    by Welsh man


  4. 08

    by T. Jeffery

    Door smashed and box damaged

  5. 08

    by Wallflower

    Can someone please advise. Manual says it should come up GR2 or GR3 but mine doesnt. Also Grill element does not stay red but goes off and is just warm. when in either mode.

  6. 08

    by Mohamad

    It is the most expensive microwave I ever purchased in the hope that it will give as many years as 1st gen microwaves and at 900W hearing will be efficient and quick

    Sadly it is also presently the only combo microwave oven I ever used that consistently heats only the edges of a plate of food even after 4 minutes of heating for the last 3 months

    My old 800w microwave was able to do better in 2-3 mins

    If the problem continued to the end of this month, i will be seeking a replacement or refund

    Kind of worn out heating a plate of food for 6 mins is just not normal especially during fasting period

  7. 08

    by Bobby Lockwood

    2 small dislikes, cavity light poor, control knob to sensitive, otherwise it’s an excellent item,good value, easy to use, Xmas turkey fit’s in nicely.

  8. 08

    by Binwidle

    Bought this almost a year ago and am now going to replace it as it’s terrible I’ve been buying these small convection ovens for years, best one I had was the whirlpool jet chef which you cannot seem to buy anymore.

    Anyways, money was a bit tight at the time so I got this, first up the dam beeping noise every time you press a button or turn the dial., just irritating.

    Micro power is ok and when you pre heat the grill for a few hours it’s ok but the actual convection mode is so poor. Chips for example take more than double the time of any other oven and it doesn’t cook anything from raw, it just drys stuff out till it over cooks.

    It also has a problem getting rid of moisture and needs wiping out every time you us it. And yes I have removed all the relevant packaging.

    Do not waste your money and spend a few more £s on a Panasonic, Samsung etc. which is now what I have to do minus what this cost!!

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Beko MCF32410X 32L Combination Microwave


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