BEKO Cosmopolis Dome Kettle WKM8307G, Retro Granite Grey Chrome Design,1.7 L Capacity 3000 W Includes Removable Lid, Easy Pour Spout and Boil Dry Protection


  • WATER LEVEL INDICATOR- Whether you’re filling the kettle to its full 1.7L capacity or boiling enough water for a coffee for yourself the water Level indicator provides an easy guide on fill.
  • EASY POUR SPOUT- The easy pour spout is designed to pour your boiled water safely and effortlessly, preventing spillages and reducing mess when making hot drinks.
  • CORD STORAGE- The cord can be neatly tucked away under the base of the kettle to keep your kitchen worktop tidy.
  • LIMESCALE FILTER- Easy to remove and wash, the limescale filter is perfect for hard water areas and to prolong the life of the kettle.
  • BOIL DRY PROTECTION – if you inadvertently forget to fill the kettle or there’s insufficient water when you put it onto boil, Dry Boil prtection will automatically switch the kettle off to prevent any damage.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by A. Keys

    Our previous kettle died suddenly one afternoon and boiling water in a pan for drinks got old VERY fast, so I was making what amounts to an emergency purchase, choosing from the kettles available for next day delivery. This one seemed to have several good reviews, was reasonably priced & looked good. It also fulfilled my one definite criteria – a lid that comes right off. I’ve had the flip up lids before & they don’t seem to have a great lifespan plus they are a bit of a pain when you’re putting the kettle under the tap, if you do that (I actually use a water filter because I have horrible hard water).

    Anyway, the kettle duly arrived and so far I am delighted. It looks great, the lid comes off & goes on easily (even if you need to do a quick second boil when it’s still hot, just need to pull a bit more firmly). It boils quite fast enough & though obviously it makes a noise, it’s certainly no worse to my ears than any other. I boiled one lot of water before using any for a drink and we’ve noticed no taste issues. It is a plastic body & this does get hot when the kettle’s boiling, but the old one was metal, so that was even worse!

    The cord has wrapped neatly inside the base for the position we have it placed in the kitchen. The spout is quite short, but pours well. I haven’t felt the need to clean it yet, but see no reason why it would be difficult.

    All in all, I’m very pleased. Obviously it’s early days yet, but so far I would definitely recommend this kettle.

  2. 08

    by Joanne dennis

    Looks great, short spout, boils quickly and quietly. Bought this as a replacement for my old one dying but just as a quick fix until I bought a better one BUT I’m keeping this one because for the price it’s amazing. Looks far more expensive and quality is great so much better than expected

  3. 08

    by samantha williams

    Quick Update: Some reviewers have noted that the ‘fill indicator’ is located under the handle, making it hard to read. Solution: On the inside of the kettle you will see vertical ‘ribs’. when holding the kettle under the tap, these ‘ribs’ are clearly visible. Filling to the top of the rib is the equivalent of the Max. Fill on the indicator.
    Personally, I usually boil water for a single mug of tea. To save electricity, I counted how many seconds it took to fill the mug from the tap, and then count this number when filling the kettle, ie. adding only one mugs-worth of water – saving time, money & the environment..
    – – –
    I must have viewed 100+ kettles (on Amazon), trying to find the right one in the £15-60 range. Having had a couple of Beko appliances in the past, I decided on this model, and..

    This is far & away the best kettle that I have ever had or used.
    – The Quietest: No louder than the bubbling of a boiling pan.
    – The Fastest: 0.5l in under 60 seconds.
    – Best Pour: Strong, but splashless.
    – Easiest Fill: Whole lid pops out easily & smoothly, even after boil.
    – Easiest Clean: 9.5cm diameter opening.

    *Please Note: This kettle is BIG – The base has a 25cm diameter, and on the base the kettle it 25cm tall.
    I was initially surprised, and a little disappointed by this (despite one review mentioning this). It was quickly clear that the it has this size and shape for excellent reasons.
    – The larger-than-usual base allows a significantly greater contact area between the water and the heating element. I think this is a big part of why it is SO quiet.
    – The wide opening at the top means that I can easily get my whole hand (6’4″ male) inside the kettle for descaling.
    – Hard to judge, but the sides seem thicker than other kettles I have seen, which would help it be so quiet.
    – The shape & high handle make a very low centre of gravity, allowing a safe a stable pour, even when full.

    *Final Note: Boil & empty the kettle a few times before your first cuppa. As with any other
    – – –
    Bought at £37.39, with free Prime delivery.
    Item was delivered on-time, as-described, and suitably packaged.

  4. 08

    by Gordon

    Very good all round kettle that looks impressive and is quiet and quick boiling. It looks to be a much more expensive kettle than was it actually costs.

  5. 08

    by Filmfanatic

    It’s simple but stylish, very well-made, and best of all for me, it pours without spluttering and spilling all over the worktop like the kettle it’s replacing. I love it!

  6. 08

    by lisa bowdidge

    Nice kettle ,pours lovely. Very quiet. Looks good in my kitchen.

  7. 08

    by samantha williams

    I’m a fussy one when it comes to kettles I was all for glass kettles I’ve had my recent one 11yrs but can’t find a replacement now 👎🏻😭😢.. anyhow I’ve had my eye on this a while and I wasn’t convinced at first because of the spout and this is my issue with kettles they just don’t pour right.. anyhow I absolutely love this kettle the spout is bang on it’s very quiet and it boils rapid what more do you need 😊👍 I think I will purchase again if anything ever happens to this it’s beautiful

  8. 08

    by Nina O.

    It’s quick boiling and very quiet. Looks more expensive than it is.

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BEKO Cosmopolis Dome Kettle WKM8307G, Retro Granite Grey Chrome Design,1.7 L Capacity 3000 W Includes Removable Lid, Easy Pour Spout and Boil Dry Protection